Women’s Fashion Trends – Tights Are In!

Splash color tights are one of today’s hottest trends in legwear! Women appreciate this accessory because it sets them apart from the crowd. Here are some of the ways that women are wearing this appealing legwear.


First, women often pair splash color tights and legwear with a denim skirt and white top. This basic outfit is given an extra touch of style with legwear that features many bright colors such as pink, purple, yellow, blue and orange. Some women who want to give the outfit a little additional flair wear a scarf that matches a color in their legwear. This brings the outfit together and makes her look fabulous!

Next, many women are pairing this legwear with a long, fashionable sweater. The sweater may be an actual sweater dress or a simply long sweater that falls to just above a woman’s knees. Along with these two pieces, a woman may wear ankle boots, heels or even flats. It is a fun outfit for a casual outing with friends, a trip to the movies or a dance at school. A young woman can move around easily in this outfit and the legwear keeps her warm as she demonstrates her stylish sense of fashion.

Finally, some women wear this type of legwear beneath a pair of shorts. It is a simple way to dress up a pair of plain denim or cotton shorts. Plus, it allows a woman to wear her favorite pair of fashionable shorts in the autumn when the temperatures begin to drop.

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