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Zaha Hadid Ventures into High Fashion with Her 3D Printing Wisdom

Milan Design Week is underway, so the United Nude fashion house has partnered with 3D Systems and a handful of designers to celebrate the occasion. For Zaha Hadid’s wild submission, she designed the glamorous “Flames”, a shoe that pairs cartoonish curves and sharp edges. Known by many as the queen of architecture, Hadid’s highly futuristic style can be found in major cities around the world. Her abstract, chaotic work has plenty of admirers and critics, but the highly stylized approach makes her a fascinating choice for 3D printed shoes. Born in Baghdad and educated at London’s Architectural Association School of Architecture, Hadid made a name for herself in architecture, but has since ventured into furniture, brassware, and fashion. More recently, she designed the Japan National Stadium, the Central Bank of Iraq, and a main soccer stadium for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup. Below, you’ll find more information about Hadid’s forays in the 3D printing world, along with the work of her peers.
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Men’s Fashion Don’ts For 2015

Anyone who follows men’s fashion trends knows that what is popular comes and goes in cycles. That is what is meant by the phrase:  “What’s old is new again”. However, there are some fashion ideas that are just plain “don’ts” when it comes to menswear.


The first “never” that I would like to address is wearing socks with sandals. I have seen it a million times, but it never looks any better. If you feel the need to wear socks, then it should be with sneakers or shoes and never with sandals. If is too cold for the bare skin of sandals, then don’t wear them.
Luar-Zepol strap pants
Next, cut outs in clothing have been a popular trend on and off for years, but these men’s trousers by Luar Zepol step way over the line. The skin-tight gray men’s pants are unusual enough from the front, but the missing rear leg panels, which require the black straps to hold them in place just scream “wrong”!  I imagine that they also do get quite breezy at times.


As for the winners in the Ugly Men’s Sweaters contest, you can’t question picking this furry blue sweater with blue knitted mittens and a knitted blue “hair-hood”  that made its way down the runway in London’s Fashion Week. The mittens probably would be very warm but useless when it comes to the immense size and the deep cowl neck just makes it look more bizarre than ever.

golden squares gem packed

One way to make them better – aside from ditching the mittens completely – would be to add some kind of adornment to break up all the blue. I’m thinking some golden wholesale jewelry like beads or some of the golden squares depicted above. At least it would take away from all of that hood action!

granny square man jump suits

Last, but not least, is a take on the jumpsuit that has cycled to the present time from the 70’s and the 80’s. Most jumpsuits look like what mechanics wear, however, I found a pair of crocheted granny square men’s suits in black and white check, as well as multi-colored chevron. I hope it was a joke or at least something only worn indoors when Nana visited because she made it.

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Women dealing with hair loss

Are you a woman dealing with hair loss? Yes – then make sure to have a read of this.

You may think that hair loss tends to affect men more than women, but that isn’t actually the case. Many women suffer from hair loss, whether that’s due to genetics, aging or a medical condition, hair loss is just in common in women as it is in men.

If you have recently started to lose your hair, you might be feeling a little bit down about it. And that’s okay, losing your hair can be a big shock and can knock you off balance for a little while.  The important thing is that you get back up again.

Suffering from hair loss as a woman is particularly hard. For many women suffering from hair loss, one of the major downsides is a loss of self-esteem and negative feelings towards your new look.

Of course, at first it is normal to resent your new look and feel anxious about it, but it is important that you learn how to change your mindset and get back to feeling like you again. Your lack of hair might make you feel less attractive or less feminine, but it shouldn’t do – hair or no hair, you are still just as beautiful as ever.

If your hair loss has led to low self-esteem, the first thing you need to do is change your mindset and boost your confidence levels. You might not believe it right now, but trust on this, without hair you can look just as fantastic as you did before.

To help you look and feel great without your hair, we have put together some handy tips and ideas below:

Get pampered

You might not be feeling great about yourself right now, but with a bit of pampering you will start to feel better. There’s nothing that a good pamper session can’t fix – book yourself into your local spa and spend the day being pampered.

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house just yet, that’s okay too. Why not hire a mobile beautician and ask them to come to your home. Or, failing that, hold your own girly pamper session at home with your friends, female relatives or daughter.


Fake it

While you probably aren’t going to be able to get your hair to grow magically back, what you can do is fake it. Just because you don’t have hair, it doesn’t mean the whole world needs to know that.

For short-term hair loss, consider investing in a good-quality wig. Google search your nearest wig specialist and head to the store to find a wig – make sure to opt for a human hair wig. While horsehair wigs are much cheaper, they look are lot less realistic than wigs made of human hair.

For long-term hair loss, while you could wear a wig, you might want to consider a more permanent solution. Restorative hair treatment, like hair transplants, is amazing for treating hair loss.

However, as restorative hair treatment is considered a cosmetic procedure, it can be rather pricey. Have a look online to find a suitable clinic and then have a look at the hair transplant cost – before choosing a clinic, compare the prices of two or three different ones.

Dress to impress

You might not feel great about your lack of hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make an effort and dress to impress. It might seem unimportant, but if you dress nicely and know you look good, your confidence levels will improve.

Treat yourself to a shopping spree and go out and get yourself some new clothes. Take a friend with you and go from shop to shop trying on outfits that make you feel confident and attractive. It’s amazing how much of a boost new clothes can make to your confidence levels.

Losing your hair is devastating and can totally ruin your self-esteem. But with a bit of pampering and a shopping spree or two, you can start to rebuild it and get back to being your happy, confident self.

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Classic Men’s Fur Fashions

If you’re tired of wearing the same old outfits to the same old occasions, now may be ab excellent time to adopt a brand new look. If you’ve ever seen men in elegant half or full length fur coats and wondered if you could pull off the same look, perhaps now is the time to throw caution to the wind and find out for yourself just how classy you can be in a great new fur coat of your own!

furs men

Fur Fashion: It’s A Guy Thing, Too

Contrary to popular belief, fur fashion isn’t just for the ladies. It’s a guy thing, too! And it can be your thing without you having to break your budget and lay away your entire financial future. The truth of the matter is that men are abandoning the rigid wardrobe stereotypes that have held them in fashion bondage for centuries. The new look of the 21st century is far less rigid, and far less defined by antiquated ideas of who should wear what, at what time, and what location.

Getting Chic, But Staying Manly

And have you seen the styles of fur coats that are available now for men to wear? If you haven’t, try logging on to the official ML Furs company website. You’ll be simply amazed at how good you will look in a men’s fur coat or jacket. The styles are cool, classy, and very chic – but very masculine as well.

So don’t sweat the small stuff. Hop on over to the ML Furs site and see for yourself what a sweet new fur coat or jacket can do for you. If it works for rock stars, hip hop icons, and Hollywood power players, it might just look good on you as well! You never know until you try, so come on over and have a look.

ML Furs: Your One Stop Men’s Fur Fashion Shop

If you’re looking for classic men’s fur fashions in all sizes, makes, and shapes, now is the time to click on to the official ML Furs website. You’ll find all of your favorite fur fashions, at a price that won’t break your budget. If you’ve ever wondered how you’d look in a classic men’s fur coat or jacket, now is the time to satisfy your curiosity. Log on to today to see what ML Furs can do for you.

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Review: Trakline Intrepid Belt

When it comes to men’s belts everyone thinks that they are built basically the same, but Trakline has come up with an innovation in the closure system that makes it a unique alternative to the worn out holes in your leather belt. At KORE Essentials, they take a quality grain leather belt and sew in a track along the inside that allows the belt to be adjusted up to 40 positions, in ¼ inch increments, making it a sort of ratchet belt.

Intrepid & Eclipse gunmetal buckles-min
The belt buckles come in stylish, modern metals and have the ability to open quickly with a release tab underneath. At KORE Essentials, they make belts that will mesh with both casual and dress clothes, but have a “futuristic” technology that makes them just as much about function, as fashion.

Trakline Belt patented buckle technology-min

One of the biggest advantages of this automatic belt is that if you happen to gain a few pounds or lose some, then the Trakline Belt will adjust in seconds, as opposed to boring holes in the leather with a knife yourself. Everyone has had that expensive belt that you bought and find that at some time, it just doesn’t fit like it used to. Nothing is more frustrating to spend good money on luxury accessories and have to leave them hanging in the closet. At KORE, they have solved that problem for you.Intrepid nickel buckle, black belt-min

Trakline Belts give you the choice of white, brown, black, and gray leather ratchet belts and you are then able to pair them with modern belt buckles in stainless steel that come in sleek geometric cut outs, or if you prefer, you can have the solid belt buckle style. The prices range from $49.99 to $59.99, which is a great price for a belt that has the newest technology, as well as a great look.

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Add Some Feathers To Your Next Occasion

If you’re looking for a sure fire way to bring a little zest and zing to your next party or social occasion, why not add some bright and festive feathers to your ensemble? Doing so will bring a whole new festive feel to your natural look. A few bright peacock feathers really can do wonders when it comes to livening up an old tired hat, or a frumpy old outfit. If your wardrobe needs a quick fix, feathers can really do the trick.

Feathers Add Festive Flavor

There’s just something about feathers that adds a bright, jaunty touch of festive flavor to nearly any occasion. Of course, feathers aren’t just for wedding receptions and the like. A splash of bright color can enhance your ensemble for even the most routine ladies’ night out. Try it for yourself and see the effect that wearing a few feathers in your hat or outfit can do for you.

Liven Up Your Act With A Splash Of Color

If you’re looking for the ultimate quality in peacock feathers, try the selection offered by Zucker Feather. You’ll be amazed at the wide and comprehensive selection of feathers that are offered by this firm. No matter what sizes, shapes, or varieties you’re searching for, Zucker Feather is sure to have something that will fit the bill. There’s a reason why Zucker is the nation’s leading supplier of feathers for all manner of occasions.

Feathers Aren’t Just For Show Girls

Feathers aren’t just for show girls in Las Vegas, or Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Anyone can adopt a bit of the proverbial sassy attitude of the peacock in order to help them strut their stuff. Feathers are the one touch of class and fashion that never seems to go out of vogue. From the days of the Egyptian Empire, straight through to the present, ladies – and gentlemen – are still frolicking festively with feathers.

Get Your Peacock Feathers From The Industry Pros

If you’re looking for an excellent way to get your peacock feathers wholesale, look no further than Zucker Feather. Zucker has been in business since the 1870’s, and is the leading industry wholesale feather provider. No matter what your specific needs may be, Zucker Feather is here for you. Log on to their official company website today to see just what Zucker can do for you.

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Reasons to Choose Custom T-shirts

Many people enjoy feeling like they are a part of a team, and custom t-shirts can turn any small group into a team. When you give a group of people the same color and style of t-shirt, they can show the world that they are a team and enjoy the uniformity that the shirts will give them. Church groups, sports groups, school groups, family reunion groups, and more can all enjoy wearing custom shirt. You can find Express Press custom t-shirts online.

quality tshirts fast prints

If you are trying to show off your group’s look, custom t-shirts is an easy way to do it. When you dress alike, you can easily keep up with your group in a crowd and others can enjoy looking at your custom made shirts wherever you go. Your group can enjoy having unique clothing with your team’s logo proudly screen printed or embroidered onto them. You can also enjoy picking out a unique picture from a company’s clip art if you do not want to upload your own image. Custom t-shirts are an excellent choice for anyone looking to unify their team.

A team of people can enjoy the feeling of camaraderie that comes with wearing custom t-shirts. They can feel like they belong to a group and enjoy being seen as a group by others whether they are wearing a t-shirt to promote a fundraiser or wearing a t-shirt to promote a school team or even a business.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to show off your style. You can have several different shirts made up for an affordable price in any color that you want. You can find amazing artwork that will help your custom shirts stand out. You can create a fashionable shirt that you can enjoy wearing for a long time to come.

Quality custom made t-shirts are made to last. You can enjoy choosing a look that is going to be right for your specific needs. You can order custom t-shirts in almost any size so that everyone in your group can have one that fits just right. If you want to add a finishing touch to your team’s appearance, customized t-shirts are the way to go.

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