10 Fashion Mistakes You Should Avoid To Get A Near Perfect Look

Does being fashionable mean wearing expensive attire? No, of course not! Fashion means matching clothes and accessories in an aesthetically pleasing or trendy way. Mostly it has been seen that guy look bad because of the silly fashion mistakes. Here are some of the common mistakes that one can make during selecting the right attire. Here are some of the mistakes that you can avoid and call out your fashionable self.


  1. Oversized clothes: No, the baggy clothes doesn’t make you look good. They portray a sloppy image and that single-handedly can kill the overall look. Next time, go only for the well-fitted clothes. The same is the case when you are selecting a casual shoe for men.
  2. Tie and Short sleeve: This combination is a big no-no. They are perceived as attire that is attached to a certain lower social level. For a professional look, make sure to wear a tie with full-length sleeves. Make sure to select perfect casuals shoes or the formal one with a good tie and full sleeve combination.
  3. Dirty shoe: Your shoe is one of the most important parts of your entire attire. Make sure to keep it clean. It not only enhances your overall image but also increases the longevity of men’s casual shoes.
  4. Pant lengths: Folding your jeans or trousers is really not desirable if you want to get a polished look. Improper pant lengths are better being avoided. Always get them adjusted to your height so that they fit you perfectly.
  5. Wrong color: This goes for both socks and belts. You need to pick the right color as that will make sure you have a proper look. This is one of such dressing up a rule that you should never break at any cost. It is especially important when you are sporting a formal look, it gives an air of professionalism.
  6. The tie story: There are two aspects you need to remember when you are wearing a tie. One is to make sure that the tie is at the end of your belt buckle. Too long or short length will certainly make you look incomplete. The other thing is the dimple of the necktie. If you don’t know how to create it, you can take the help of the online tutorial videos and blogs.
  7. Sock and sandals: We can often see men sporting this look on the magazine. Do you really like it? Be truthful! Well, this is a fashion disaster that is somehow still practiced by few. Never try to mix these two items, the result is simply horrible.
  8. Wrinkled clothes: Unless it is a purposeful fashion to wear wrinkled clothes, make sure to iron each pant and shirt you wear. The crumbled look never looks glamourous. On the contrary, it makes one look unprofessional and messy.
  9. Dirty nails: Keep them clean. Period.
  10. Wrong shoe: If you are getting fully formal attire, do not try to mix it up with the  casual shoes for men. Believe us that would
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Top Tips from a Fashionista for Your First Day on the Job

So you finally made it, the transition from being in college to being in the adult stratosphere of the full-time job.  Congratulations!  First impressions are everything, especially with a new employer and co-workers, so you definitely don’t want to show up ill-prepared.  For the fashion-conscious female there are a lot of choices out there. Do you wear your favorite pumps? How about that new Kylie lip gloss that you finally just got from the most recent re-stock?  What do you eat for lunch if there’s no dining hall or food court?  Always remember that modesty is key, but it’s important to let your personality shine.

Here is my best advice on how to look, feel, and dress the part for a fashionable and professional impression on your first day at your new job:



First up, what do you carry all of your stuff in?  While in college it was probably a sturdy and trustworthy JanSport backpack, but that might scream “college student” on your first day at work.  Goodbye to the days when pins of your favorite bands and DJs are the main decoration for you backpack, and hello to sleek, chic, fashionable purses.

Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank in order to look fashionable and put together on your first day. There are plenty of purses out there that combined usability with fashion. Our best advice is to pick up a high-end purse in a plain color such as black or gray, like this Michael Kors bag, so that it matches all of your potential future outfits.



The next item on your pursuit of being an adult is your clothes. Unfortunately, gone are the days of mesh shorts, a college sweatshirt, and flip flops. However, there are still plenty of ways to look cute and put together, but still comfortable. Labels such as Banana Republic, Express, H&M, and Nordstrom all have great options when it comes to work attire. Not up to the task of paying a fortune for cute work clothes? Look no further than retailers such as Ross, Nordstrom Rack, and Marshalls for some great options.

One of my personal faves is a pant suit.  In my opinion, they command attention and respect with a sense of classic beauty.  With varying cuts, styles, colors, and materials, there is truly an option for every woman out there.  I just love this option from Express because it’s fun and flirty, but still maintains professionalism.


In college you probably got away with keeping most of your scheduled activities either in your head, in a small notebook, or just simply having your friends around to remind you to go to the library and study for your upcoming exam. But now that you’re progressing into a full-time career, you’ll have many more things on your schedule to remember.  Scheduling all of my meetings and important deadlines within my Outlook Calendar has been a life saver for me.

You might also want to consider a productivity app such as Evernote to help keep all of your ducks in a row. Since my cellphone never leaves my sight, I’m a big fan of services that connect with my mobile.  Apps such as Google Calendar could also be a good way to make sure that you make it to all of your meetings on time.  Plus, nobody wants to miss a happy hour, especially if it’s on the company dime!

If there’s just no way you can go without Post-It Notes, save some trees with a little known feature on Windows computers called Sticky Notes.


Since you’re starting off on your first real job, you will probably be able to afford better snacks than Cup Noodles, potato chips, or the other junk foods that were a staple back in your college days.   Without having to walk across campus to go to class, you might find yourself gaining a few pounds from the lack of exercise of sitting at a desk all day. Take a proactive approach to combatting those “post-grad gains” by eating healthy snacks throughout the day such as raw almonds, dried fruit, or granola instead of the usual junk food.  Personally, I hate to do the meal-prep thing and have really come to love the KIND brand family of snacks.  While the upfront cost of $100 may seem steep for granola bars, if you break it down each bar actually costs less than $1.40, which could end up saving you money in the long run!



A new job often comes with a lot of stress – after all, you don’t want your employer to think they made a mistake in hiring you!  So on your first day, you’ll certainly want to put your best foot – and your best face – forward.

We all know that skin care is important, and using the right type of product for your skin type can make a world of difference. Combat your long hours and stressful deadlines with a naturally-derived product like BioClarity.  It’s made with the green stuff from plants and the 3 step system keeps my skin fresh all day long.  My skin doesn’t dry out from it like it sometimes does with other products and it’s really good at cleaning off all my makeup at the end of a long day.



Speaking of makeup – always remember that less is more!  Things you’ll want to shy away from:

  • Fake lashes
  • Large acrylic nails (these can get in the way when you type)
  • Bright eyeshadow
  • Dark eyeshadow
  • Bright colored lipstick/gloss
  • Dark colored lipstick/gloss
  • Anything with glitter

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their own individual style, but especially on your first day, aim for a more natural look:


  • For your eyebrows, aim for a light fill with a pencil vs a traditional gel
  • Opt for BB or CC cream instead of a regular foundation
  • When touching up your lips, go with a lip tint in a neutral hue

If you have any qualms, I recommend playing it safe and go with something from Urban Decay’s Naked line.  Even though I’ve been at my new job for a couple months now, I’m a huge fan of their products and wear them even when I’m not at work!



Last but not least is every girl’s best friend – shoes! We all know that shoes complete the outfit, but if you’re going to be strapped in for 8+ hours every day it’s important to think about function over style.

Although some offices may be relaxed enough for you to wear UGG boots or flip flops, it’s always a nice touch to look professional. Kitten heels have been my absolute favorites as of late because they have the class and sophistication of a nice pair of traditional high heels, but they don’t feel uncomfortable or painful after wearing them for long hours.

These Cole Haan pumps are simply amazing.  They have a modest silhouette, which is great for a professional environment, but the lizard texture adds a nice touch of fun and personality.  Plus, they’re under $100!


Author Bio:  Breanne is an East Coast transplant currently living it up under the SoCal sun.  In her spare time she enjoys hiking, stand up paddle boarding, and of course hitting one of the local open-air malls.  You can find her on Twitter @ProperNPink

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How to Choose a Wedding Band That Suits Your Personality: A Guide for Grooms-To-Be

Let’s face it: you’ve probably spent less time browsing through jewelry store selections than you have discussing the merits of bubble baths with your future father-in-law. Sooner or later, though, you’ll have a decision to make about the only accessory you’ll be wearing every day for the rest of your life. The wedding band. Needless to say, you’re going to want a wedding band that blends as seamlessly with your fashion sense as it does with your lifestyle. Check out the following guide for tips on how to make it happen.



First thing to consider: your skin. Are you allergic to nickel or any other metals, or have reason to think you might be? If so, you might want to schedule a visit with your physician or an allergy specialist to help you determine if it’s necessary to avoid certain materials or composites. Alternatively, you could commit to choosing a ring made from material that’s hypoallergenic, like platinum, stainless steel, titanium, or zirconium. After all, you don’t want to find your long-awaited honeymoon interrupted by  an irritating, uncomfortable rash.


Second, how much can you afford to spend? For the high rollers out there this is a non-issue. For most of us, though, affordable options that don’t require a compromise on looks or quality are a priority. Here’s a quick, general look at how prices stack up:

Platinum, palladium, and mokume-gane rings are within your price range if your price range has no ceiling. Starting around $1,000 and going up, up, up, rings made from these materials carry a premium price mainly due to their looks and high levels of purity.

More affordable, but still not really for some of us, is gold. Most gold rings are in the $700 and up range, although price can vary considerably based on whether you’re talking 9, 14, or 18 carats.

Rings made from Damascus steel can look pretty darn cool, but carry a much heftier price tag than their stainless steel brethren, coming in at $400 and up. Classy black zirconium bands are similar in price, but tend to run just a bit cheaper.

Ceramic, carbon fiber, titanium, stainless steel, cobalt chrome, tungsten carbide,  and wood are your allies when money is an object. The good news is that rings made from these materials can be just as durable, versatile, and sexy, if not more so, than their more expensive counterparts.


Now, how often will you take it off? Depending on your job or your hobbies, removing your ring might be an everyday occurrence. However, if you’re expecting to keep that precious piece of craftsmanship on at all times, like many men do, you’ll want to consider hardness and durability.

In these categories, the gold does not go to gold. Although a traditional and popular choice, gold is about as soft as it gets where rings are concerned, meaning it’s easily scratched, scraped, and bent. White-collar workers with indoor hobbies, this is you.

Tungsten carbide rings represent the opposite side of the spectrum. Almost totally scratch-proof, this composite material has another added benefit known as “permanent polish,” a phrase that speaks for itself. Ceramic rings are known for having only slightly less hardness and durability than tungsten. If you work or play outdoors on a daily basis, going with ceramics or tungsten can help ease your mind about the inevitable abuse your ring will endure.

In between the extremes of gold and tungsten carbide lies the abundance of other options, including, from softest to hardest, platinum, palladium, titanium, and stainless steel.


Last but certainly not least, looks. Maybe you’re the down-to-earth type who would feel most at home in a wooden wedding band, maybe you crave the unmistakable glimmer of white platinum, or maybe you just want something a little unique. In that case, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of styles, shapes, and colors to go around.

Zirconium rings are popular for their textured look, and come in many shades ranging from glossy black to matte charcoal.

If exotic colors are more your style, you’ll want to check out the rainbow palate of titanium rings on the market.

Damascus steel has a remarkable and provocative appearance that is a product of hammer-welding and hand-forging.

Even if you decide to go with traditional gold, looks aren’t limited, since your options include rings of white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Of course, if finding something a little off the beaten path still doesn’t satisfy your appetite for the unique, you can always have your ring personalized even further, since all of these materials can be engraved. Contact a ring designer to help you create a wedding band uniquely for you.

Picking out a wedding band is a big decision, but can be easier if you go into the process with a little knowledge and some patience. In the end, you want a ring that is comfortable and that makes you feel at home while wearing it. Don’t be afraid to try on every type of ring in your size that you can find before making your final choice, because remember, every groom’s “I do” should have a nice ring to it.

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Romantic Gifts for a Fashion Conscious Woman

Buying gifts for the woman in your life is never easy. Most women have very firm opinions about what they want and they are not afraid to let you know when you screw it up. Buying the wrong gift is a serious mistake, so here are some great gift ideas to help you navigate a potential minefield.



You cannot go too far wrong with a gift of jewelry – unless of course you go down the cheap and cheerful route and buy the woman in your life some plastic beads. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so if you want to really push the boat out, buy a statement piece from Ascot Diamonds. If Kim Kardashian can demand a diamond choker from Kanye West as her ‘push present’, the woman in your life deserves something special too.

If diamonds are not within your budget but you still want to choose a piece of jewelry, a heart-shaped locket will make a wonderfully romantic gift. You do not need to spend a fortune on jewelry. There are many creative artisans out there producing amazing pieces. Look locally and see what is available from craft fairs and antique shops. A simple pendant or silver bangle will be much appreciated.

Designer Handbag

Designer handbags are always a good choice. Most women have several different handbags in their closet, one for every occasion. Chanel is a lot more romantic than Target, so it is worth saving up for a designer handbag if you want to push the boat out. Some brands are more expensive than others are, but do not be afraid to buy online if you want a bargain. However, do make sure the product you buy is the genuine article, as not all of them are.

Sexy Shoes

Women can never have enough shoes. Heels are sexy and very romantic, especially when they are worn for your eyes only. You can check her shoe size by looking at the other pairs of shoes in her closet. Once you know her size, start looking for the right pair of shoes.

Strappy heels are always a good choice, particularly if they come with a designer label. Look for shoes made from soft leather, as these are more comfortable to wear.


Lingerie is super romantic, but only if you buy it in the correct size. No woman will be impressed if you buy her sexy lingerie three sizes too big. If you make this fatal mistake, your gift is likely to be thrown back in your face, which rather undermines your good intentions.

Try to avoid buying tacky designs in gaudy colors, unless you are certain the recipient likes this style of lingerie. Instead, stick to silk and lace garments in pale, pastel colors, as these tend to be more romantic. Lastly, bear in mind that comfort is more important than sex appeal, as this gift is for her benefit not yours.

Remember, romantic gifts work best when they are given without the benefit of extensive hints from the recipient.

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CONTEST: Win an iPad Mini from House Of Fraser!!

Greetings all! Time for another fabulous giveaway from cefashion.net, and this time we’re giving away something a little different! In a partnership with the fabulous House of Fraser, we’re handing out an iPad Mini 16gb in Space Grey!! Wowee!!


Check out the specs on this beautiful little piece of technology at Apple’s site: http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-mini-2/16gb-space-gray-wifi

Here’s a little bit of news from the sponsor, House of Fraser: One of the products that the good people at House of Fraser are most excited about these day is the Palmer Commuter Suit from Skopes, a brilliant innovation on an age-old design. This Commuter Suit, aside from looking downright smashing and coming in four enviable colours, comes with a high wool content, guaranteed water repellency and stain resistance via a special coating, and a built-in odour resistance detail. Don’t worry about looking (or smelling!) your best if you get caught running to the train or in a brief London rain, this Palmer Commuter Suit amazingly has your back! Be sure to check out the Commuter outfit and all of the other great suits care of Skopes when the time comes for a sharp, new addition to your professional wardrobe.



Back to the giveaway, it’s easy to enter and win – just sign into Rafflecopter gizmo below and then visit the House of Fraser Facebook page! Simple! NOTE, this contest is ONLY open to United Kingdom residents, 18+ years. End date is August 5, 2016 at 11:59pm. Entries may be added to the House of Fraser newsletter subscription list upon entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, everyone!

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder – See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/ipad-mini#sthash.S1kmtNRp.dpuf

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Jewelry and Fashion- What You Should Know before Your Next Purchase

Whether you want jewelry and fashionable items for yourself or as a gift for someone else, there is something for everyone. Jewelry is a popular accessory because it makes you look and feel good. Custom jewelry enables you to have unique pieces that have special sentimental value and represent who you are.

Buying Jewelry

Buying items like jewelry for the first time can be challenging initially. This is the opportunity to invest in something special that you will wear for many years to come. Research and shopping around will ensure that you make the right purchase. Rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings are among the pieces that you can include in your wardrobe.

Find jewelry that suits your personal style, lifestyle and budget. You can gradually set up your jewelry collection by starting with what are regarded as basic items and original custom pieces. When you want to choose a piece of jewelry, it is important to know your personal style. This will enable you to pick or design a piece that is ideal for your style.


Know your Style

  • Simple ways to determine your style include assessing your wardrobe in terms of how formal or causal it is. Consider your lifestyle and the type of events that you usually attend.
  • Establish whether your wardrobe is conservative, feminine, sporty and simple or a combination of different looks. Being aware of such factors will help you select jewelry that will complement the clothes you wear.
  • You can wear your jewelry as often as you want to or during special occasions. Choosing jewelry that suits your lifestyle and personal style guarantees that you will be happy with your purchase for a long time. Find specially crafted my name jewelry
  • Some people prefer jewelry staples or basics that go well with various outfits while others fill their jewelry boxes with flashier pieces for special events. Essential jewelry pieces include studs, chains, necklaces and bracelets.
  • Basics are flexible and can be worn throughout the week. You can experiment with different stones and metals as well as custom pendants.


Jewelry is always a worthwhile investment because it is much more than an accessory. It is symbolic and serves as a reflection of your personal style and personality. When you make this type of investment, it is important to consider your budget.

If there is a particular piece that you are interested in, you can set aside enough money to facilitate the purchase. There are also numerous affordable and high-quality options to choose from. Jewelry is a great reward for anyone and everyone needs to treat themselves and their loved ones occasionally.


Regardless of what your budget may be, you will be able to find the initial pieces that you will use to start building your wardrobe. After identifying and buying the jewelry pieces such as custom jewelry, you need to make sure that you take care of all your jewelry. Keep it as clean as possible and store it properly.


Fiona Marshall is a fashion blogger and enjoys writing about different aspects of fashion and style. Her hobbies include taking long walks with her dogs, travelling and photography. To find out more about my name jewelry, please visit the site.

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