Men’s Fashion Trends – 10 Most Trending Fitness Items

As obesity rates continue to rise across the nation, men are finding that they need to work both the gym and outdoor circuit to stay in shape all year-round. In the past, you threw on some sweats and sneakers, running out the door to jog around the block. Today’s technology has made it easier, and safer, to exercise at any age. Take a look at some of the top trending items that are contributing to men’s fitness. There are even some fashion trends that melt into this category too.


1. UV Clothing

With skin cancer as a potential threat, you should wear UV clothing when you choose an outdoor workout. Instead of covering yourself in sunscreen, that tends to rub off, shirts and pants keep you protected from sunburn and skin damage.

2. Compression Sleeves

Colorful compression sleeves can be worn on the legs or arms. Keep those sore muscles in place as you weight lift or jog a mile. Make sure to size the sleeve correctly for the best support. You’re not looking to cut off your circulation.

3. Training Shorts

Match your workout type to your shorts. Look for cross-training shorts that allow you to bend and stretch while still retaining a solid form on your frame. Many designs hold your groin area in place without any threat of pinching or excessive compression as you work out.

4. Gadget Armbands

Keep your smartphone on your arm to keep your music close. These armbands wrap firmly around your bicep, keeping the heavy device from weighing down your shorts or pants. There are even waterproof designs to protect the device from sweat or water infiltration.

5. Dumbbell With A Twist

Although it looks like a standard dumbbell, the Body Wrench allows you to use it as a weight training device and a massage tool. If you have a sore back, glide it across the rounded ends for a deep tissue massage that works.

6. Fitness Trackers

If you’re tired of logging your diet and exercise in a daily journal, look for the modern alternative in fitness trackers. A subtle wrist strap, with integrated Bluetooth, communicates with your fitness app to record calorie burn and steps taken. You’ll get a well-rounded view of your health with a tracker.

7. Running Or Cross-Training Shoes

Take a look at your exercise habits to match a fitness shoe to your needs. Low-profile training shoes are perfect for gym enthusiasts, while cross-training types allow you to move amongst almost any exercise activity. Running shoes, in particular, are designed specifically for consistent impacts with the ground.

8. Modern Athletic Tape

Avoid those tapes that seem to peel off the moment you hit the weights. Goat Tape is a specific athletic tape that has a stronger adhesive for effective workout protection. Keep your wrists and hands sturdy with Goat Tape as you lift your way to fitness.

9. Fitness Sunglasses

Choose your sunglasses wisely to protect your eyes during outdoor workouts. Desirable models should have a wrap around your head for stability, along with a sleek, curved glass design. You don’t want sunlight striking your eyes from the side.

10. Hydration Packs

For those long, but satisfying, hikes, bring along hydration packs. Resembling a small backpack, you keep a large water supply on your body for a drink any time.

Fitness meets fashion and safety in today’s modern workout world. Look through the best trending items today to match your needs with durable products.

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