Totes and thong sandals are a must for the beach

While I was browsing for men’s beach accessories, I came across some great items for beach excursions. First off, everyone needs a terrific tote bag or summer backpack to carry all the things that you need with you to the beach.

Check out this Laguna Sail Tote for $168 that is made of recycled sail material that is egg-shell white on top and a bold red printed bottom. The handles are made of sturdy twisted rope. It is definitely one that is going to last and is also made in the USA. Also, in the same material, there is a white tote with a blue marlin sewn across it. It is customer top rated and will work at the shore or sailing on the ocean.

Next, you can’t hit the sand without a good pair of flip flop sandals. I always preferred the ones that are not the drugstore kind because they are usually more comfortable and last much longer. I spotted a few that I liked also at The first, a Nike, comes with a foam sole, a comfortable foot-bed, and some snazzy colors.

If you prefer the natural feel of canvas on your feet, then the Beach Walker Canvas Sandal will be for you. They are made with a canvas strap and foot-bed, rubber soles for traction, and also an orthotic base to support your feet. The canvas ones are $58 and come in green, navy, and red.

Lastly, if leather sandals are your thing, then Tommy Bahama has a Beach Walker Perforated Leather Sandal. The nice, wide leather straps are perforated for better air flow and have a molded orthotic bottom, as well as a rubber sole. These sandals also have some great top-stitching for style. Just remember if you choose leather, don’t get them soaking wet because the leather will eventually crack. At $68, you want to be able to get your money’s worth.

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