Wedding Florals Primer!

One of the most fundamental things any wedding should have is flowers. Flowers have a major role in very effectively bringing out the theme of the wedding and they also help in giving an impression of elegance and a radiant look. You, as the bride, will pay a lot of attention to this issue compared to the bridegroom, since it is an area that you are certainly well versed on.


However, you will have a lot of other things to handle apart from just worrying about what flowers to place. Therefore, you will need to hire some help to make sure that the issue of flowers is dealt with in a very professional way. This will require you to a hire a florist, someone who has the most expertise in this issue and can provide solutions that will fit your standard and will fit appropriately within your plan. Finding the right person can take time because not everyone will fully understand your vision and some don’t have the right flowers for the job. You wouldn’t want to realize in the morning of your wedding day that the flowers displayed aren’t the ones you initially wanted. Here are some tips on picking the right florist:

Start looking for a florist in good time

The search for a florist should be taken as a very serious activity to prevent you from experiencing a situation whereby you are frustrated in the last minute rush when you can’t find a florist because almost all of them have been booked. Some florists are booked as early as a year in advance. Therefore, it is important that you start the search even six months in advance. Floral decoration can be quite difficult, and hence most florists can only do one wedding a week. You will find it very hard trying to book a florist who has another wedding to deal with in the same weekend. Once you have dealt with most of the issues, like booking the venue for the wedding and purchasing the dress, you will need to immediately start searching for your florist.

Check for recommendations

A major tip in finding the right florist is actually enquiring from people who were once in your situation and asking former brides who they found that was able to fulfill their expectations. You are not the first one to have experienced this problem. There are other brides who have gone through the same experience and found someone who gave them the best solution. Talk to family and even friends on who they would recommend best to get the job done. You may get recommendations to search online on websites like Minneapolis Wedding Florist to get someone who will do a quality, professional job.

Talk about financial budget

A professional florist should bring the topic of the budget as early as the first interview. This will help the florist effectively analyze and know how to work with the amount of capital you are willing to invest. The goal of the florist is actually to work within your budget and deliver in a way that fits your style and will please everyone.


Jean Jillian is a Minneapolis Wedding Florist that has been in this business for ten years. She has provided services for many satisfied clients. To learn more about wedding planning in Minneapolis, visit this site.

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Must-Haves For a Men’s White Button-Down

A white button-down shirt can never be a bad combination with a men’s suit, it’s a classic wardrobe staple that’s sure to impress and is a great canvas for any style.

From wedding parties, to everyday office attire (not to mention black-tie, birthdays and smart-casual) the possibilities with a white button-down shirt are limitless.

While the white button-down can never be a bad combination with your suit, it can be the make or break for your next suited occasion, whether for work or play, and we’re going to teach you exactly what to look for in your next white button-down purchase in this article.


Know Your Style

First and foremost, you need to know your style. It’s all too often that you’ll see men looking uncomfortable in attire that their ‘other-half’ has clearly picked out for them or you’ll often see the slightly-chubby-borderline-overweight guy wearing an unflattering cut. The first rule of choosing a white button-down is ‘don’t be that guy.’

So if you’re a little uncertain on your style, fear not, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at this Pinterest search, to get a better idea of your body type, style and perfect white button-down match.

We know that shop attendants can, while in good character of course, sometimes be a little bit of a pain. Join the crowd and start using sites like ASOS to search for button-downs online, even though you might not make a purchase online, you can delve into your style a little better and know exactly what you’re looking for when you go in-store.


The Cut Counts

Just like a sirloin steak is a completely different cut to a piece of brisket, there’s different cuts of white button-downs too and the differences are just as important.

Whether you boast a larger frame, a smaller frame or you fit somewhere in between you need to think about different button-down options. Different occasions will call for different cuts and I’d like to share a couple of recommendations with you:

Wedding Party

Recommendation: A slim button-down with crisp angles, a slim fitting button-down will make you feel confident and comfortable, allowing you to breeze through a wedding in comfort and style. Minor details, such as buttons in the collar are a good addition.

Suited Body Type: All

blue-suit-white-shirtOffice Attire

Recommendation: A looser fitting button-down, that will allow your body to breathe throughout your days engagements. Forget any minor details with the office button-down and go for simplicity and convenience. You can often add a twist to your office attire with a colorful tie and pocket square.

Suited Body Type: All,  however smaller body shapes may consider slim fits similar to the ‘Wedding Party’ recommendation.

Comfort Is Key

There’s a multitude of choice out there and while choosing the best fit comes down to style, cut and material, there’s an overriding factor to consider – comfort.

The white button-down should make you feel confident, sexy and comfortable. This ‘All American’ look is designed to be rocked, and the only way you’re going to rock it is if you feel comfortable in it, in turn feeling confident wearing it.

Key considerations of cut, material and style are important but they aren’t as important as your comfort. Keep these tips in consideration when choosing your next white button-down but remember that comfort is key. If you’re comfortable and confident, you’ll look a million dollars.

What are your key considerations when buying a white button-down? Did you find this article helpful? Let me know in the comments!

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Faux-Pas You As A Guest Should Avoid

When you are at a wedding, you are there to help celebrate the love between two people. However, above all else, you are a guest of the happy couple.

The last thing you want to do is to upset the bride or groom, especially on their special day. It is the day that’s supposed to be completely perfect and all about them, and you do not want to interfere with that.


In order to make sure that no one gets angry or has their feelings hurt, follow these ground rules when attending any wedding, and you’ll be the guest every couple dreams of.

  1. Don’t Wear White

This one is mostly for the women, although I would advise against men wearing white suits too.

Wearing white is not only rude, it is bad luck. The only person who is supposed to wear white at weddings is the bride, so unless the bride has specified that she wants everyone to wear white, avoid it.

Even if the bride does not say anything to you at the wedding, she’ll always remember that girl who wore white to her wedding. (Not in a fond way, either.)

  1. Don’t Wear Black

This rule is a little bit more old-fashioned. It used to be that wearing black to a wedding was like predicting the failure of the marriage.

Nowadays, many couples are doing black tie weddings, so black dresses are acceptable. However, if it is not specified as black tie or anything like that, it is still not widely acceptable to wear black. Black is the traditional color that signifies death in formal situations, and it is still associated with funerals to this day.

So stay on the safe side and just go with something festive and bright that signals that you are rooting for the couple’s happiness.

  1. No Complaining

This rule kind of goes without saying.

Even if you are not enjoying yourself and the ceremony was too long, and it is too cold in the reception room, it does not matter. To be brutally honest, no one cares about what you have to complain about.

When you are at someone else’s wedding, you do not complain. You don’t get to be moody or irritated. You just have to smile and understand that it is not your day, and it does not matter what you think of the food or the music or the maid of honor’s speech.

  1. No Gossiping

In addition to not complaining, you should not gossip either. About anyone.

Nobody loves every single thing about anyone else. Everyone has some little habit that drives someone else crazy. However, a wedding is not the place to talk about those things.

Especially if you are talking about the bride and groom. It is their wedding day, and for that reason, they get to be totally gossip free for at least a day. Weddings are supposed to be special and happy. So just enjoy yourself and mind your own business.

  1. Use Your Manners

This is also a pretty common sense rule. At a wedding, you’ll probably be sitting at a table and eating with many people you do not know very well. For that reason alone, you should be using your best manners. Chew with your mouth closed, use your napkin, all the things your mom told you a hundred times over.

However, beyond that, it is important to be polite. If there’s something on your plate that you do not like, don’t eat it. However, don’t make a big deal out of not liking the food. Once again, it is not about you when you are at someone else’s wedding.

  1. Drink In Moderation

Although weddings seem to be a giant invitation to drink free booze and party, it is important to keep yourself in check.

Nobody likes someone who is sloppy drunk or is so drunk that they need to be taken care of. When you are that person, it draws much attention to you, especially if you make a scene.

Do the bride, the groom, and everyone else at the wedding a favor and keep your drinking in check.

Make sure to avoid those six faux-pas when attending a wedding, and you’ll be a great guest to any bride and groom. Make sure you also get a great gift! If you need some ideas you can visit sites like!

Kate Stefanski is the sort of girl who has been planning her dream wedding for a long time, and writes on wedding related topics whenever she gets the chance. If you wish to learn more about Kate you can visit on Google+.

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Men’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Wedding Suit Rental Tips

One of the more obvious parts of wedding planning is choosing attire, which includes what the groom and his attendants will wear. If you need attire but aren’t sure where to begin, check out a few Arcadia wedding suit rental tips and enjoy browsing rather than viewing it as a dreaded chore.

How to Save Money on the Grooms Tuxedo Rental-1

Where and When to Shop

So you’ve opted for a wedding suit rental, and now just need to figure out where to begin. A key tip is to avoid stores that do not update their inventory regularly. You’ll want a shop that features all the latest in suits and tuxedos, not those that offer suits with the word “leisure” attached.

If you’re unsure about when to begin your search, the best time is usually after the bride has chosen her dress and those of her bridesmaids. This helps set the theme and tone of the wedding, and will make your search a lot easier, as the colors have already been chosen. Don’t worry; you won’t be stuck in terms of personal style, however this is very helpful in terms of your wedding’s color scheme.

Think About Style, Wedding Theme, and Location

The next step regarding your wedding suit rental is to think about your personal style, as well as where the wedding is happening, and the ‘theme’ of the nuptials. For example, if the wedding is on a tropical island or another location that’s plenty hot and sunny, you don’t want a suit that’ll have you sweating 15 minutes in. This means choosing a suit that’s comfortable yet appeals to your sense of style, such as a white or off-white linen suit. However, if temperature isn’t an issue and you want to show off your fashion sense, opt for a zoot suit or another eye-catching option.

Again, wedding ‘theme’ is also very important. If the event is traditional or otherwise incredibly formal, this will factor into your wedding suit rental choice. However, if the wedding is more casual in nature or has a very specific theme, you’ll want to take that into consideration as well. It’s also a great idea to talk to your bride about what you both want in terms of your wedding day look–after all, you don’t want to look mismatched on your special day. Come up with a solution that works for both of you and go from there.


Don’t forget about accessories. Whether you opt for a bow tie, necktie, ascot or no tie at all, these and other accessories need to be thought about and accounted for when embarking on your Arcadia wedding suit rental hunt. Cummerbunds usually do not accompany suits, but rather suits feature vests instead. While the cummerbund look is always classic and very formal, you may opt for the three-piece suit or other casual-yet-elegant option. Shirts and shoes are other accessories that need to be accounted for when planning your attire. If renting for yourself as well as your groomsmen, it’s generally a good idea to make a list of what and how many accessories you require.

These are just a few tips regarding your wedding suit rental. No matter what, remember to relax, breathe and enjoy planning this very special event. Weddings are always a bit stressful, however meticulous planning is an easy way to avoid the brunt of said stress.. Have fun searching for your Arcadia wedding suit rental with trusted family and friends. Good luck.

Pick from a selection of fantastic suits and tuxedos by visiting today. 

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Wedding Fashion Advice – Things To Consider With Wedding Photographs

It means a lot for a couple to share the wedding with friends and family. One of the most important events of our lives has to be cherished and celebrated together with the people who care about us. Every time some San Francisco wedding photographer pushes the button, a memory is instantly created. A photograph of you next to your loved ones is worth a thousand words, feelings and moments.


Every time people attend a wedding, they try to look good and to show the respect to the marrying couple. You can see the best wishes in their looks and attitude. Capturing the moments when the guests are feeling really comfortable and happy about being at this specific event, is always nice. The wedding photo album has to be filled with happy faces, laughs and hugs. The ceremony of marrying is the kind of event that brings out the good in people. It brings out the affection, the care and the love people feel and show. Every groom that is actually a tough guy is now suited up and he looks like a total puppy, next to his soon to be wife. Every guest is trying to have an appropriate look on his face and to wish the best for those in love. Beautiful toasts, chic dresses and lovely hugs are always present at a wedding. Capturing it all is simply mandatory, because in years the photographs of the event will become more and more precious. The beauty of everything that is present and takes place when celebrating the marriage of two people, is growing and it is becoming more special.

There is always something magical and deeply cute about wedding photographs. The nostalgia that brings you to viewing your old pictures is that feeling that makes you want it all to happen over and over again. Wedding photographs have this special power to make you travel not only to places but also in time. Looking at a picture of you dressed in white and saying “yes” gets you to that exact moment. It is like you start living and feeling it all again.

One of the coolest things about wedding pictures is that everyone prepared so much for the event, that everything and every guest looks simply perfect. You can see and you can feel the beauty that is brought up not only by the appearance but also by the extraordinary feeling of love.

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Fashion Advice: Dressing for the Big Day

5 Summer Wedding Trends for 2012

While classic weddings will never go out of style—which is why they’re called classic—this summer’s bride is making choices that break away from traditional trends. This summer, the bride and groom are masters of their domain! Here are 5 trends for 2012.

1. Non-Traditional Colors Today’s bride can choose pastel colors such as blush, blue, green and pink, to dramatic colors such as red or black and white. This summer’s color options are a full range of muted palettes to bold, tropical colors.

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