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The Perfect Rain Boots

There are a lot of articles flooding the internet about winter boots. After checking out many of them, I found, to my surprise that several of their suggestions weren’t really weather-proof at all! No matter how cute those little suede booties or leather riding knee-high boots look they won’t last long in three feet of snow!

We compiled our list of the top boots. Not only are they cute and stylish but they are made for all weather from rain and sleet to snowstorms!

First, the perfect rain boot:

Burberry's Check Belted Rain Boots

There is nothing more annoying that rain boots. Sure they look adorable on children but sloshing around the streets in rubber boots with flowers or duckies on them is anything but fashion-forward. If it must rain, make sure to pack one of our wear one of our choice below. With so many chic options you might look forward to a little wet weather.

Burberry’s Check Belted Rain Boots are one part tough and two parts practical. The wrap around strap and metal buckle add the edge while the matte rubber fabric and rubber grip sole make them perfect for jumping from puddle to puddle.

burberry stud boot
Want even more toughness in your boots? Try Burberry’s Stud Detail Belted Rain Boot and hit those soggy streets running. Or for a more classical approach, the Canvas Check Detail Rain Boots are a rainy day must. The distinctive pleat and buckle detail add a little something extra to the classic rain boot. Plus the matte finish gives them an air of luxury.

Miu Miu Pointy Toe Rain Boot

Hate to trade your heels in for rain boots? Now you don’t have to! Miu Miu’s Pointy Toe Rain Boot features a 3 1/2″ heel and rubber sole. While heels aren’t great for those really bad days, they are certainly a good option if you hate carrying a second pair of shoes in your purse for work and would love to wear one pair all day long.

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How NOT to Wear Boots (and other tricky items!

I hate to break it to you, but you’re wearing your boots wrong! Not only your boots but your leggings and crop tops too. Wrong, wrong, wrong! Or rather you’re not putting your body in the best light by ignoring some basic rules about your clothing. So avoid falling victim to our list of outfit faux pas and look taller, leaner, classier, and all around better!


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.08.50 PM

Don’t wear a long skirt and high boots. You want to show a little leg (or tights/leggings) otherwise it will make your legs look thick and short.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.09.41 PM

Do wear a hemline that is flattering and appropriate but that doesn’t hit the boot. That little sliver of skin (or flash of tights) will elongate you and make your legs look slimmer.


Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.18.01 PM

Don’t wear them as if they were pants! They are NOT pants!

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.18.41 PM

Do put them under long shirts and short dresses! Think of them as thick, opaque comfortable tights.

Crop tops:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.13.36 PM

Don’t show off too much skin at once. A crop top with a short skirt and your stomach hanging out (no matter how flat your abs are) looks a little too risqué. Add a pair of over the knee boots and it comes across as very Pretty Woman.

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 9.17.05 PM

Do pair a crop top with high waisted pants or a skirt. Showing just a little peek of skin will make you feel sexy but still look classy. Plus if you’re insecure about your midriff, a crop top with a high waisted bottom will show the skinniest part of your waist, making it a great choice, even if you aren’t a size zero.

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Footwear Finds for Fall 2014

Looking at the trends and what is new in men’s footwear for this Fall, I noticed shoes having duel fashion purpose. Nothing is better than having a little versatility in your closet. The first one I came across at www.macys.com, while I was looking for some youth-approved footwear for a teenage relative.

ralph lauren black leather Tedd high top sneakers $87.99


With a sea of black shoes and sneakers out there, the Ralph Lauren Black Leather Tedd High Top Sneakers still managed to catch my eye. They have the look of a black leather work boot, but the weight and agility of a high-top sneaker. At $87.99, the quality is fantastic and they are the perfect cross-over shoe from Fall to Winter, being also a great choice for work or school.

nike mens lebron denim high tops

Next, is an unusual mix of fabric for a man’s shoe. They are the Nike Men’s LeBron Denim High-Tops. They have the styling of a basketball sneaker, but lean also toward a casual shoe with the indigo denim that is surrounded by a black leather anterior foot and heel. It is a great choice for those guys who just hate to wear anything but sneakers and need something that is a little less athletic looking.

creative recreation mens camo high tops $100

Another choice for an on-trend casual footwear for men this year are the Creative Recreation Men’s Camo High-Tops. Camouflage is still a hot pattern in both clothing and footwear for Fall/Winter 2014. This particular one contains the traditional camo colors of tan, green, and brown, which is trimmed in dark brown leather around the laces and along the toe/heel area. For about $100, it is also a casual shoe that can transition seamlessly from Summer, to Fall and Winter too.

Ben-Sherman-Shoes-vintage looking oxfords

Lastly, is a unique combination of the distinct details of the Wing-Tip Oxford and a lace-up leather boot. These creations by Ben Sherman have the ability to cross the line from casual to a semi-formal style of dressing. Tucked under a pair of dress pants, it would be hard to tell that they are a pair of boots. However, I could still see them working with a pair of cargo shorts, some bulkier knit socks, and a button-down plaid dress shirt.

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Celebrity Fashion Trends – Coupling in Style

When celebrities are away from the red carpet, they are still very much in the public eye. Whether they are out shopping in Beverly Hills, arriving at their favorite bistro, or taking a walk in the park, there is always interest in what they are doing and what they are wearing.

vanessa hudgens coachella austin butler festival fashion

This month’s celebrity couple street style includes actress Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Austin Butler, who were spotted at the 2014 Coachella Fashion Festival. Vanessa had adopted golden tresses to replace her long dark hair, which complimented her Bohemian look with her wide brim sun hat, tomato red printed mini-dress, and her short black leather boots with fringe and dangling metal trim. Vanessa’s boyfriend Austin also gets into the Bohemian vibe with his brown fedora, white gauze button-down shirt and blue medallion patterned pants.

kim and kanye on the Rue Pierre Charron Paris

Next, is a photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, pre-marriage, strolling down the Rue Pierre Charron in Paris. Kim has on this heavily beaded grey and black dress that not only looks like it should weigh a ton, but also looks like it should be hanging off a curtain rod in a museum. The only thing I like about the outfit is her black boots. I am more a fan of Kanye’s more casual choice of his multi-layered grey hoodie with the black two-way zip jacket, baggy blue jeans, and black and white print sneakers.


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Women’s Fashion Advice – It’s The Best Time To Buy Boots

While you may be itching for spring to arrive and ready for sandals, this is a great time to think about boots. Why invest in a new pair of boots you ask? First off, it’s still cold enough to wear them this weekend. Secondly, stores are trying to clear out and get ready for spring, which means great sales! This is a great time to splurge on that item you’ve been dying to buy all winter but couldn’t justify spending your hard earned paycheck on. Or buy boots for next fall; just stay clear of anything too trendy as it may no longer be in style when you’re ready to wear them. However, a classic boot, bootie, or shootie is a cold weather must, so stock up while you can!

The 5 boots that your wardrobe’s missing:


1. A tall flat riding boot: This equestrian inspired boot is a wardrobe staple. Since it’s flat, you can pretty much wear it anywhere. It easily dresses up jeans and a t-shirt when running around doing errands and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day.

2. Lace-up mid calf boots: These wear everywhere boots are the perfect complement to that stack of band t-shirts in the back of your closet. They add a little edge, but don’t look like you’re trying too hard.


3 Over the knee boots: While over the knee is very trendy right now, it’s not a new style. The trick is to keep it chic rather than looking as if you stepped out of the movie “Pretty Woman.” The easiest way to not look like a working girl is simply to get a boot that goes right over the knee, rather than all the way up your thigh.

4: A peep-toe shootie: With all the peep-toes and cut-outs, these are certainly not practical winter boots. However, this is a great shoe to wear as the temperature starts to warms up making it perfect to buy right now. Wear it with your favorite summer dresses and a chic little jacket for the perfect outfit in April.


5: Stacked heel boots: You probably already own a pair of high heel boots, but a thick stacked heel is a great option because they’re heels which you can actually walk in! Dress them up for a nice dinner or down for everyday, these boots are a must.

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Women’s Fashion Trends – Save On Coats And Rainboots While You Can!

This time of year, between January and February, is a great time to get some sweet deals on coats and rain gear in anticipation of those spring showers. Since the stores will start trying to empty their stock of winter-wear, in order to make room for Spring fashions, the discounts can be quite enticing!

leather trench coat bpc collection 99.99euros


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Women’s Fashion Trends – 5 Models of Boots and Booties For The Season

If you already have more than three pairs of boots and booties for this season, or even more, maybe you should not read the rest of this article. Or maybe you should, just to see what’s in store for us shoeaholics this winter, because this year the fashion world seems to have exploded with new models, materials and brands. From Hollywood superstars to your office colleague, everybody’s showing off their new acquisitions so let’s see what we can try.


1.       Casual leather street boots
In this department, designers really invested their time and imagination turning this season into a real fashion show for footwear. We have to choose from knee-high black leather boots with just a little bit of high heel, long boots reviving the good old rock age, as they come with all sorts of straps, buckles, zippers and metallic adornments and even over the knee boots, either military style or casual.


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