The Wristwatch: An Essential Fashion Accessory

Within our techno-savvy world of smart phones and watches, the simplistic ability to be able to tell the time has taken a back seat. Having been a “watch-wearer” for years, putting on a watch before leaving home has become routine, like brushing your teeth. If for some reason, my watch is forgotten, I feel the nakedness on my wrist all day.

2016-Richard-Mille-mens-watches-620x579 A watch will not only give you the time of day, but it is also considered an essential accessory to give any outfit a polished look. Even if your style is casual, a watch can be that focal point that pulls things all together. For example, Emporio Armani pairs a stainless-steel tone, bracelet link watch with a charcoal chronograph face and a great graphic t-shirt, to take a casual look to the next level.


Sometimes a wristwatch can be a conversation piece, as well as a time piece. For 2016, Richard Mille has given a luxury accessory a modern twist with an industrial-style, exposed mechanical movement wristwatch that has a rich copper color, modern hour markers, and a Croco-embossed leather band. The designer details catch your eye, then the exposed working gears draw you right in. It is an accessory that will definitely get a second look.


Even though you may have a favorite watch, it is nice to have a wardrobe of watches to be able to coordinate to the colors or style of your outfits. In this Coach Watch Collection you have your black and brown leather strap watches that have a clean-lined traditional face, which would look good with a sports coat or something a little more casual. The silver tone link and mesh band chronograph watches by Coach will give you that polished fashion accessory that you need to carry you from day to night.

emporio armani watches

So, instead of pulling out your phone to check the time or wearing your lap-top on your wrist with one of the new smart watches, try a classic fashion accessory, like a watch, that will never go out of style.

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Fashion at The 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards

As the 51st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards rolled into the MGM Grand Las Vegas on Sunday April 3, country music’s celebrated artists and those who supported them walked up the red carpet. This fashion parade before the awards brings out elegant, opulent, and unique looks in both the men and women who attend.

nicole-kidman-keith urban

In the elegant category, is actress Nicole Kidman and singer/husband Keith Urban. Keith was presented with the Mae Boren Axton Award for 2016, which honors an individual in the country music industry who has been dedicated in service to the ACM. Nicole was there to celebrate in a stunning Alexander McQueen gown with colorful graphic images, shimmering sequins, and sheer mesh that was strategically placed to not show too much. She stood proudly and lovingly by her husband Keith, who looked the part of the “Country Music Artist” in his black suit jacket, baggy black t-shirt, and distressed black jeans. The monochromatic look seems to be a popular one at this ceremony.

todd-chrisley-and savannah

For the opulent fashion category, take in entrepreneur/reality show producer Todd Chrisley and his daughter Savannah. Todd, who was the red carpet correspondent for Access Hollywood, looks a little too much like a Liberace in his black sequined tuxedo jacket. Even with the black column dressing and casually buttoned dress shirt, it is not enough to tone down this outfit. Todd’s daughter Savannah, however, looked like a Greek goddess in her sheer, flesh-tone gown with the feather-like swirls to camouflage essential figure areas, and her genuinely happy smile.

jeremy scott and katy perry acm red carpet

As far as the unique fashion category goes, the winner has to be singer Katy Perry and fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Katy arrived on the red carpet of the 51st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in a one-of-a kind, Jeremy Scott Couture creation that took baby blue metallic and cowgirl-wear to a new level in this cropped jacket, fringed skirt outfit that was completed with stiletto-heeled, pink cowboy boots. Katy’s designer and date for the evening Jeremy Scott was strutting his “fashion poetic license” by mixing colors, patterns, and styles. For me, Jeremy had more of a “yard sale nightmare” feel, than a designer of Couture.

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Review of Tani Silk Cut Slim Button Boxers

In the world of undergarments, there are some people who don’t give them much thought, even though they are the foundation to your look.  For example, a pair of briefs or boxers that are too tight or too loose will be uncomfortable and throw off the look of the outfit.  When a person gets dressed, they want to be comfortable from head to toe, so it is essential that comfort begins with your choice in undergarments.

tani usa boxers silk
Tani USA is a company that wants to change the way that men view undergarments by setting a new standard in luxury that uses fabrics that are innovative, has designs that are streamlined and modern, and products that are able to hold up to everyday living.  As an example, the Tani Silk Cut Slim Button Boxers are fabricated in 94% Micro Modal AIR and 6% Elastane.  The Modal is a rayon fabric that is made from the fibers of beech trees, which not only add a silk-like softness, but are actually biodegradable!  This thin material, however, is no lightweight when it comes to durability and the 6% Elastane adds to the comfort factor with a better fit and increase in mobility.tani-silk-underwear2

When it comes to men’sboxers, fit is also a very important factor to consider.  The modern boxer is moving away from more billowing fabrics like silk and cotton blends, towards fabric combinations that are more fitted.  This design not only is a smoother look under trousers or shorts, but it also lends more overall support.  The trick is that the fabric needs to breathe and Tani has that covered in their modal slim button boxers.


At Tani USA men’s collection, this classic, above mid-thigh luxury boxer comes in white, black, and pewter.  You may think that $45 sounds like a lot of money for underwear, but if it really is the best that you have ever owned, then it is money well spent.

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Batman vs. Superman Movie Premier Red Carpet

In the world of fantasy and sci-fi, the recent release of “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” has superhero fans on the edge of their seats, as two favorite comic book legends are pitted against each other. The cast, which includes Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Amy Adams have been spotted in flattering fashions on red carpets all over the globe, promoting their blockbuster film.

henry and ben in mexico premier

LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 22: Gal Gadot arrives for the European Premiere of ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ at Odeon Leicester Square on March 22, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Henry and Ben arrived for a less formal photo shoot in Mexico before the premier of Dawn of Justice. Both guys had to get pretty pumped up for their roles of Batman and Superman, so I imagine they had to do some shopping for the premiers. Henry is dressed for spring in his tan woven button-down with crisp white trousers and rich brown leather shoes. Ben’s look is more of a “Saturday afternoon with the kids”, but still looking on trend with his cobalt blue leather baseball jacket, cuffed dark indigo jeans, and black leather lace-ups. It was probably a nice break from their red carpet tuxes.


Amy Adams, who plays Superman’s love interest Lois Lane, is a vision in blue with her strapless cornflower blue gown. The empire waist seam, side ruffle, and deep leg slit really add interest to a simple dress design. Of course, it is the perfect color for Amy with her auburn hair and bright blue eyes.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 22:  Gal Gadot arrives for the European Premiere of 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' at Odeon Leicester Square on March 22, 2016 in London, England.  (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Another cast member of the fantasy sci-fi feature who practically stole the show with her role as Wonder Woman, is Israeli born actress Gal Gadot. She looked stunning on the red carpet in this fire opal red velvet gown with metallic floral straps, plunging neckline, and high-waisted bodice. Gal definitely shows us that she has the figure for both Wonder Woman’s wardrobe and the red carpet.

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5 Things to Consider Before You Buy an Electric Shaver

When you’re a man, choosing the right razor is a significant decision, particularly if you’re opting to purchase an electric razor. Many men use their razor every day, and they need a product that’s reliable, suited to their particular needs, and is going to be something providing long-term value.


At the same time, there is a significant number of options from which to select in the world of electric shavers, so the question becomes, how do you decide which product is right for you?

Below are five of the most essential factors to weigh during your buying decision.

  1. Budget

Budget is probably one of the top concerns for most men as they browse razor options. There is a broad range of price points for electric shavers. You might spend $20, or you could spend hundreds of dollars. The price you pay is going to depend on any number of factors, from the brand name to the type of cutting head the razor has. The best course of action is to find the razor with the features you can’t live without, at the lowest possible price point if budget is a consideration. Of course, the budget may not be a decision factor for you, in which case you’ll more heavily consider the following characteristics.

  1. Blades

Electric razors are primarily differentiated based on the type of blades they have. Many of the best quality razors will have a minimum of three blade options, which allows you to get a closer shave. You may also want a product that’s equipped with a trimmer so you can take care of things like sideburns. The two main head categories are foil and rotary. A foil head has blades that move back and forth, and with rotary heads, the blades spin in circles.

  1. Charging

For most men, time is of the essence, and you certainly don’t want to wait around for your razor to charge. Modern electric razors are often equipped with a quick-charge feature, so you’re not going to run out of power before you’re finished shaving, and you won’t be stuck without a razor when you’re in a hurry to get out the door. Also, ideally look for options that give you at least 45 minutes of shaving time per charge.

  1. Maintenance

There are some maintenance issues to consider when selecting a razor. For example, you’ll need an option that’s easy to clean, so you’re not disrupting sensitive skin or using something that isn’t safe and sanitary. You’ll also need a razor with replacement blades that are easy to find and aren’t too expensive. Otherwise, you may spending more than you anticipate over time.

  1. Wet or Dry

Electric shavers can be classified by whether they’re designed for wet or dry use. Most electric shavers are designed for wet use, with cream or gel, but some options will provide you with the convenience of an on-the-go dry shave. There are also some options that combine both options, which can be useful if you want versatility and convenience.

There you have it—five of the factors critical to choosing your next electric razor. These decision-making elements will give you a sound basis for creating a list of possibilities. Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences based on the above criteria, you can further shorten your list of options from there.

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Our Favorite Spring / Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

Now that the long winter season is coming to an end, it’s time to look forward to spring, to the return of the sun and the longer days, and to the incredible new fashion trends that you can embrace as you revamp your entire wardrobe and your look.


Photo by Mike Monaghan

What are the best spring and summer fashion trends for 2016? Keep reading to learn more.

The Slip Dress

The slip dress is one fashion trend that definitely made headlines this year, as it’s back and it’s looking sexier than ever. Look for these dresses in chiffon, satin, layered with knits, and more. Basically, you can consider this underwear that works as outerwear, so it is a way to be sexy and edgy all at the same time.

Plenty of Bright, Bold Colors

Look for clothes this spring and summer in colors that you may never have encountered before, and don’t worry if the colors clash or if they go together. This year, it is all about getting as many colors as possible onto one outfit, so there is no need to stick with a monochrome outfit if you don’t want to. In fact, even sparkly colors are in fashion for the upcoming warmer seasons of the year, so go ahead and be adventurous while shining like the sun.

Stripes Galore

A lot of the incredibly talented designers who showcased their designs on the spring and summer runways this year were proud to show off their many pieces that featured bold stripes. Whether thin or thick, colorful or black and white, stripes are definitely a trend that you can embrace this year as well. And if you are petite, vertical lines will even help to make you appear taller, so definitely consider adding this trend to your closet.

Ruffles, and Lots of Them

Ruffles are also a big trend this year, with gorgeous dresses having ruffles as their key detail. When shopping for these types of dresses, though, look for quality, not just the price of the outfit. This trend is all about structured tiers set in design that is minimal, as well as ruffles that take over an entire outfit, so you can go for a little or a lot.

Snag Great Styles Online

If you are unable to find these great styles in stores, or if you have difficulty shopping at local retailers because they don’t carry the clothing and accessories that you like or that fit your body perfectly, you can always shop online. There are plenty of reputable online shops to choose from, so go ahead and find your favorite online dress boutique and shop for your favorite new fashion trends from the comfort of your home.

As you can see, there are plenty of great new spring and summer fashion trends to look forward to this year. No matter what your sense of style is, you should certainly try incorporating one or more of these great ideas into your wardrobe to liven things up a bit and try something new.

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