Women’s Fashion Spotlight – Lili Diamonds

In addition to traditional diamond cuts, on the website Lili Diamonds, they pride themselves in having uniquely custom designed rings through several trade marked diamond cuts that include Crisscut, Crisscut Cushion, Wonder Cut, Meteor Cut, Lily Cut, and the Orchidea. Their designs are beautiful, but I imagine very costly.

Diamonique 48.12 engagement ring

When I think of custom diamond jewelry, dollar signs start streaming in front of my eyes. Some of the prices can be enough to give you a coronary. Take some celebrity engagement rings for example: The actress Keira Knightley has a classic ring style that is designed with a 2 carat brilliant cut diamond solitaire and an expensive platinum band that was estimated at around $40,000. I don’t know many people who have the option of spending the cost of an SUV on an engagement ring!

The only way that custom diamond jewelry, like those designs from Lili Diamonds can be affordable to the average person is for the company to have extensive payment plans. If it is important for you to have a piece of diamond jewelry like the Eternity Band by Lili that has Cushion, Radiant, Emerald, and Princess cuts that are rimmed with smaller rounds diamonds in a substantial white metal band, then you probably better be ready for the sticker shock!

However, if you are looking for a flawless, diamond-like stone that will give you the same look without the huge price tag, you may want to look into Diamonique. You can get a 2 carat style that is set in a precious metal that will equal what you might probably spend at the grocery store. For example, this is an oval 2 carat, flanked with round Diamonique stones and done in a platinum over sterling setting for $48.12 at QVC.com. However, if you are going in this direction, make sure that you and your bride are both on the same page about saving the money on the rings and spending it on something else. You never want them to be expecting real diamonds instead.

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