Pantone Colors for 2016: Rose Quartz & Serenity

The Pantone Company originally began as a printing company in New York City in the 1950’s. Its claim to fame was the Pantone Color Matching System, which was exemplified by the Pantone Guides’ cardboard color swatch system that allowed designer to perfectly color match in their creations.


Since 2000, Pantone has released the Pantone Color of the Year, which inspires the fashion industry to create new items for the year in these tones. I can already see some hints of those colors in some brands’ collections, like the above House of Fraser T-Shirts or even their Polo Shirts! This year is the first time ever that Pantone has chosen two different colors to blend for the up and coming seasons. They chose “Rose Quartz”, which has a soft warmness in the blush-pink tone and “Serenity”, which gives off a feeling of cool calmness in the blue family. You can see the inspiration for this color combination in the nature all around us like the evening sky, the petals of flowers, and the delicate butterfly.

pantone mens fashion

For men, you have already been seeing the Pantone colors of 2016 on the runway. The powdery blue of “Serenity” fits perfectly into spring in this airy zip jacket and matching trousers that is paired with a deeper blue print shirt and black leather accessories. It is an easy color for men to incorporate into their wardrobe. The “Rose Quartz” is a warmer tone that is displayed in the runway look with a pull-over, short-sleeve collared shirt, slim pants, and matching accessories. This rosy tone may not be wearable head to toe for some men, but mixing it with items in charcoal grey, navy blue, and taupe will add a new dimension to the look.

Pantone color of the year womans images

In looking at Pantone colors in woman’s fashions this year, you will see the fabulous blush-pink tone in items like make-up and nail polish, footwear, and handbags like this one from Yves Saint Laurent. You will also see the chosen colors mixed together in clothing accessories like scarves, which can be added to many different outfits to spruce up your look. Don’t forget that you can add a little fashion splash to your home decor by incorporating these tones with a few small changes like new bathroom towels, a crisp pair of sheets, or toss pillows for the couch.

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Faux-Pas You As A Guest Should Avoid

When you are at a wedding, you are there to help celebrate the love between two people. However, above all else, you are a guest of the happy couple.

The last thing you want to do is to upset the bride or groom, especially on their special day. It is the day that’s supposed to be completely perfect and all about them, and you do not want to interfere with that.


In order to make sure that no one gets angry or has their feelings hurt, follow these ground rules when attending any wedding, and you’ll be the guest every couple dreams of.

  1. Don’t Wear White

This one is mostly for the women, although I would advise against men wearing white suits too.

Wearing white is not only rude, it is bad luck. The only person who is supposed to wear white at weddings is the bride, so unless the bride has specified that she wants everyone to wear white, avoid it.

Even if the bride does not say anything to you at the wedding, she’ll always remember that girl who wore white to her wedding. (Not in a fond way, either.)

  1. Don’t Wear Black

This rule is a little bit more old-fashioned. It used to be that wearing black to a wedding was like predicting the failure of the marriage.

Nowadays, many couples are doing black tie weddings, so black dresses are acceptable. However, if it is not specified as black tie or anything like that, it is still not widely acceptable to wear black. Black is the traditional color that signifies death in formal situations, and it is still associated with funerals to this day.

So stay on the safe side and just go with something festive and bright that signals that you are rooting for the couple’s happiness.

  1. No Complaining

This rule kind of goes without saying.

Even if you are not enjoying yourself and the ceremony was too long, and it is too cold in the reception room, it does not matter. To be brutally honest, no one cares about what you have to complain about.

When you are at someone else’s wedding, you do not complain. You don’t get to be moody or irritated. You just have to smile and understand that it is not your day, and it does not matter what you think of the food or the music or the maid of honor’s speech.

  1. No Gossiping

In addition to not complaining, you should not gossip either. About anyone.

Nobody loves every single thing about anyone else. Everyone has some little habit that drives someone else crazy. However, a wedding is not the place to talk about those things.

Especially if you are talking about the bride and groom. It is their wedding day, and for that reason, they get to be totally gossip free for at least a day. Weddings are supposed to be special and happy. So just enjoy yourself and mind your own business.

  1. Use Your Manners

This is also a pretty common sense rule. At a wedding, you’ll probably be sitting at a table and eating with many people you do not know very well. For that reason alone, you should be using your best manners. Chew with your mouth closed, use your napkin, all the things your mom told you a hundred times over.

However, beyond that, it is important to be polite. If there’s something on your plate that you do not like, don’t eat it. However, don’t make a big deal out of not liking the food. Once again, it is not about you when you are at someone else’s wedding.

  1. Drink In Moderation

Although weddings seem to be a giant invitation to drink free booze and party, it is important to keep yourself in check.

Nobody likes someone who is sloppy drunk or is so drunk that they need to be taken care of. When you are that person, it draws much attention to you, especially if you make a scene.

Do the bride, the groom, and everyone else at the wedding a favor and keep your drinking in check.

Make sure to avoid those six faux-pas when attending a wedding, and you’ll be a great guest to any bride and groom. Make sure you also get a great gift! If you need some ideas you can visit sites like!

Kate Stefanski is the sort of girl who has been planning her dream wedding for a long time, and writes on wedding related topics whenever she gets the chance. If you wish to learn more about Kate you can visit on Google+.

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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Toy watches… sort of


Consider the watch which isn’t a watch. You may have seen them on the TV, in glossy magazines or on celebs – what am I talking about? Toy Watches of course! I always understood toy watches to be watches with toys in them – perhaps a little metal ball and maze game, but apparently not. Toy watches are a very highly respected piece of designer fashion, worn only by those who can afford them. The Toy Watch Brand has built itself up into a world-wide recognized designer brand, their watches come in hundreds of designs and you really can personalize them to your own style. I’ve seen bright yellow toy watches, pink toy watches, toy watches with flags in them and loads more. Whatever your style you’re sure to find a Toywatch to match.

Like all good watches, Toy Watches are Italian made. They ooze a quality and style unique to Italian products, with one on your wrist you’ll know you wearing quality.

They really have taken off since they first came on the fashion scene in 2005, the Toy Watch brand have given Swatch a run for their money, questioning their dominance in the quality watches market. There are just over 300 places to buy the famous Toy Watch, the best of which is the Toy Watch website. That’s where I got mine from. I keep checking back to see the latest designs, these watches really are an attractive piece of kit. I was Just a little bit disappointed when mine arrived and I realized there was no ball and maze in them! Bummer.

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Like I’ve said before, ties are a great way to add a little (keyword being little) flare and color to your experimental streetwear or your old-fashioned formalwear. Ties with stripes are a tried-and-true means towards shaking up your ensemble. But, as with all things fashionable, not all striped ties are created equal, i.e. some designs are just STUPID.

INFEASIBLE: Wide stripes with difficult colors

I can’t think of any colors that match okay – let alone well – with the green so prominent in this tie. This wouldn’t be so bad if the green stripes weren’t so wide – but alas. Take to heart how real of a problem this is: ties are, while good for altering an ensemble slightly, still need to match your shirt, suit, or at least some other accessory. This tie will stand out for sure, but in a confusing and frustrating way.

Band of Outsiders Outlione Stripe, Natural/Windsor/India

Feasible: Thin stripes with colors easy to match

Now this Band of Outsiders is a piece of cake to rock. The almost-ivory white goes with off-blacks, blues, dark grays, etc. and the thin blue-black stripes can only make such matching even easier on the eyes. Ahhhh correspondence, what a tasteful property!

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Fashion advice about men’s jeans colors


Don’t you ever let me catch you fucking wearing a pair of red jeans. GOD HELP YOU. For some reason, Men.Style put this shit in their latest style trends slideshow – shows you what they know. Tools.

Feasible: Ultra faded blue jeans


Phew. Urge to kill, falling. Stick to subdued colors when it comes to your jeans, gents.

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