Celebrity Fashion Review – October’s Movie Premieres

This month, there have been some new movie releases, which meant that the stars of the films have been making appearances in support of their work all over the country. It’s always interesting to see what they are wearing when the cameras start flashing.

Tom Hanks

The first movie under “fashion watch” is “Captain Phillips”, starring Tom Hanks. It is a biographical story about Captain Richard Phillips, whose ship was taken hostage by Somali Pirates in 2009. Tom Hanks, who played Captain Phillips, showed up at the premier slimmed-down and looking classy, but casual in a solid black suit jacket, a black button-down dress shirt, and dark indigo jeans. He is a testament to the “workability” of the combination of black and navy blue.

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock at Gravity premier

Next, are George Clooney and Sandra Bullock who have hit the Red Carpet for their new movie “Gravity”. It is a science fiction drama about two astronauts from a space shuttle that is in need of repair. Sandra looks stunning as usual in her dark coral, high-low wrapped gown that shows off her figure, as well as her shapely legs. George is sticking to the classic black tuxedo with crisp white shirt, minus the bells and whistles.

"Don Jon" New York Premiere

The final celebrity pair is Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon Levitt, who were photographed at the NYC premier of “Don Jon”. It is a romantic comedy about a modern day “Don Juan” and is written by, produced by, and starring Levitt. Joseph looks sharp in his slim-cut black suit with the unexpectedness of a “Fall-ish” tone plaid shirt and brown tie. He definitely has blossomed not only in his film making career, but also in the fashion department too. Scarlet, on the other hand, was the fashion violation with her aquamarine halter-style dress with the white straps. The color did nothing for her and I don’t really get the overall choice.

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