Advice on Men’s Chains

INFEASIBLE: Gold chains


Gold just don’t work on guys, especially gold necklaces like this one. The only explanation for the infeasibility of gold chains + guy I can offer is this little bit of hand-waving: gold doesn’t complement other colors, it just kind of “sticks out”. We’re big about everything interacting smoothly on the superficial level here at CEFashion, as you should be as well.

Feasible: Necklaces featuring silver, platinum, or white gold


Unlike gold, silver, platinum, etc. (white gold works too, by the way) play nicely with other colors, sheens, surfaces, etc. As for chains versus men’s necklaces, I feel necklaces are key for a more sophisticated yet urban look, while chains make me think of the central New Jersey scene. So I’d go for a necklace like above any day, but to each his own.

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