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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Toy watches… sort of

toywatches mens fashion


Consider the watch which isn’t a watch. You may have seen them on the TV, in glossy magazines or on celebs – what am I talking about? Toy Watches of course! I always understood toy watches to be watches with toys in them – perhaps a little metal ball and maze game, but apparently not. Toy watches are a very highly respected piece of designer fashion, worn only by those who can afford them. The Toy Watch Brand has built itself up into a world-wide recognized designer brand, their watches come in hundreds of designs and you really can personalize them to your own style. I’ve seen bright yellow toy watches, pink toy watches, toy watches with flags in them and loads more. Whatever your style you’re sure to find a Toywatch to match.

Like all good watches, Toy Watches are Italian made. They ooze a quality and style unique to Italian products, with one on your wrist you’ll know you wearing quality.

They really have taken off since they first came on the fashion scene in 2005, the Toy Watch brand have given Swatch a run for their money, questioning their dominance in the quality watches market. There are just over 300 places to buy the famous Toy Watch, the best of which is the Toy Watch website. That’s where I got mine from. I keep checking back to see the latest designs, these watches really are an attractive piece of kit. I was Just a little bit disappointed when mine arrived and I realized there was no ball and maze in them! Bummer.

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Like I’ve said before, ties are a great way to add a little (keyword being little) flare and color to your experimental streetwear or your old-fashioned formalwear. Ties with stripes are a tried-and-true means towards shaking up your ensemble. But, as with all things fashionable, not all striped ties are created equal, i.e. some designs are just STUPID.

1375 mens fashion

INFEASIBLE: Wide stripes with difficult colors

I can’t think of any colors that match okay – let alone well – with the green so prominent in this tie. This wouldn’t be so bad if the green stripes weren’t so wide – but alas. Take to heart how real of a problem this is: ties are, while good for altering an ensemble slightly, still need to match your shirt, suit, or at least some other accessory. This tie will stand out for sure, but in a confusing and frustrating way.

1368 mens fashion
Band of Outsiders Outlione Stripe, Natural/Windsor/India

Feasible: Thin stripes with colors easy to match

Now this Band of Outsiders is a piece of cake to rock. The almost-ivory white goes with off-blacks, blues, dark grays, etc. and the thin blue-black stripes can only make such matching even easier on the eyes. Ahhhh correspondence, what a tasteful property!

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Lesson #17: More about jeans

0005h mens fashion
(From Levi)

Don’t you ever let me catch you fucking wearing a pair of red jeans. GOD HELP YOU. For some reason, Men.Style put this shit in their latest style trends slideshow – shows you what they know. Tools.

Feasible: Ultra faded blue jeans
gp445257 00p01v01 mens fashion
(Brought you by GAP)

Phew. Urge to kill, falling.

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