Wedding Florals Primer!

One of the most fundamental things any wedding should have is flowers. Flowers have a major role in very effectively bringing out the theme of the wedding and they also help in giving an impression of elegance and a radiant look. You, as the bride, will pay a lot of attention to this issue compared to the bridegroom, since it is an area that you are certainly well versed on.


However, you will have a lot of other things to handle apart from just worrying about what flowers to place. Therefore, you will need to hire some help to make sure that the issue of flowers is dealt with in a very professional way. This will require you to a hire a florist, someone who has the most expertise in this issue and can provide solutions that will fit your standard and will fit appropriately within your plan. Finding the right person can take time because not everyone will fully understand your vision and some don’t have the right flowers for the job. You wouldn’t want to realize in the morning of your wedding day that the flowers displayed aren’t the ones you initially wanted. Here are some tips on picking the right florist:

Start looking for a florist in good time

The search for a florist should be taken as a very serious activity to prevent you from experiencing a situation whereby you are frustrated in the last minute rush when you can’t find a florist because almost all of them have been booked. Some florists are booked as early as a year in advance. Therefore, it is important that you start the search even six months in advance. Floral decoration can be quite difficult, and hence most florists can only do one wedding a week. You will find it very hard trying to book a florist who has another wedding to deal with in the same weekend. Once you have dealt with most of the issues, like booking the venue for the wedding and purchasing the dress, you will need to immediately start searching for your florist.

Check for recommendations

A major tip in finding the right florist is actually enquiring from people who were once in your situation and asking former brides who they found that was able to fulfill their expectations. You are not the first one to have experienced this problem. There are other brides who have gone through the same experience and found someone who gave them the best solution. Talk to family and even friends on who they would recommend best to get the job done. You may get recommendations to search online on websites like Minneapolis Wedding Florist to get someone who will do a quality, professional job.

Talk about financial budget

A professional florist should bring the topic of the budget as early as the first interview. This will help the florist effectively analyze and know how to work with the amount of capital you are willing to invest. The goal of the florist is actually to work within your budget and deliver in a way that fits your style and will please everyone.


Jean Jillian is a Minneapolis Wedding Florist that has been in this business for ten years. She has provided services for many satisfied clients. To learn more about wedding planning in Minneapolis, visit this site.

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Sexy Bodystockings – Spice it up, ladies!

Lingerie is an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. While some women play it safe, there are many who like to spice things up. One of the most important parts of a nighttime wardrobe is sexy bodystockings. This is an excellent piece of clothing that hugs the body and accentuates her curves in a provocative manner. The biggest advantage of wearing sexy bodystockings is you can wear them discreetly, and still feel sexy. And it’s a perfect way to surprise your partner during private intimate moments.


There are many types of sexy bodystockings available in the market. The opaque bodystocking is considered the most modest type of bodystocking. This type of bodystocking is heavier than other types, and comfortable to wear during winter. However this type is not considered part of the sexy bodystockings category. Another popular type of bodystocking is the fishnet. This is bodystocking that makes a woman look sexy and bold. Bodystockings are also available in various colors to suit your different clothing choices. If you want to go for clean and sleek look, you can opt for the sheer bodystocking. This bodystocking is soft and transparent and is the best option to wear if you are looking to get intimate with your partner. A sheer bodystocking definitely the sexiest of bodystockings a woman can flaunt. It shows a lot of skin and looks erotic. This stockings comes in various materials and colors.

Many women use bodystockings as an alternative to undergarments as well. Curvy or plus sized women can take advantage of figure hugging bodystockings without having to worry about any unsightly bulges. Sexy bodystockings highlight your body features well and hide the the ”bumps”. You’d be surprised at the sexiness a simple bodystocking can add to your personality.

Always choose bodystockings that suit your size and body type. You can decide if you are more comfortable with sleeves or going sleeveless. You also need to make sure that no matter what type of bodystocking you choose, it covers your legs completely. That is what bodystockings were made for. You don’t have to worry about any marks or other flaws on your legs. A sleek bodystocking will hide that very easily.

Bodystockings have been around for a number of centuries, and although some women consider them out of fashion, these can make a woman look sexy and confident. Men love women in bodystockings and they make the perfect gift for a newlywed couple. These bodystockings are classy, romantic, and the perfect way to start an intimate relationship with your better half.


Bodystockings don’t always need to be worn in the bedroom; they can be used to add more class to what a woman wears on a daily basis. These sexy bodystockings look great under a skirt, and the right color tone can enhance a woman’s body. They are known to shape a women’s lower body and make her look more appealing, sexy, and confident. It’s one of those pieces of innerwear that is both alluring and convenient.

Bodystockings are often made of nylon, which stretches, thus holding the body shape and giving a firmer look. While women can choose more sedate items to wear on a daily basis, they can always choose from a wide range of sexy bodystockings to ignite the passion in the bedroom. No man will deny liking a bodystocking, and women who wear them will confirm just how good it feels to slip into these clingy leggings.

One of the best things about technology these days is the benefit of shopping online. If you want to gift your ladylove some sexy bodystockings, you don’t need to go to a lingerie boutique and be embarrassed by being surrounded by women. You can log on to a number of online shopping sites and choose any number of bodystockings that you feel will look perfect on her. They make an intriguing gift for various occasions and it’s a great way to experiment with your love life. Even if you aren’t newlywed, you can always bring back the passion by getting into something sexy or buying something sexy for your partner, and nothing beats the way a bodystocking looks on a woman.

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CONTEST: Win a High Quality Pocket Square from Rampley & Co!

Hi all, time for another fabulous giveaway! And this month we’re partnering with Rampley and Co. to give away a free, splendid pocket square valued at over $100!!


Here are a couple examples of the dozens the winner gets to pick from! Each pocket square, designed in London, is not only dazzling and truly unique, but that also tells a story, be that of a depicted painting, or the artist or designer, or some concept behind the work. Also, the company is sure that each square comes with a hand-rolled edge to give each accessory a plumper, heavier feel and look.Orange_Hemmed_Herringbone_Tweed_Pocket_Square_grande

It’s easy to enter and win the square – fill out the form below and let it rip! Contest is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+ years. One entry per person please. End date is June 19, 2015 at 11:59pm. Entries may be added to the Rampley & Co. newsletter subscription list upon entry.


Good luck, everyone!

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Fashion for the Fourth of July!

The summer is upon us and with Fourth of July less than a month away, I know I’m getting into full gear with my party preparations. I’ve recently been pondering my fashion essentials for the shindig of the summer, and have come up with the accessories and clothing pieces you need to have the best Independence Day celebration yet!  So get your credit cards ready, because you’re going to want to grab these items before it’s too late.


The Shorts

Let those gams get some sunshine and wear some cute little shorts that will see you receiving compliments left and right. You can’t get more classically American than channeling your inner Daisy Duke and putting on some cut-off denim shorts. Check out the varied styles of denim shorts at, one of America’s most iconic denim manufacturers, and rock the original summer beach-bunny look.

A Striped Affair                                                 

I’m a sucker for some elegant stripes, and a striped shirt can invoke some images of sailing—perfect for a summertime celebration. Need more incentive? You’ll be wearing one half of the stars and stripes theme. I love red and white, or blue and white stripes if you want to capture the essence of a patriotic nautical theme.

The Facial Essentials

As the Fourth of July tends to be a heated affair—it is the dead of summer after all—make sure your makeup isn’t sweating off your face in the afternoon sun. If you want to keep your foundation set for hours, it’s essential to use a powerful primer that will smooth your skin and keep your liquid and powder foundations looking their best even hours after application.

My newest favorite is the primer from Colorescience. It doesn’t feel greasy like many other primers can, and it keeps my face looking dewy and freshly made up for hours on end. I haven’t even told you the best part, though: this primer contains sunscreen, so you’ll be looking great and keeping your skin safe even after spending an entire day in the sunshine!

The Perfect Sunnies

Your skin isn’t the only thing that needs protection from the summer sun. Grab a pair of stylish sunglasses to keep those irises safe during the long periods of sun exposure, and complete your outfit with a bit of mystery. While you should always select glasses based on the shape of your face, I have yet to meet a friend who couldn’t rock Ray-Ban’s classic wayfarers.  I especially like how they sell a version that folds up.  This is perfect for any lightweight summer outfit because the folded shades can slip right into your clutch – leave the bulky bags at home ladies!

The Swimsuit

If you’re going to a Fourth of July poolside shindig or beach party, a swimsuit is a definite must, but what to choose?! Instead of pulling out that bikini you wore last year or donning an American flag top like every other gal on the beach, dare to be different and draw some fun attention with the hilariously saucy “Bae Watch” red one piece from Private Party. Pair it with those denim shorts and you’ve got a simple but eye-popping look that will have all of your friends jealous.


When the Sun Goes Down

Once the sun sets, temperatures might dip depending on where you’re reveling, but that’s no reason to head inside—there are fireworks to watch, after all! Make sure you’re ready for cooler breezes by tying a sweet cardigan around your waste earlier in the day. Not a cardigan lover? Grab my new obsession: this amazingly trendy bomber jacket from Topshop.

$100 may seem like a lot for a fashionista tight on finances, but trust me, this jacket is worth it!  Bomber jackets are totally in right now and the lightweight material make this piece a staple in any wardrobe that can be worn all year long.

Make sure you rock your Fourth of July look with these summer essentials and watch mouths drop when you show up on the scene.

Breanne is an emerging fashion blogger based out of sunny Southern California.  When she’s not shopping at the mall she can be found on the beach with sunglasses on her face and a book in her hands.  Follow her on Twitter @ProperNPink!



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Summer 2016 Essentials Style Guide!

With summer just around the corner, now is a good time to start re-organising your wardrobe and picking up some new summer party dresses from Of course it is tempting to get rid of clothes you no longer wear, but before you go too mad, read our guide to 2016’s summer fashion essentials. You may find that some of your old favourites are back in style after an extended hiatus.

suede skirt

Suede Skirts

Suede skirts were very popular in the 60s, so if you still have one lurking at the back of your wardrobe, you are in luck. This time around, suede skirts are a bit more demure, so less of the micro mini and more of an A-line style. Wear your suede skirt with knee length boots and a vintage blouse, or accessorise with a pretty scarf for a real 60s vibe.

Gothic Blouses

Gothic Victorian fashion was big last winter and is still very much in style for summer 2016. Long sleeved gothic lase blouses are perfect for cool summer days (of which there are many in the UK). Wear your pretty gothic blouse with a trendy denim skirt, or team it with boot-leg jeans and some leather boots. And if the weather is truly vile, layer it with a chunky knit and keep the chill at bay.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets were 2015s top trend. Rita Ora was regular papped wearing a black bomber jacket, so this is one summer trend you can’t afford to ignore. Look for bomber jackets with oriental prints, as these are hot right now. Team your sexy jacket with some denim daisy dukes or white jeans. Just be sure to grab a pair of mirrored aviator sunglasses to complete the celeb look.

boho dress

Boho Dresses

Boho has been around for a while now and it shows no sign of disappearing. Boho dresses are a regular feature at music festivals, with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift fond of the look. Every woman should have a cute boho dress in her wardrobe, for hot summer days or cool summer nights. Wear with boots if the weather is poor, or dress up with a pair of sandals on warm days.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is the colour of the season. According to Pantone, Rose Quartz, a pretty dusky pink is the colour we all need to be wearing. Consequently, pink is everywhere. Pink knitwear is a good choice for early spring days, or cool evenings in late summer, when autumn is just around the corner. Pink t-shirts can be worn with faded denim jeans, or be pretty in pink in a cute retro bikini.

Retro Swimwear

Speaking of swimwear, retro pin-up bikinis are hot this summer. This style flatters most figures, but high-waist bikini bottoms are especially good for fuller-figured women.

Pick a few key items for your summer wardrobe and you have this year covered. You don’t need to go too crazy – buy your fashion essentials online and save a fortune.

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The 147th Kentucky Derby Fashion: It is Not Just About the Horses

Saturday, May 7th 2016 was the 147th run of the Kentucky Derby.  It is an annual horse race that takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky and has been named by some as, “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.”  Since 1875, thoroughbred horses have competed for a substantial money purse, but the Kentucky Derby is just as much about the fashion, as it is the race.  Brightly colored outfits and fanciful hats abound at Churchill Downs, as well as “Derby Parties” around the globe.

kentucky derby fashion 2016
This year at the Kentucky Derby, citrus-y bright fabrics were all the rage.  For example, this man is sporting some orange sherbet trousers, a petal pink tie, and a simulated rosebud pocket square.  He manages to tone it down with the monochromatic white button-down and sports coat.  His date is the perfect accompaniment to his bright attire, with her grey and navy geometric skinny skirt, plain white cropped tank, and of course her wide-brimmed hat that has a flowing navy fabric bow.

daddy daughter duo derby

One adorable daddy/daughter duo at the 147th running of the Kentucky Derby was Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielyn and her father Larry Birkhead.  Dannielyn’s mint green dress and Larry’s matching sports coat was the essence of the popular derby drink “Mint Julep”.  The embellishment of pink flowers draping down on Dannielyn’s dress and in her up-doo was reminiscent of the blanket of flowers that is draped across the winning horse.  Daddy Larry picked up the pink in his button-down, bow-tie, and pocket square.

GTY_kendra_wilkinson_hank_baskett_kentucky derby

Last, but not least, Hank Bassett and Kendra Wilkins show how black and blue can be a winning combination.  Hank looks all “summery” in his column of white, which is accented by his slate blue sports coat and navy bow tie.  Kendra looks super chic in her tailored white blouse and high-waisted black pants, which was accessorized with a stylish wide-brimmed hat, black leather clutch, and saturated red platform sandals.

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