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Celebrity Fashion Trends – April 2014 Celebrity Street Styling

This week’s celebrity street style includes a few outfits that made the cut and a few that did not. Sometimes, something that may look good on a hanger should stay there and sometimes just one wrong choice can move a look from a great style to a bad one.


The first to make it to the A list is Actor Andrew Garfield, who was spotted on the streets of Berlin, wearing Burberry. Andrew is rocking the chocolate brown suit and mixing in a crisp white button-down shirt, topped with a double-breasted, tan trench coat with shoulder epaulets and a turned up collar. (more…)

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Women’s Fashion Advice – The ‘It’ Color of Spring 2014

Have you ever noticed that certain colors go in and out of style. Maybe you thought it was a coincidence that the racks of your favorite store were all filled with similar hues. Just like people predict the newest sound in music, the next hot color was already decided for you before you even got to the store. There was Emerald Green, Tangerine, Honeysuckle and now Pantone, the authority on color, has called Dazzling Blue the color of Spring 2014. Expect to see it featured everywhere from dresses to bags to probably even cheap spinner suitcases! And fortunately, as spring colors go, this shade of blue can outlast the season.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.20.36 PMScreen Shot 2013-11-06 at 2.53.58 PM
This cobalt blue might look familiar (perhaps you’ve seen it in the Facebook logo for on Citibank’s bicycles) but the best part is it’s very wearable. There’s a good chance you probably already own a few pieces in this bold shade, but if you’re in the market for something new go all in with a bright frock such as Elie Tahari’s Ginger dress with an angular neckline and a black leather trim. Or, add a blue dress with a flared skirt such as Julia Jordan’s Cobalt Wave Textured Stretch Knit Fit and Flare Dress.


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The Pantone Color of 2014: Menswear in “Dazzling Blue”

Pantone, which began as a printing company in 1950, is a New Jersey company who is well known for their color matching system. It uses a standardization for reproducing colors. How Pantone is related to fashion is that they release a “Color of the Year”, which prompts clothing designers to use this color in their fashion creations for the up-coming year. For 2013, the color was Emerald Green and for 2014, the color is Dazzling Blue. You may recognize this particular tone of blue if you happen to be a Facebook user.

canali-springsummer-2014-derriuspierrecom005 milan

While I was taking a look at what the menswear designers had for 2014, I found a few items that were Pantone inspired. The first one is from the Canali Spring/Summer Collection at the Milan Fashion Week. It is a slim-fitting suite jacket and cuffed trousers in a tonal stripe done in “dazzling blue”. The brightness of the suit is contrasted by a darker blue polka dot tie, a white and blue polka dot dress shirt, and navy leather slip-ons.

giorgio armani s2014 shoes pantone

The next menswear item in the color of the year with “dazzling blue” is a pair of blue and white floral slip-on shoes by Giorgio Armani, in the Spring 2014 collection. This particular pattern and color is a bold look in a shoe and may not be for everyone.

iceburg ss2014 pantone

Another menswear item with the same color is done by Iceburg. It is a combination of trends with one being the vintage style baseball jacket and the other one is the color blocking with the gold, blue, and black asymmetrical design. The blue color makes the jacket pop.


Lastly, is an infusion of a brighter tone of Dazzling Blue with the crew neck, raglan sleeve sweater by Burberry. They keep the blue tone going with the blue suede lace-up shoes. However, if you are a guy who leans more towards the neutral colors, then the “Pantone Color of the Year” may not be for you.

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Lesson 118: Colors on your polos

Polos are pretty tricky, I’d say. You wear them with the wrong sized shorts, you look like a silly tennis player. Wear them with the wrong type of pants, you could end up looking like a yuppie. We’ve talked about polos at length before, but let’s broaden the topic to colors and talk options.

Lacoste Rainbow Stripe Single Polo Shirt
INFEASIBLE: Rainbow stripes on polos
It should be obvious that a rainbow, even when subdued like the one on this Ralph Lauren, is a big no-go for this type of shirt (or any really). Polos are a fairly casual and unremarkable garb and so aren’t the best canvasses for experimentation in funky colors combinations. I simply don’t know what will match the commotion besides maybe a clown nose.

Henri Lloyd Byron Polo
Feasible: Solid blue polos
Now, I’ve always been a fan of Henri Lloyd jackets, but I can’t say I’ve ever checked out their polos. Well, clearly from this example, they got the right idea in mind. The chosen blue is deep and unassuming and the white trims/ collar action are subtle and tasteful. Even the logo manages to be integrated into the piece. You can match this with all kinds of pants – linen, denim, etc. Bravo!
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