2015 MTV Movie Awards

On April 12th of this year, the Nokia Theater hosted the MTV Movie Awards. This awards ceremony had an expanded selection of categories, as opposed to the usual “Best Female Performance” and “Best Male Performance”. The MTV Awards also highlighted things like “Best Kiss”, “Best Shirtless Performance”, and “Best On-Screen Transformation”.  It was a little more relaxed than the Oscars and Emmys, but has the same celebrity clientele list.
showbiz-mtv-movie-awards-2015-michael-b-jordan-minIn the fashion line up at the Nokia Theater was an array of different looks, ranging from conservative to outrageous. The first guy who caught my eye, in a bad way, was actor Michael B. Jordon. I’m usually a big fan of a plaid button down shirt or a color-subdued jacket, but this orange and black plaid suit was a little to “Halloween-ish” for my taste. The orange just made the pattern scream at you and paired with the black, it was a contrast that was much too loud. I did like the double-breasted style, as well as his black button-down and dress shoes as accents.


The next man in the fashion spotlight at the MTV Movie Awards was actor/musician Dylan Sprayberry. He chose the “Grey/Black” story for his red carpet appearance at the Nokia Theater. Dylan’s grey, window pane button-down shirt left un-tucked, kept his “buttoned to the neck” shirt from being too stuffy a look and his slim-leg trousers and black oxfords kept him in the “cool” zone.


In the female fashion line-up at the MTV Movie Awards was actress Hailee Steinfeld. She took a “wild” approach to the red carpet. Hailee’s edgy look consisted of a shear black top with an opaque ruffled neckline and placket, a super-short mini-skirt with a white flame-like design, and choppy black netting for the trim. She topped off the outfit with a pair of calf-length, lace-up heeled shoes. Hailee definitely had the youth to pull off this look.


Lastly, in the fashion spot light of the MTV Movie Awards was actress/singer/song-writer/model Bella Thorne who wore this flirty, geometric mini-dress in shades of blue. It had just the right amount of sheer areas over her chest and around the edges to keep it sexy. Bella’s strappy sandals also showed off her great legs.

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Easter Time Celebrity Fashion

With Easter around the corner, I thought it was fitting to take a look at some of the celebrity fashion choices for the holiday. Since Easter is dominated by the bright colors of Spring, some of the clothing choices reflect the bright, cheerfulness of the holiday.


First on the Easter fashion list is Nick Cannon, who is the fashion forward host of America’s Got Talent. He is seen here in a 3 piece suit with the candy-like colors of a salmon pink jacket, tonal printed tie, robin’s egg blue trousers, and light blue vest. What color shoes do you wear with these pastel items?  A pair of light grey oxfords, of course!


Next, the First family is out for a stroll on Easter Day and looking good. President Obama is looking sharp in his light grey, window pane plaid suit with his baby blue dress shirt and medium blue tie. The President’s younger daughter Sasha is looking cute in her black dress with bright coral, scalloped accent piece. The matching check cardigan just pulls it all together. Mrs. Obama looks very elegant in her Prabal Gurung dress that is done in a satiny ivory fabric with soft, pleated layers, a duster-length overcoat with elbow sleeves and a grey floral design on the right midsection. Daughter Malia is rocking a tie dye-looking striped dress in black and white fabric and a purple cardigan for a nice pop of color.

Steve Harvey with Marjorie

Last, but not least, is daytime talk show host Steve Harvey and his wife Majorie. Steve wins the contest for best Easter colored clothing with his lilac purple, silk-looking sports jacket, black and lilac plaid tie, and ivory trousers. His wife Marjorie also hopped on the purple train with her frilly black and purple striped dress. Both of them are sporting the perfect jelly bean colors.

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The 2015 Grammys

This past February 8th was the 57th Annual Grammy Award Ceremony that was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It celebrated the music industry’s newest artists, best songs, and best albums. As always, the red carpet was teaming with celebrities, which is always a unique fashion show.

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet

One such couple with a unique style was Farrell Williams and his wife Helen Lasichanh. Farrell wore one of his iconic “shorts tuxedos” in a crisp white with grey accents. I don’t think that I have ever seen him in a full pair of pants. The reason might be to bring attention to his leather oxfords or that he is just a guy who likes to be cool and comfy even in a tux. Farrell’s wife Helen also fell into the unique category with her steel grey jump suit with the white racing stripes. She could have thrown on a pair of sneakers and gone jogging afterwards.

taylor swift grammys

In the Incredibly Cute category was Taylor Swift. She has become just as well known for her fashion, as well as her music and this vibrant blue gown with the cut out straps, mini dress front panel, and draping pleated back is right on the money for her age and figure. Taylor’s long legs are accentuated with her fun purple, chucky sandals and the matching blue earrings bring the whole look together.


For the I Can’t Believe She Wore That award, there were two nominees. First is Rhianna, who showed up on the red carpet in a strapless coral/pink gown with an overwhelming amount of frills, tiers, and ruffles. The dress made Rhianna look like she had been swallowed up by a cotton candy.


The second nominee was Kim Kardashian who was photographed flanked by her beau Kanye West, who was wearing his velvet Robinhood outfit, on the red carpet. Kim was wearing a heavily beaded gown that was split down to her navel and up to her hips, making it look like a very expensive bathrobe. It must have weighed a ton and I can imagine there is a whole lot of fabric glued to skin and fake tan going on with this one.

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The 2015 Golden Globes

On January 11th of 2015, the Golden Globes was held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills CA and celebrated the best in film and American television for the past year. Tina Fey and Amy Pohler managed to get their laughs from poking fun at all the celebrities that were attending. Even though Tina and Amy may have been making fun of peoples’ lives, people didn’t overlook what had been happening in the world of dresses and fine suits and blazers too.

jennifer-lopez golden globes

One lady who managed to grab attention for her curvaceous fashion was Jennifer Lopez. However, I have seen her in much better outfits than hers, when it came to the red carpet for the celebration of the best in American film and television. She is always looking for something that shows off her curves, but this gown was showing everything from her bust-line to her undies in this full length glitter cape. For some reason it reminded me of a fancy flying squirrel and looked very uncomfortable with Jennifer constantly adjusting the plunging neckline. Maybe consider one or two light but luxurious scarves to drape next time? It is winter after all…


A much more simple, but elegant gown was worn by Amy Adams. She looked like a lavender goddess in this one-shoulder, wrapped waist gown that was totally feminine and showed off Amy’s figure without showing all the “cash and prizes”. Lessons exemplified by Amy’s efforts to commit to memory: Less is often more in fashion, but that doesn’t mean you always need to use wholesale blank clothing!


One of the guys who was dressed to the nines for the Golden Globe Awards, was Matt Bomer. He won Best Supporting Actor for the mini -series, “The Normal Heart”. Matt decided to for-go the usual black tuxedo route and go for a bright navy, which was nicely tailored and trimmed in traditional navy to all a little classic touch. Even his fancy slip-on shoes ventured into unique but classy territory. Matt was a winner in both the television and fashion category.

bill muray golden globes

Last, but not least is funny man Bill Murray. He arrived at the Golden Globes in an outfit that provided some comic relief with his strange fitting 3 piece tuxedo, unusual bow-tie, and his choice of hat for an accessory. Bill definitely marched to the beat of his own drum with this outfit!

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2015 People’s Choice Awards: Fashion Winners and Losers

At the beginning of January this year, was the People’s Choice Awards that was held in the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, where the best was chosen for categories in movies, television, and music. Just like the title suggests, the people were actually the ones to vote. Celebrities took to the red carpet, some in award-winning fashion, and some not even nominated for that category.


First up is Shemar Moore. He is one of the lead actors in the drama series “Criminal Minds”. The suit that he selected to wear had to be one of the worst outfits that I have ever seen him in. Shemar is a muscular guy and this baggy, grey suit does nothing for him at all. It hangs weirdly on him, making his shoulders look slouchy and the trousers look high waisted. I am all for the color grey, but Shemar needed to have the jacket taken in around the waist and arms to give his body a little definition and maybe a little brighter color or pattern added into the mix.


Next, in the fashion fail category is Kaley Cuoco Sweeting. She plays Penny in the hit comedy series “Big Bang Theory”. She has a very fit shape, with broad shoulders, defined arm muscles, and a slim waist, but her gown choice is questionable. The white top of the gown kind of resembles a bathing suit top with the spaghetti straps and the side cut outs that got sewn on to a plain black skirt. Being a young, good-looking woman, I think she could have made a more chic choice.


In the fashion winner category for the women was Monica Potter, who is one of the actresses in the T.V. drama “Parenthood”. She is wearing one of this year’s hottest retro items: The jumpsuit. It was popular in the 70’s and 80’s, but has recently made a resurgence in women’s fashion. I like the simplicity of the all black fabric, the bloussant waist, and wider leg. The halter top styling is also a great look, however I think that Monica could have used a little bling with some sparkly earrings and a bracelet.


Also, in the fashion winner category is Ben Affleck. As he collected his People’s Choice Award on stage, he looked quite handsome in his nicely tailored, charcoal grey suit, crisp white shirt, and bright navy tie.

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Celebrity Fashion of 2014: A Year of No-No’s

As we are ending all that was 2014 and looking forward to 2015, we will remember both the good and the bad. When we look back at celebrity fashion throughout a year filled with red carpets, movie premiers, or just a glimpse of their street style, a few stand out in our minds for their fantastic fashion sense, but more are remembered for their fashion no-no’s.

evangeline lilly promoting new children's book

To start off that list is actress/author Evangeline Lilly, who has starred in recent films like the last two Hobbit series and also just recently has been promoting her new children’s book, “The Squickerwonkers”. She showed up a book signing at Barnes and Noble in what looks like a table cloth from some Italian Restaurant that is tied in odd places to expose a little leg, also with a soft-sided grey suit jacket. Unusual for sure, but, I do like Evangeline’s bi-colored leather boots and tri-colored bucket hat.

sloppy-jack black
Next, is a photo of Jack Black and I hope he is coming from the gym. With his black and red basketball shorts, white ankle socks, and brown sneakers better built for hiking, he will definitely not make the pages of GQ. Even Jack’s black puffer jacket, that is trending high this year, is off the mark because it has such a long body that it makes him look unproportionally short. However, I do give him an “A” for his enthusiasm.


Taking a look at the red carpet arrivals for 2014, it was definitely true that skin was In. There were lacey gowns, strapless dresses, and short skirts galore, but some of the mesh ones went a little overboard. The first one is actress Jaime Alexander, who arrived on the red carpet of the movie premier “Thor: The Dark World” in this sleek black dress with a strategically-carved mesh area from neckline to hemline. She has a fantastic shape, but I think that being able to see Jaime’s tan lines took away from the elegant look. It also must have taken yards of “Hollywood Tape” to secure that mesh area, in order to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. In the opposite photo, Gwyneth Paltro is also strolling the red carpet of “Iron Man 3” also in a sheer nightmare, however, this one is even made more confusing with the multiple colors, sheer side panels, and mesh sleeves. These are two examples of “less is not more”.


To end the look back upon fashion “no-no’s” is none other than Dennis Rodman, who is always known for his unusual style, but this outfit from last year takes the cake with his black halter top, white lace vest, and patchwork jeans. Of course, what would the look be without the chain belly-belt, dark sunglasses and a questionable men’s hat?…

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