Women’s Fashion Trends – Five Autumn Looks Inspired By Celebrities

While getting ready to meet the fall, women start reorganizing their closets in the search for the best outfits to compliment them throughout the upcoming season. Designers say that no matter the day, the context or the job you have to do, it’s very important to look good, feel good and be trendy, even with the clothes you already have. The combinations and the accessories are this fall’s highlights and even female celebs know that. Here are some inspiring, trendy – chic outfits to turn you into a Hollywood superstar, no matter if you’re going to the office, spend a day out in town or attend a fabulous cocktail party.

Arrivees des people au defile Dior Haute-Couture Automne-Hiver 2013/2014

The White Jacket

Together with the colder afternoons and nights comes the white jacket. This is one outfit that female celebs love to show because its versatility, it can go great with a light silk dress, stiletto shoes and a fancy belt around your waist, just as Olivia Palermo proudly wears. It can be accessorized for a day at the office and even for an elegant reception, depending on the jewelry and other adornments fit to the occasion.

leather-jacket- Jessica Alba

The Leather Jacket

This piece doesn’t miss any season for some years and this fall it is back, more fashionable than ever. You can combine the leather jacket with trousers or a dress – for a more sensual look, leather boots or shoes and some accessories for a pleasant contrast. Depending on your charter cable internet deal, you can browse online for celebrity autumn outfits and you’ll be amazed by the number of female superstars, from Jessica Alba to Victoria Beckham wearing this immortal piece of clothing.


The Maxi Skirt and The Sweater

Definitely a romantic look, especially if it follows the autumn earthly colors or pale nuances, the vaporous maxi skirt goes well with a long sleeved sweater for colder days. Some women prefer to wear also hats or oversized purses to this and comfortable shoes or boots for finishing their look. It is less appropriate for a business meeting or an anniversary party, but fits perfectly with a calm day at the office or a stroll with the girls in the park.


The Double Denim

You probably heard the denim shirt is back in town, while the double denim outfit is in fashion for quite a while. One of this season’s highlights in fashion is the vest. Leather, denim or tweed, it can enhance a more serious business suit, a light brunch meeting or add value to even an evening event. And because we are still talking about denim, Rihanna must be one celebrity in love with her denim outfits, as she is wearing proudly her jeans, shirt and vest for a casual day in the city.


The Cardigan

Apparently, Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t dress in her regular life as Carrie Bradshaw would have, but she is still in the trends, welcoming autumn in a pair of jeans and a thick cardigan. On the contrary, if you still bask in the warm days of a late summer, you can opt for an Emma Watson look, wearing a light cardigan and a shirt for office days or a casual dinner downtown.

Other inspirational celebrities with an eye and a taste for fashion you should watch closely this fall are Heidi Klum, as she appears to be very fond of floral imprints, Blake Lively, a fashion icon with a thing for nude shoes and simple tops and Victoria Beckham for her deux-piece suits, perfect for official meetings and charity events.

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