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Men’s Designer Trends – Menswear Far-Out Looks For 2014

When it comes to popular fashion trends for an up-coming season, people look to design inspirations on the runway. However, not every couture, artistic interpretation of fashion translates well into everyday wear.

Sibling fishnet for 2014


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The Pantone Color of 2014: Menswear in “Dazzling Blue”

Pantone, which began as a printing company in 1950, is a New Jersey company who is well known for their color matching system. It uses a standardization for reproducing colors. How Pantone is related to fashion is that they release a “Color of the Year”, which prompts clothing designers to use this color in their fashion creations for the up-coming year. For 2013, the color was Emerald Green and for 2014, the color is Dazzling Blue. You may recognize this particular tone of blue if you happen to be a Facebook user.

canali-springsummer-2014-derriuspierrecom005 milan

While I was taking a look at what the menswear designers had for 2014, I found a few items that were Pantone inspired. The first one is from the Canali Spring/Summer Collection at the Milan Fashion Week. It is a slim-fitting suite jacket and cuffed trousers in a tonal stripe done in “dazzling blue”. The brightness of the suit is contrasted by a darker blue polka dot tie, a white and blue polka dot dress shirt, and navy leather slip-ons.

giorgio armani s2014 shoes pantone

The next menswear item in the color of the year with “dazzling blue” is a pair of blue and white floral slip-on shoes by Giorgio Armani, in the Spring 2014 collection. This particular pattern and color is a bold look in a shoe and may not be for everyone.

iceburg ss2014 pantone

Another menswear item with the same color is done by Iceburg. It is a combination of trends with one being the vintage style baseball jacket and the other one is the color blocking with the gold, blue, and black asymmetrical design. The blue color makes the jacket pop.


Lastly, is an infusion of a brighter tone of Dazzling Blue with the crew neck, raglan sleeve sweater by Burberry. They keep the blue tone going with the blue suede lace-up shoes. However, if you are a guy who leans more towards the neutral colors, then the “Pantone Color of the Year” may not be for you.

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Men’s Fashion News: The 2013 Council of Fashion Designers of America’s Menswear Designer of the Year Nominees

Every year, the Council of Fashion Designers of America gives awards to designers who have achieved excellence in the fashion world. The nominees are selected by their peers in categories such as Women’s Wear, Menswear, Accessories, Lifetime Achievement, Founders, and International Fashion. The 2013 nominees for Menswear this year are three New York City based designers: Steven Cox and Daniel Silver for Duckie Brown; Michael Bastian; and Thom Browne.

Florsheim by Duckie Brown

The first designers, Steven Cox and Daniel Silver for Duckie Brown, have the trademark of using unique fabrics and bold colors in their creations. In 2006, they began to design a line of shoes with the well- known “Florsheim” and recently in 2012 joined forces with Perry Ellis to create a line of Luxury American Sportswear. Some great examples of their work are these great leather moccasins. The buttery softness of the leather provides comfort, as the texture of the hand stitched toe box adds a unique interest. Also, the bold orange color is hot for 2013.


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Men’s Fashion Advice – How To Tuck A Men’s Shirt

Handsome Man Tucking in Shirt

Tucking in a shirt may seem like it should be a simple prospect, but if you are struggling to do it right, then you are just one of many men who have discovered it is not the most intuitive process in the world.  You might have problems like the sides of your shirt coming out when you tuck, or crumpling in your pants.  Maybe you aren’t sure how much the shirt should “billow” above your waist, if at all.  What is the correct way to tuck in a shirt, and how can you make it as easy as possible?

Here is the short and simple answer.  Styles change with the times.  The billowing look was popular in the 80s, but currently the “default” professional way to tuck a men’s shirt is to leave no billowing at all, but tuck it in fully.  If the sides come out or the shirt crumples in your pants, it is probably because your shirt does not fit right.  A well tucked shirt starts with a tailored shirt that fits.  Slim fits can facilitate matters if you have too much “blousing” above the belt.  You will probably discover that once you buy a shirt which actually fits you, tucking it in properly and evenly is an effortless job.

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Men’s Fashion Spotlight: Samuelsohn’s 2012 summer collection

Samuelsohn is a menswear designer based in Montreal Canada, who has taken the founder’s drive to produce the finest possible menswear and managed to maintain that commitment to quality for the last 89 years. They are well known in the industry for using the most luxurious fabrics like cashmere, Italian silk, Merino wool, and Supima cotton, creating ageless clothing with the exquisite detail of hand tailoring.


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