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Men’s Fall Fashion Advice – 5 common men’s fashion mistakes

Who would want to be all decked during the season that stretches from summer to the fall? Sure no one deserves that but this sure doesn’t give you any reason to drop your sense of style and pick up just anything that you feel like.

Be discriminating in your taste at all times! It is so easy to spot out men making common fashion mistakes during this time that it just became to irresistible to not write an article about it.

Check out the common fashion mistakes made by men to know if you’re also guilty of this by any chance, and if yes then you probably can now point out the reason why that hot babe just gave a cold shoulder to all your advances at the beach, the other day:


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Men’s Fashion Trends: International fashion disasters!

When I was thinking about fashion disasters this week, I thought that I would see what I could find from other countries, as well as the USA. Bad fashion has a language all its own and speaks crystal clear, without saying a word.

I’m starting off in Italy, where beautiful design is as part of their heritage as is delicious food and find wine. However, this man does not fit the bill. I can understand the crisp white trousers with matching shirt, blue plaid jacket and solid necktie, but they lose me at the accessories. He might have been able to get away with the bright green Nikes, but having some silver wafers strung together to make a shawl doesn’t do a thing for me at all.


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Musings on Men’s Fashion – Shorts for the Season

Summer is definitely the time for catching sun, sand and waves. Whether you’re walking along the shores of tropical destinations or just strolling along sunlit parks, you’ll surely notice what’s hot and what’s not decidedly not. So search your closets, raid your shopping malls and gear up for your summer getaways (or whatever summer gig you’re into).

Thank god: We live in an age where men are getting more in touch with their fashion sense, but what about guys who just have no idea about how to wear shorts? Here’s a primer:

Khaki Shorts

Khaki shorts are one of the must-haves this summer. Khaki shorts fit a little tighter than other types of shorts, but they are still loose enough to give that not-so-casual, not-so-formal look. Khaki shorts go well with a loose fit shirt or polo tee. Add on a pair of sockless loafers and you’re good to go. You can also go with white or beige canvas sneakers (or sandals, if you’re on the beach or just hanging out). If you want to lean more on the casual side, check out these cotton beach shorts from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Chino Shorts

Loose and comfortable, cotton chino shorts are essential for the summer heat primarily because they are lighter than khaki shorts. Strut your stuff with Dolce & Gabbana, Banana Republic or Ralph Lauren chino shorts. Wear them with a short-sleeved polo tee for a semi-casual, semi-formal look. You can also wear chino shorts for a more formal summer outing, or for dinner dates in high-end restaurants by the beach. Just pair it with sockless loafers, deck, shoes or suede shoes.

Cargo Shorts

If you plan on walking, camping or hiking, you’ll need shorts with lots of pockets for all your essentials. Light, loose and comfortable, cargo shorts are a fine addition to your wardrobe. You can use comfy sneakers if you want to go walking along familiar paths. If you plan to go up the mountains for your summer holiday, you can use more durable hiking shoes with socks on for comfort. Just make sure to wear a comfy cotton top for all that action.


Comfortable shorts in which you can easily move are perfect for your usual workout or casual day out. Drawstring waists, pockets or no pockets, sweatshorts come in different styles. Check out Diesel or Moncler sweatshorts and choose your preferred designs. You can pair it up with sneakers (the not-so-bulky ones) without socks. You can also wear sweatshorts when you want to relax at home and spend the day playing console games or just plain being a couch potato.

Swim Trunks

If you plan on going to the beach, it goes without saying that swim trunks are a must-have. Plain white tees go great with plaid swim trunks or trunks with designs or patterns. Ralph Lauren swim trunks with an elastic waistband give you a great fit. Look for quick-drying swim trunks made of cotton and nylon. Flip-flops are the perfect match for your sandy retreat.

And while you may normally think summer is all about pastel, light and bright colors, but black is still a classic. Spring/Summer 2011 fashion trendsetters like Louis Vuitton and Burberry rigged their collections with the staple black. If you think the summer bug hasn’t bitten yet and you feel somewhat on the “emo” side, you can go for all black—black top, black shorts, black loafers or deck shoes. Sockless, of course.

Lastly, since summer is all about the heat, pay more attention to the material of your clothes. Steer clear of non-absorbent material. Remember to wear clothes made of light, comfy and breathable fabric to stay cool under the sun.

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Lesson #113: Summer shorts

Shorts are a staple piece in a summertime wardrobe – and that’s a good thing for those of us with sweaty legs. Though thoroughly casual, shorts still have the potential to make or break your ensemble for park or beach excursions.

Nike Crested Plaid Men’s Shorts
INFEASIBLE: Plaid shorts 
Regardless of the colors involved, plaid is a difficult to work with on upper garments – let alone pants. I can’t think of what one would wear to match any checkered design below the waist, besides something so boring as a white polo shirt. Frankly, this particular pair makes me think of the henchmen uniforms from some bad space opera, so no dice.

Vineyard Vines Men`s Seersucker Club Shorts
Feasible: Seersucker shorts
Like I said earlier in “Seersucker and You”, seersucker is a great cloth to don during the summertime. Better yet, I bet you can instantly imagine how the example above would match a whole spectrum of flowery or seasonally colored shirts. They’re also comfy as what.
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Musing on Men’s Fashion – Board shorts, bro

Summertime means everyone will be looking to flaunt (for better or worse) their bodies at the beach or the pool. And the potential for disaster doesn’t even stop there: As you probably know, the world is full of tasteless, ugly, and even nauseating swim trunks. Fortunately, within the vast and often scary spectrum of swimming apparel out there, board shorts are one of the safer bets for a man concerned with keeping stylish on the shore.

In case you didn’t know [noob] trunks of this kind are made with water resistant material, are lightweight, and were used first by professional surfers. So while they are easy to wear and designed for aquatic activity, they don’t shrink or cling to your pelvis. And since they’re shorts, you’ll never risk looking like that creepy guy who wear thongs and hasn’t worked out a day in his life. Again, since you have a decent of amount of cloth to work with, boardshorts can feature fairly involved designs. Personally, I think the wave decals on the ones below are pretty spiffy.

As always, keep it gnarly, gents.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture? (4/02/08)

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This Week’s Fuck-Up: Michael Macko

I was planning on doing a usual In/Feasible post today, but I just couldn’t let this kinda horseshit go unnoticedfor a day longer. Look, I respect Saks. Their men’s section has done me right in the past. But this Michael Macko guy is beginning to make me seriously question the brains on 5th Avenue. There is no way, I repeat NO WAY, shorts of any nature go with a button-down. Never. And to throw on a tie, tie clip, and a sportcoat to boot is just fucking obnoxious. I’m all about breaking fashion conventions but not at the expense of looking like this. Why not just show up in your boxers next?! Goddamn.


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37. Flat-front shorts

INFEASIBLE: Pink shorts

(From Macys)

No. Just no.

Feasible: Simple dark gray shorts

(Brought to you by Macy’s)

Nothing fancy here, but they fit snuggly and look posh enough.

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