Celebrity Fashion Trend – Summer Movie Premier Mania

Summertime is when Hollywood releases the potential “blockbusters” of the season to the big screen. Celebrities hop from one movie premier to the next for each Red Carpet event, sporting their best fashion photo ops, but some choices are better than others.


The first fashion flop is Simon Pegg, who has shown up for the premier of “The World’s End”. He kind of looks like a bad prom date from the 1970’s with his baby blue that has navy blue piped jacket and blue striped tie. If the overall outfit was not bad enough, then he adds a pair of British tan oxfords to totally confuse the look. I wonder if his date has big hair and a matching baby blue gown? Seriously, he looks like one of those store display fixtures you’d see at a gag/ costume store!

"Turbo" New York premiere

Next is Ryan Reynolds, who has come out to the premier of the animated movie, “Turbo”. His bright navy suit with the narrow lapels is off-set by his black button-down dress shirt and coco colored striped tie. The sheen from both the suit and the shirt keep Ryan’s look contemporary. I’m not seeing a lot of accessorization in this ensemble – he could use a mens omega watch or a Avianne & Co. bracelet. The omega watches at DMR are clutch, btw.


Last, but not least is Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer at the “Lone Ranger” premier in Moscow. Armie’s suit is a little too light in tone for his complexion and the turquoise/orange striped tie really confuses the issue. Also, on average, Johnny Depp usually looks fashionable in his tailored suits, casually opened dress shirts, chain wallets, and organic necklaces, but this time he took the hair a little too far. Either he overdosed with the hair gel or he got caught in a tornado on the way to the Red Carpet. Sorry Johnny, you usually hit the mark, but this look is a bust!

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