Women’s Fashion Exclusive – 10% Off At R. Lambo

Ladies, need to treat yourself to some crafty jewelry? Gents, need to please a lady with some adornments? At R. Lambo, their mission is to stock and sell women’s accessories and ready to wear from all around the world. Their growing collection features pieces that will enhance a woman’s style and outfits with items that are unique and beautiful to wear.

Here are some choice examples of possible purchases:
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Sade Earrings

square earrings 3  80037.1353027427.279.313 228x300 womens fashion

Raquio Earrings

multi necklace 2  91694.1353206407.279.313 228x300 womens fashion

Debra Multi Necklaces

And here is the exclusive code to get you 10% off your order!:
cefashion readerscode 1 e1364557996922 womens fashion
Be sure to check out their Facebook page here for future discounts and sales.

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