Women’s Shoes Advice – Don’t Always Wear High Heels

Recent research indicates that high heels can cause serious health problems for the women who wear them. Twenty per cent of women are in pain after walking just ten minutes, and nearly half have had serious foot trouble. Wow.

red womens high heels

Much of this can be avoided by the simple expedient of wearing comfortable shoes for standing all day. Shoes designed for all day wear have a number of characteristics in common. The first is good fit. A third of the women in one survey admitted wearing shoes that they knew fitted badly because they believed the shoes looked good. Shoes for all day wear must be comfortable from the start, with no breaking-in period. They should be made of a material that breathes, like leather or canvas, and they should conform to the shape of the foot, with plenty of room in the toe area.

As for heels, truly comfortable shoes stay low to the ground, with wedges or very low heels. Attention to health and comfort does not mean that shoes cannot be attractive. Low wedges have a classic look that works with many outfits. Pumps are available with the low heels and width through the toe that offers comfort. Boots, slip-ons and even sandals can fall into the comfortable category. Women concerned about being on their feet all day should take care to choose only well-fitting shoes designed for comfort.

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