Celebrity Fashion News – The Golden Globes 2014

This past Sunday, January 12, was the 71st Annual Golden Globe Award Ceremony, which was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Since 1961, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has honored excellence in film and television.

matthew-mcconaughey-camila-golden-globes-011214 (1)

The red carpet at the Golden Globes is the first place for us to get a look at celebrities showing off their designer selections. This year, there was certainly a nod to the glamour of “Old Hollywood” among the men and the women. A few of the guys, including Mathew McConaughey and Chris Hemsworth channeled the look of the velvet “smoking jacket” in their choice of tuxedos. Mathew chose a deep forest green, velvet suit jacket with an elegant matching vest and black trousers by Dolce and Gabbana. His wife Camilla Alves was also not to be ignored in her “curve-hugging” black sequined gown of the same designer.

Chris Hemsworth Golden Globes (1)

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Celebrity Fashion Review – October’s Movie Premieres

This month, there have been some new movie releases, which meant that the stars of the films have been making appearances in support of their work all over the country. It’s always interesting to see what they are wearing when the cameras start flashing.

Tom Hanks

The first movie under “fashion watch” is “Captain Phillips”, starring Tom Hanks. It is a biographical story about Captain Richard Phillips, whose ship was taken hostage by Somali Pirates in 2009. Tom Hanks, who played Captain Phillips, showed up at the premier slimmed-down and looking classy, but casual in a solid black suit jacket, a black button-down dress shirt, and dark indigo jeans. He is a testament to the “workability” of the combination of black and navy blue.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture?: Jesse James

Apparently Jesse James doesn’t wear his wedding band anymore, which is shame because it was probably nicest thing he owns. Seriously, someone needs to slip him a note saying, “psst, the whole white thermal + iRoNiC graphic tee combo died alongside the decline of Limp Bizkit and other acts that glorified white trash.” Or a prescription for some anti-psychotics, whichever’s handy.
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What’s Wrong With This Picture? Jesse James

With a name like Jesse James, one naturally assumes the man’s capable of dressing in some funky rustic garb. This outfit, however, really pushes it. Now I know you and Sandra Bullock have been on the rocks lately, Jesse, but I doubt you’ll win any sympathy wearing something so tactless as dungarees. In case you couldn’t tell, you look like a cross between a farmer and Fred Durst. Clean up yo.
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