How to Wear Sheepskin with Style!

Sheepskin has been around for as long as man has been able to catch a sheep. For the record, catching sheep has never been easy as they can move surprisingly fast for creatures with relatively short legs. Anyway, we digress so back to the benefits of sheep and their skin:


Yes, sheep are very useful in many ways. Sheep meat is tasty, nutritious, and a staple on many menus. Sheep’s wool is used to make wool, which in turn is woven into fabric and used to make sweaters. Lastly, sheepskin is used to create garments and soft furnishings for the home.

The Benefits of Sheepskin

Genuine sheepskin is warm, waterproof, and easy to work with, which is why it is a perennially popular fabric for coats, jackets, gloves, and boots. The history of sheepskin as a garment is long. Shepherds once used sheepskin to keep warm at night and the use of sheepskin for boots has been traced back to 500BC.

For much of history, sheepskin has been viewed as a utilitarian material, used for its insulating qualities. Working men used sheepskin to protect their bodies and extremities from the cold and a pair of sheepskin lined boots was essential for anyone toiling away in sub-zero temperatures.

Sheepskin in Fashion

Today, things are a bit different and although sheepskin is still an important material for working people, it is increasingly becoming a fashion accessory for the rich and famous. It became popular in the 60s, with a sheepskin coat essential wear for the Beatnik Generation. Fast-forward to the 80s, Vivienne Westwood used sheepskin in her collections and sheepskin rocketed into the mainstream.

Today, sheepskin is still as popular as it ever was, but if you want to be a trendsetter and wear sheepskin in style, there is a right way and a wrong way to wear this amazing fabric.

Sheepskin coats are an enduring trend and 2015 saw a revival of long, floor length coats that were so popular in the 1970s. On the Chloe catwalk, models wore long sheepskin coats over floaty dresses, accessories with thin belts. Burberry took a slightly different approach – their designers gave traditional brown sheepskin a new look with navy blue and grey dye.

Classic Sheepskin

Today there are lots of ways to wear sheepskin. A classic sheepskin coat is the perfect accompaniment to skinny jeans and a cute woollen sweater, especially on a cold winter’s day. These make a great date outfit, or why not throw on a sheepskin coat if you are heading out for a walk in the park with the kids?

Belted sheepskin coats can be dressed up with a belt and stylish knee-length boots. There are also some seriously trendy biker-style sheepskin jackets for those of you who want to rock the biker chick look.

How Not to Wear Sheepskin

Sheepskin is eminently wearable, but for the record, sheepskin Ugg boots are no longer a good look. D-List celebrities have killed off Ugg boots completely. Wear them at your peril.

You can’t go wrong with sheepskin. It looks great on and it also looks great in the home, so check out sheepskin rugs by Sheep Skin Town if your home needs a makeover.

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Review of Rockport Trend Worthy Captoe Chukka Boots

We had the pleasure of reviewing another great pair of shoes from Rockport, this time the Trend Worthy Captoe Chukka. Unlike your typical pair of ankle-high leather boots, these “Trend Worthy” ones come with padded collars and tongues that designed to stop blisters and lace bruising from ever being an issue. Additionally, the manufacturers claim the sturdy rubber outsole “provides a durable grip on a variety of surfaces”, which would be key for me given my propensity for running to the L-train stop and catching it in the nick of time. But despite all these special materials and engineering, are these Rockport boots comfortable?


I’d say Rockport accomplished what they set out to do – create a classic and smart looking chukka that’s just as light and comfortable as a sneaker. I get the durability and aesthetic pleasure of boots without the clunkiness that would typically accompany them. Sharp enough to wear to the office, yet casual enough to kick it in jeans and a t-shirt. Furthermore, unlike a lot of other boots or chukkas, these Rockports are timeless and can definitely be carried over to all seasons.


I’m typically a size 12 or 13 depending on the shoe/brand, and while the size 12 is a perfect fit in the toe, I found at first that the tongue was a bit tight on the dorsal of my foot. However, though I’ve only worn them a few times, they seem to have assimilated to the shape of my foot.


Overall, these chukkas are super light and comfortable while looking great and definitely making me feel on-trend.

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A Collection of Men’s Casual Shoes and Boots by Jones Bootmaker

The Jones Bootmaker Company is a UK-only retailer that was founded in Bayswater, London England in 1857. Since that time, they have 100 brick and mortar stores throughout the United Kingdom. They pride themselves in offering quality products from name brands such as Clarks and Timberland, but also have developed their own brand of footwear for men, women, and children. Jones Bootmaker also believes that their customer service should be as great as the quality of their products.

timberland togo s casual One shoe that is a great casual shoe for everyday is the Timberland Togo S Casual slip-on shoe. It has a brown leather upper with top-stitching and perforations that keep it from looking plain. The substantial tongue and higher heel-back will help to keep the shoe in place, but the double goring connecting the two will make this shoe easy to slip in and out of. Also, the molded rubber sole will help you keep your traction on slick surfaces. At this time, you can save half price and purchase them for 50 Euros. Also, Jones Bootmaker features plenty of Timberland boots if you’re looking for something classic.

fossdale desert boots

When it comes to their own brand of shoes, Jones Bootmaker has a selection of casual men’s boots that will appeal to the guy who loves both comfort and style. One such boot is the Fossdale S Ankle Boots Desert Boots. As a variation of the “Chukka Boot”, these desert boots are constructed of supple British tan leather that comes up just over the ankle bone with tie closure. In this particular boot, the entire top of the front of the shoe is perforated for interest. The rubber sole with the short stacked heel is classic enough to be worn with either a casual trouser or something that is a little more dressy. The Jones Bootmaker Desert Boot is prices at an amazing 49 Euros for a great leather boot.

dom ankle boot chelsea

For something that is even a little more dressy than the desert boot is the Dom Ankle Chelsea Boots. They come up higher around the ankle than the desert boot, but have the goring all the way up for ease and comfort. Also, the Dom boots have the look of a wing-tip men’s dress shoe with the placement of the leather overlay and perforations. It is the classic look of a shoe, but in boot form. The Dom boot is also on sale for 69 Euros and qualifies for free delivery in the UK with orders over 50 Euros!

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Review of Jack Erwin Ellis Chelsea Boots

“Shoes speak louder than words” says Tribeca-based brand Jack Erwin. Wearing their Ellis Chelsea Boot from the Foster Collection, I’d have to agree. Available in calf-leather Arabica or Black, or the 100% suede Brown, I chose this final option. The suede exterior creates an understated masculine sensibility which transitions well between the office and the bar. I wore them with a granite colored suit, and they color blocked outstandingly. Similarly, I chose to pair them with a dark indigo wash skinny jean and they shined against the more casual attire.


In terms of comfort, the Ellis Chelsea Boot took under an hour to break in. At first I was worried about the inside architecture of the boot as it struck me as quite tough, yet as soon as it molded to my foot, these easily became the most comfortable footwear I own. All of Jack Erwin’s shoes are handcrafted in Spain, and this level of quality is apparent on both the interior and exterior. The rubber sole makes them resilient against the most treacherous of slushy, wintry conditions and the pull tab means you can easily remove them as soon as you return to the safety and warmth of the indoors.


All in all, the Ellis Chelsea boot more than fulfills the heritage of Chelsea-boot style footwear. It is versatile, uniquely inviting, and most importantly, a classically handsome item on trend, without being trendy. I also covet their Carter Wingtip Combat Boot, and after testing the Ellis, I will be ordering it ASAP.

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3 Cold Weather Essentials

As we are well into the fall season, many areas of the country are already experiencing cold temperatures, with other regions soon to follow.  Brave the cold weather in style and in comfort with these three major cold weather essentials:


Waterproof Boots

Along with being fashionable, the ultimate cold weather boot is comfortable, waterproof and breathable. Whether you’re out shoveling snow, caught in rainstorm or just lounging around, your boots should keep your feet warm and dry, no matter what the conditions are. The Helly Hansen Gataga Boot is a great cold weather boot for men and can be worn as a work boot or for everyday wear. Made from waterproof nubuck leather, feet will stay warm, toasty and dry, and the Helly Grip outsole will supply outstanding grip, durability and protection.

A great choice for women is the Bearpaw Kimella II Boot, which is designed to maintain warmth and comfort from the knee down. This boot is made of waterproof suede that’s seam sealed with a breathable waterproof membrane, as well as a blend lining with a sheepskin footbed, for incredible comfort and protection.

Insulated Ski Jacket

Insulated Ski Jacket

Similar to cold weather boots, comfort, style and breathability are expected of cold weather jackets. Helly Hanson is a leading brand of cold weather gear and apparel, and one of the brand’s best winter jackets for men is the Motion Jacket – a high altitude, high speed, and high performance insulated jacket. The jacket is made with the brand’s breathable and waterproof Helly Tech Performance 2L mechanical stretch fabric, as well as Warmcore by PrimaLoft insulation, to deliver incredible mobility, warmth and comfort.  As for women, Helly Hansen’s Insulted Long Aden Jacket is one of the top insulated ski jackets. Also made with Helly Tech and Warmcore by PrimaLoft, this jacket offers all the features you’ve come to expect from a cold weather jacket in a sophisticated and classic style.


Breathable Gloves

From clearing snow off your car to walking around the city, everyone needs a good pair of winter gloves. The Thermo Gloves from Salomon are an excellent choice for those looking to protect their hands from frigid and frosty temperatures. The simple, classic design is sleek and stylish, while the insulated, water resistant fabric provides the protection and comfort you need. The best part of these gloves is they aren’t bulky like their counterparts, and they are extremely effective at keeping warmth in and snow and cold air out.

Be sure to stock up on these key essentials before the cold, icy temperatures come your way.

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8 Women’s Fashion Trends Set to Be Huge

We’re well into the year 2015 now, but the weather has just about started to perk up. What does it mean when the weather starts to perk up? New clothes! A new wardrobe is an absolute must for each season. Take a look at the following 8 trends, which are all set to be huge this year.

The 70s

The 70s has already made a massive comeback, and it isn’t too late to get in on the act! Suede is massive, so just about any garment made from suede would make a good addition to your wardrobe. Floaty blouses and billowing silhouettes are all popular too. You could even go vintage shopping to get some real 70s bits. Mix vintage and modern to create some lovely, unique looks that you won’t see anywhere else!

Double Denim

Double denim can be pulled off, despite what anybody may tell you. The key is to wear 2 different shades of denim, so you don’t look too ‘samey’. Some people have been known to pull off the same shade, but it’s hard. I suggest wearing denim trousers or a skirt with a denim jacket and then a different coloured top underneath.

cowboy boots


The military trend looks badass, and it can be rocked so many different ways. I love wearing a girly dress with LOWA distribute brown military boots, or something similar. They toughen up the look just enough! You can also try wearing military jackets over a girly dress.


Stripes are everywhere; on tops, trousers, and even jackets. Choose one statement item and then style the rest of your outfit around that.

bohemian look


The boho look comes back every single year; it just changes every so slightly. This year it’s all about those metallic tattoos and plenty of layered jewellery. Look at Vanessa Hudgens if you need some inspiration.


The mermaid trend isn’t going anywhere, so make sure you pick up a few bits. Find items in turquoise and green, and make sure you go for iridescent sequins too! We’ve all longed to be the little mermaid at one time and another, so now is your chance.

White Denim

White denim isn’t the most forgiving of materials, so you do need to be confident to wear it. It can look great when worn as a pair of jeans or as a jacket; just make sure you’re comfortable! Also, watch out for any spills. They show up all too easily on white denim.



Clashing your colours and patterns might seem like a bad idea, but everybody is doing it! Make it your own to be as bright and bold as you possibly can. It can take a little practice to get it right, but it can look amazing. Check out other fashion blogs and sites like Pinterest for inspiration. Don’t be afraid to go bold.

Are you going to be rocking these trends? Which of them do you like best? Leave any of your own tips below. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you again soon!

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