Men’s Fashion Trends – Spring 2014 for Men’s Streetwear

Now that the weather has finally shown us that there is a glimmer of hope that spring is on its way, all thoughts have turned to Spring and Summer clothing. It is finally getting time to shed the wool overcoats and think about urbanwear: shorts, t-shirts, and other sunny accessories.

menswear-summer-fashion-trend-2014-4 shorts

When looking at menswear for Spring 2014, I noticed a few trends on the runway. First of all, color is still here in a big way with bright citruses like the orange suit jacket with baggy shorts and bright toe-less socks. The whole combination is a little much, but I can see the pieces working separately.

Z Zegna - Runway - Spring 09 MBFW

Another trend is a more formal and tailored looking short to go with suits, sports jackets, and vests for the office. It looks comfortable, but not so professional in my opinion. When your eye travels down from the jacket to the shoes, the shorts just look out of place.

ESQ-milan-ss13-trend-shorts-xl (2)

From the runways in Milan for spring/summer 2014, there is also the trend of the baggy, oversized short. The center photo shows a pair of khaki pleated shorts with a longer inseam and cuffed leg. This elongated silhouette is more flattering than the shorter, more voluminous black and blue shorts on either side. Those tend to make legs look “stick-like” and overall, shorter. So, if you’re after a more skater-esque look (whether or not you float on Z-Flex Skateboards ever) then these are for you!

2014 menswear Spring bad

Two of the worst looks on the runway for menswear Spring/Summer 2014 that I have seen this year is this grey suit with blue accents, matching blue “short-shorts”, and sandals. The whole look is just wrong. Also, another terrible look is this black and white textured knit, skin-tight short with a matching bolero-style jacket. I don’t see it being a big seller in the stores because the outfit just offers “too much information”.

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