Men’s Fashion Advice: Jewelry in the summertime

Summertime, the living’s easy. But don’t take it too easy because, although everyone has sunglasses on, they’re still checking out you and your fashion. And while it might be your impulse to shed off as much as possible when the sun’s out in full-force, I wager you’d benefit from keeping some of your more sparkly stuff on.

Jewelry on men in general is a tricky act and especially during the summer months. One of the safer bets when it comes to adornments are rings. Of course I don’t want to suggest three bands on each finger, but a piece of silver on your ring finger will glint nicely at the beach.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with churning out for synthetic diamond rings. There’s a bunch of discussion out there about lab diamonds vs real ones, so no need to get into the details about how one is created versus the other. What is important to recognize is that man-made diamonds are almost indistinguishable from the stuff you get out of the ground, with no flaws or imperfections. And obviously they’re way less expensive than their “natural” counterparts. Sure, there is a persistent

Bracelets are also a fairly safe bet for June through August frolicking. With bracelets, I tend to stay away from having stones on them and just stick to the metal components. I even like this one which is primarily rubber-based and yet eye-catching. Gold, however, never works on your wrist in my opinion. It’s just too bright, too shiny, too overplayed even. I could see maybe a gold watch working for a fancy dinner but not for a summer gala or cruise.

Chains and necklaces, however, are a different story entirely. I tend to stay far away from them because they have become so closely associated by the public with “bling” and “machismo” and lifestyles that are more directed at flash versus fashion. That said, there are some straightforward and well-made specimens out there. Like with bracelets, refrain from stones and gold, and stick to silver or stainless steel. As for linkages or full-piece design, I personally gravitate towards the fully stringed type, though I have definitely seen men rock chains and do so without invoking impropriety.

Note: If you’re in the market to put a ring on in blissful matrimony, check out man made diamond engagement rings so you don’t spend an arm and a leg. Good luck shopping, gents!

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