Celebrity Beach Fashion in May 2015

Even though we are usually used to seeing celebrities dressed in their gowns and tuxedos, the paparazzi manages to get photos of them walking the street with their families, doing their day-to-day things, or relaxing on a beach during a vacation. So, no matter where they are, celebrities never know when they are going to end up on a magazine cover.

Olivia-Wilde-Bikini-Pictures-Hawaii-Jason-Sudeikis One celebrity couple sporting their beachwear here is Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, strolling the warms sands in Hawaii. Olivia is showing off her svelte shape in her black strapless, string bottom bikini and her husband Jason is right on trend with his micro-patterned, sage green board shorts. They both have great taste in swimsuits.


Next, is Dorchester, MA native Mark Wahlberg and his cute wife Rhea Durham. Mark looks pretty buff in his baby blue graphic men’s swim trunks and Rhea’s red and black color blocked bikini with the strategic cut-outs add some extra interest to an already stylish look.


For a little more of a Bohemian look, there is singer Ellie Goulding and boyfriend Dougie Poyner. Ellie is sporting a mixed match of a swirled blue strapless top with a tiny floral string bikini bottom. Her boyfriend Dougie’s striped head wrap, leather necklaces, stacked bracelets, and faded grey trunks fit right in to the Bohemian style.


Another actress who wears a strapless swimsuit well is Jessica Alba. This black and white bikini is a fantastic choice for her fit figure an her man’s grey elastic swimsuit I perfect for walking along the shore or joining in on a water sport or two.

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The 2015 Met Gala

On May 4th 2015, the annual Met Gala was held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City.  It is a yearly fund-raiser that marks the opening of the Costume Institute’s fashion exhibit, and excuse to show off some of the most elegant menswear and gowns of the moment!  A key difference with this event compared to other extravagant displays of fashion is that the attendees are required to select their formal wear according to the “theme” that year.  This year’s theme at The Met Gala was, “China:  Though the Looking Glass”.


Of all the notable women’s and men’s accessories that were sported by those present, several of the ladies went all out with the China theme and donned headdresses.  In the above photo, there is more of a “nature theme” with her crown of golden flowers and stocks to go with her bejeweled neckline and dress.   Next, is the flaming red headdress worn by Sara Jessica Parker with a crystal encrusted cap and long side tassels to celebrate the Chinese theme.  The photo on the far right is the most ornate with the waves of gold and silver swirls with floral accents that tie right in to her gold-lame, jeweled dress.  I’m curious about how much they weigh.

One design house that is always prominent for any red carpet event is Dolce & Gabbana and its array of suits & blazers.  Here are three examples of their use of texture to dress up the black tuxedo or suit.  The double-breasted suit on the left has a more subtle crinkle texture that adds interest to the black fabric, while the center tuxedo is more of an embossed floral/paisley that is more prominent in design.  The last Dolce & Gabbana men’s suit is more boldly adorned with its quilted texture jacket and hanging jewels. I can’t really tell from the existing coverage from the event, but I’d love to know how everyone accessorized, e.g. with cufflinks, to add to these handsome pieces.

Met-Gala-2015-almost naked celebrity ladies - beyonce - kim kardashian - jennifer lopez

Another trend for this year’s Met Gala was the barely there gown.  Versions were worn by Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez.  These dresses left very little to the imagination and even bordered on tacky as opposed to elegant.  The more subdued versions worn by Kendall Jenner and Rosie-Huntington White  were still sexy, but less of an open book (so to speak).

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2015 Country Music Awards

On April 19th of 2015, the 50th Anniversary of the Academy of [intlink id=”4712″ type=”post”]Country Music Awards[/intlink] was celebrated at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington Texas. I honored the accomplishments of artists in the Country Music Industry over the past year. Singers, song writers, celebrities, and the public came together to honor those nominated. The red carpet at the ACM Awards was where all the attendees paused to show off their fashion choices.

singer dustin lynch Singer, song writer Dustin Lynch chose the brighter end of the color spectrum with his robin’s egg blue three-piece suit and he is not afraid to show it off. It is a nicely tailored suit and Dustin’s ivory colored 10 gallon hat compliment it well, but I get a flashback of the baby blue prom tuxes if the late 70’s when I look at him. Time to invest in some new outfits, Dustin; maybe check out Stylzz to find your next look!

Next is the singing duo Florida Georgia Line, who arrived on the red carpet of the Academy of Country Music Awards with their wives and distinctive pairs of men’s sunglasses. They celebrated winning “Top Vocal Duo” at this year’s ceremony. Tyler Hubbard’s wife Hayley went for a black mini-dress with matching cape, long blue feathered earrings, and fringed sandals, while Brian Kelley’s wife Brittney chose a less edgy look with her long white gown with silver fabric trim. Both the guys stuck to basic black, but Tyler revved his outfit up with an embossed jacket and Brian took the more casual approach with his open shirt and jewelry accessories.


Last, but not least: Two delightful movie celebrities who showed up to celebrate the 50th AMC Awards this year were Sophia Vergara and [intlink id=”7354″ type=”post”]Reese Witherspoon[/intlink], who recently had released their new movie together: “Hot Pursuit”. They arrived on the red carpet sporting the “metallic” trend. Sophia chose a strapless black dress with a silver metallic embellished strip down the front of her dress, with more a peplum style waistline that was cut to hug her curves. Reese also decided to shimmer in her short-sleeve, thigh-length silver metallic dress with an A-line cut and black fabric trim down both sides. The cut of Reese’s dress looks fantastic on her and her accessorizing with the black strappy sandals goes perfectly, but the jury is out on the large metallic links that make up the front of the dress because it sort of reminds me of a knight in shining armor.


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2015 MTV Movie Awards

On April 12th of this year, the Nokia Theater hosted the MTV Movie Awards. This awards ceremony had an expanded selection of categories, as opposed to the usual “Best Female Performance” and “Best Male Performance”. The MTV Awards also highlighted things like “Best Kiss”, “Best Shirtless Performance”, and “Best On-Screen Transformation”.  It was a little more relaxed than the Oscars and Emmys, but has the same celebrity clientele list.
showbiz-mtv-movie-awards-2015-michael-b-jordan-minIn the fashion line up at the Nokia Theater was an array of different looks, ranging from conservative to outrageous. The first guy who caught my eye, in a bad way, was actor Michael B. Jordon. I’m usually a big fan of a plaid button down shirt or a color-subdued jacket, but this orange and black plaid suit was a little to “Halloween-ish” for my taste. The orange just made the pattern scream at you and paired with the black, it was a contrast that was much too loud. I did like the double-breasted style, as well as his black button-down and dress shoes as accents.


The next man in the fashion spotlight at the MTV Movie Awards was actor/musician Dylan Sprayberry. He chose the “Grey/Black” story for his red carpet appearance at the Nokia Theater. Dylan’s grey, window pane button-down shirt left un-tucked, kept his “buttoned to the neck” shirt from being too stuffy a look and his slim-leg trousers and black oxfords kept him in the “cool” zone.


In the female fashion line-up at the MTV Movie Awards was actress Hailee Steinfeld. She took a “wild” approach to the red carpet. Hailee’s edgy look consisted of a shear black top with an opaque ruffled neckline and placket, a super-short mini-skirt with a white flame-like design, and choppy black netting for the trim. She topped off the outfit with a pair of calf-length, lace-up heeled shoes. Hailee definitely had the youth to pull off this look.


Lastly, in the fashion spot light of the MTV Movie Awards was actress/singer/song-writer/model Bella Thorne who wore this flirty, geometric mini-dress in shades of blue. It had just the right amount of sheer areas over her chest and around the edges to keep it sexy. Bella’s strappy sandals also showed off her great legs.

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Easter Time Celebrity Fashion

With Easter around the corner, I thought it was fitting to take a look at some of the celebrity fashion choices for the holiday. Since Easter is dominated by the bright colors of Spring, some of the clothing choices reflect the bright, cheerfulness of the holiday.


First on the Easter fashion list is Nick Cannon, who is the fashion forward host of America’s Got Talent. He is seen here in a 3 piece suit with the candy-like colors of a salmon pink jacket, tonal printed tie, robin’s egg blue trousers, and light blue vest. What color shoes do you wear with these pastel items?  A pair of light grey oxfords, of course!


Next, the First family is out for a stroll on Easter Day and looking good. President Obama is looking sharp in his light grey, window pane plaid suit with his baby blue dress shirt and medium blue tie. The President’s younger daughter Sasha is looking cute in her black dress with bright coral, scalloped accent piece. The matching check cardigan just pulls it all together. Mrs. Obama looks very elegant in her Prabal Gurung dress that is done in a satiny ivory fabric with soft, pleated layers, a duster-length overcoat with elbow sleeves and a grey floral design on the right midsection. Daughter Malia is rocking a tie dye-looking striped dress in black and white fabric and a purple cardigan for a nice pop of color.

Steve Harvey with Marjorie

Last, but not least, is daytime talk show host Steve Harvey and his wife Majorie. Steve wins the contest for best Easter colored clothing with his lilac purple, silk-looking sports jacket, black and lilac plaid tie, and ivory trousers. His wife Marjorie also hopped on the purple train with her frilly black and purple striped dress. Both of them are sporting the perfect jelly bean colors.

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The 2015 Grammys

This past February 8th was the 57th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony that was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It celebrated the music industry’s newest artists, best songs, and best albums. As always, the red carpet was teaming with celebrities, which is always a unique fashion show.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

One such couple with a unique style was Farrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh. Farrell wore one of his iconic “shorts tuxedos” in a crisp white with grey accents. I don’t think that I have ever seen him in a full pair of pants. The reason might be to bring attention to his leather oxfords or that he is just a guy who likes to be cool and comfy even in a tux. Farrell’s wife Helen also fell into the unique category with her steel grey jump suit with the white racing stripes. She could have thrown on a pair of sneakers and gone jogging afterwards.

taylor swift grammys

In the Incredibly Cute category was Taylor Swift. She has become just as well known for her fashion, as well as her music and this vibrant blue gown with the cut out straps, mini dress front panel, and draping pleated back is right on the money for her age and figure. Taylor’s long legs are accentuated with her fun purple, chucky sandals and the matching blue earrings bring the whole look together.


For the I Can’t Believe She Wore That award, there were two nominees. First is Rhianna, who showed up on the red carpet in a strapless coral/pink gown with an overwhelming amount of frills, tiers, and ruffles. The dress made Rhianna look like she had been swallowed up by a cotton candy.


The second nominee was Kim Kardashian who was photographed flanked by her beau Kanye West, who was wearing his velvet Robinhood outfit, on the red carpet. Kim was wearing a heavily beaded gown that was split down to her navel and up to her hips, making it look like a very expensive bathrobe. It must have weighed a ton and I can imagine there is a whole lot of fabric glued to skin and fake tan going on with this one.

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