Let’s talk socks

INFEASIBLE: Wearing white socks with your black business/work shoes

white-socks-black-shoesAlright, I went into work yesterday and decided to look at what my male colleagues were packing below (foot region, you cretin). What did I find? An outrageous number of them were wearing white socks with black shoes. People, this is first thing you learn when you get out the blasted womb (not simple geometric shapes or the word “No”): NEVER WEAR WHITE SOCKS WITH BLACK DRESS SHOES. One guy was even sporting a low-cut pair, which killed my eyes not only because of the black and white whammy but I also got an unadulterated view of his hairy-ass heel. Sometimes I wonder…

Feasible: Black microfiber nylon crew socks with your dress shoes

Black microfiber nylon crew socks

Guys, go and buy twenty pairs of these right now and commit the bulk of your white socks to jack-off duty or whatever. The socks above in particular not only work with dress shoes, but also with most of your casual shoes as well (not sneakers so much though).

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