Red Carpet Premieres for The Revenant & The Finest Hours

For January, there has been a lot of buzz for the new movies of the season. Two of those films have been in the action/adventure category and both have been inspired by true stories. First is “The Revenant”, which is a story that was adapted from a fur trapper named Hugh Glass’, who endured harsh conditions and events in the wilderness of Montana and South Dakota in 1823.

Revenant-LA-Premiere-Pictures leonardo dicaprio annd tom hardy Since its initial release on December 25th 2015, the film and its actors have been collecting all kinds of awards and is one of the favorites, as we approach The Oscars. “The Revenant” leading men, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy, have been seen at many red carpet events and are looking very GQ-esque while hanging out together in LA. Leonardo is dressed in a more traditional style with his deep navy two-button suit jacket, but spices it up with accents of a textured grey tie and a crisp white button-down. Tom Hardy chose to be a little more flashy and less conventional in his three-piece navy suit with a modern sheen, two-tone skinny tie that was complete with a chain link tie tack, and a lapel pin. Some three-piece suits look too prom-like, but Tom does it right with this one.

Chris-Pine-The-Finest-Hours-Movie-Premiere-Red-CarpetThe other film that is soon to be released and also stems from true events is “The Finest Hours”. A daring officer in the Chatham Massachusetts Coast Guard, Daniel Cluff, and his crew set out to rescue thirty sailors who are trapped inside the SS Pendleton, which was split in two by a huge storm in February 1952. Chris Pine is one of the lead characters and is shown here with mixed sartorial results on the red carpet at the world premier. He is dressed in a great taupe-grey colored suit, but there is just something wrong about the button placement in the jacket. They are set two high, making the lapels look short, which also makes his torso appear not long and lean. Chris leaves his look a little more on the casual side with his open collar, but it would have looked a little more put together with a tie that had some purple to coordinate with his pocket square.

Holliday+Grainger+Premiere+Disney+Finest+Hours in ellie saab

In contrast, his female co-star Holliday Grianger is an absolute stunner in her exquisite black Elie Saab gown that had an equally plunging neckline, as compared to the deep slit in the front. Holliday accessorized with a chic belt, platform sandals, ruby red lips, and I imagine lots of Hollywood Tape to keep things together!

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Fashion at The 49th Annual CMA Awards

On November 4th 2015, Nashville Tennessee hosted the 49th Annual Country Music Awards at the Bridgestone Arena. Country Music artists and enthusiasts gathered together to celebrate outstanding achievements in the Country Music industry. As the red carpet was rolled out, we got a peek at the fashion wins and losses among the nominees and attendees.
darius-rucker cma awards
Country singer Darius Rucker, formerly lead singer of American Pop band Hootie and the Blowfish, arrived on the red carpet at the CMA Awards in shades of blue with this tuxedo in a saturated cobalt blue, matching skinny tie, and blue printed pocket square. Darius off-set the blue tones with a textured charcoal grey dress shirt and black leather oxfords. It was a nice departure from the usual navy or black suits.

jana-kramer-pregnant cma awards

Another striking outfit in blue was worn by Country music singer and actress Jana Kramer, who arrived on the red carpet at the 49th Annual CMA Awards in this gorgeous, sparkling navy gown. Jana’s baby bump is tastefully accentuated and the mermaid-style dress train helps to balance out her total look. It is hard to decide if Jana’s smile or gown is the brightest and most beautiful in this pose.

steve martin and wife cma awards

One of the couples who came to celebrate one of Country Music’s biggest nights was comedian Steve Martin and his wife Anne Stringfield. Steve had on your average black suit with a little mix of brown in his plaid tie and leather shoes. The “punch-line” was definitely about Steve’s wife Anne’s outfit with her a-line, knee-length black dress that had bows at the chest line, which looked like one of those dresses that you had to make in Home Economics class. The addition of the brown leather cowboy boots that Anne chose just made her look more confusing.

49th Annual CMA Awards - Arrivals

The men’s award for unique look went to Randy Owens, lead singer for the group Alabama, who was marching to the beat of his own drummer in a long deep blue tuxedo jacket with bright orange cuffs, wildly printed black and white button-down, and simple black trousers.

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Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Review

As Hollywood heated up with the Golden Globes in January, everyone was awaiting the grand finally of the Oscars. This year, on February 22nd, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences honored the best in the film industry at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA. As part of the celebration, the nominees and other celebrities made their way across the red carpet to get their spot in front of the cameras.


Some of the men who stood out in the crowd with their fashion choices, as well as their performances, were David Oyelowo from the movie “Selma”, who wore Pantone’s 2015 color of the year with his Marsala colored tuxedo with red satin vest, bow tie, and shiny black oxfords. Also, Eddie Redmayne, who won best actor for his portrayal of Steven Hawking in “The Theory of Everything”, wore a classic navy tuxedo with contrasting, notched black lapels, and black suede loafers. Of course, actor Jared Leto was as usual, wearing a style of his own with his powder blue suit with satin lapels and stark white shirt and matching white oxfords.

emma_stone ellie saab
At the Oscars there is usually a few amazing gowns, as well as a few that just don’t make the mark. One of the amazing ones was worn by Emma Stone, who wore a long sleeve, beaded lace dress in a fantastic Spring green color by Ellie Saab. It was the perfect shade for her deep red hair, had a cut that clung to her curves, and had the sexy details of a front slit to her thighs and a deep plunging back.


Another great gown was worn by Scarlet Johansson, who wore a forest green, v-neck dress by Versace that showed her curvy figure, without being too revealing. The outfit was also enhanced by her stone encrusted bib collar necklace and the asymmetry of her left dangle earring.


Lastly, it is unlikely that Lady Gaga can make anything but a statement, but her custom design white gown from designer Alaia kind of looked like it was made from sequin encrusted felt and the bright red, winged elbow-gloves looked like she was ready to head to the kitchen for some dish scrubbing.

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Celebrity Fashion of 2014: A Year of No-No’s

As we are ending all that was 2014 and looking forward to 2015, we will remember both the good and the bad. When we look back at celebrity fashion throughout a year filled with red carpets, movie premiers, or just a glimpse of their street style, a few stand out in our minds for their fantastic fashion sense, but more are remembered for their fashion no-no’s.

evangeline lilly promoting new children's book

To start off that list is actress/author Evangeline Lilly, who has starred in recent films like the last two Hobbit series and also just recently has been promoting her new children’s book, “The Squickerwonkers”. She showed up a book signing at Barnes and Noble in what looks like a table cloth from some Italian Restaurant that is tied in odd places to expose a little leg, also with a soft-sided grey suit jacket. Unusual for sure, but, I do like Evangeline’s bi-colored leather boots and tri-colored bucket hat.

sloppy-jack black
Next, is a photo of Jack Black and I hope he is coming from the gym. With his black and red basketball shorts, white ankle socks, and brown sneakers better built for hiking, he will definitely not make the pages of GQ. Even Jack’s black puffer jacket, that is trending high this year, is off the mark because it has such a long body that it makes him look unproportionally short. However, I do give him an “A” for his enthusiasm.


Taking a look at the red carpet arrivals for 2014, it was definitely true that skin was In. There were lacey gowns, strapless dresses, and short skirts galore, but some of the mesh ones went a little overboard. The first one is actress Jaime Alexander, who arrived on the red carpet of the movie premier “Thor: The Dark World” in this sleek black dress with a strategically-carved mesh area from neckline to hemline. She has a fantastic shape, but I think that being able to see Jaime’s tan lines took away from the elegant look. It also must have taken yards of “Hollywood Tape” to secure that mesh area, in order to avoid a wardrobe malfunction. In the opposite photo, Gwyneth Paltro is also strolling the red carpet of “Iron Man 3” also in a sheer nightmare, however, this one is even made more confusing with the multiple colors, sheer side panels, and mesh sleeves. These are two examples of “less is not more”.


To end the look back upon fashion “no-no’s” is none other than Dennis Rodman, who is always known for his unusual style, but this outfit from last year takes the cake with his black halter top, white lace vest, and patchwork jeans. Of course, what would the look be without the chain belly-belt, dark sunglasses and a questionable men’s hat?…

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World Premiere of Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1

Since the debut of the original Hunger Games in March 2012, fans have been waiting excitedly for the story to continue. This November, the star-studded cast has taken to the red carpet for the latest of the trilogy: Mockingjay Part 1. As previously, the stars of the movie shine at the World Premiere, as well as on the screen.

"The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1" - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

First, is the leading lady Jennifer Lawrence, who looks absolutely stunning in this white, quilted texture gown that has the on-trend high/low hem and black embroidered roses trickling across the chest of the dress and down her right side. Jennifer’s choice in single strap black sandals coordinate perfectly with the gown, but keep the focus on the gown, where it should be. She also chose a soft colored makeup to blend well with the femininity of the dress.

the-hunger-games-mockingjay-part-1-world-premiere-red-carpet liam hemsworth.min

Next, is Liam Hemsworth, who looks debonair in his black three piece suit that is accented with a crisp white shirt, slim black tie, satin lapels, and black and white polka dot pocket square. Liam doesn’t seem to get as much attention as his older brother Chris, who was just named by People Magazine as “The Sexiest Man Alive”. Makes you wonder if there is any sibling rivelry in the Hemsworth household.


Another cast member of Mockingjay Part 1 to hit the red carpet at the World Premiere was Elizabeth Banks. It is hard to deny her beauty, even in her dramatic red and blue tie-dye like gown with the plunging neckline and cape-like train. The dress fits the character that she portrays in the Hunger Game movie series, which is sort of quirky, with lots of dramatic flair, but I don’t know what made her choose this one.


Lastly, is another male cast member to Mockingjay Part 1, Sam Claflin. For this premiere, he chose the fantastic color combinations of a burgundy, double breasted sports jacket and a pair of shimmering grey trousers. He keeps the focus on the jacket and pants with a white shirt, buttoned to the neck and black leather lace-up shoes.

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2014 Hollywood Film Awards – Kick Off to the Awards Season

November 14 was the television premier of the Hollywood Film Awards. In previous years, this particular awards ceremony had never been seen by the general public.  It was founded by Carlos de Abreau and Janice Pennington in 1997 to honor excellence in filmmaking, while also being the “kick-off” to the awards season. The Hollywood Film Awards was held this year at Hollywood Palladium and the red carpet was flooded with celebrities in some amazing and unique fashions, donning designers from Alexander Wang to Rag and Bone.

18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards

First, let’s talk about an acutely fashion-conscious couple: Actor Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna. Bright navy is definitely Channing’s color with his classic 3-piece blue suit. Being a tall man, the suit needs to be tailored correctly to fit his stature and in this case, it is. Channing off-sets the saturated tone of the navy with a crisp white button-down shirt and matching dark tie. Jenna Tatum looks absolutely stunning in her gown with the grey beaded top and simple white bottom that clings to her curves without showing too much.


In keeping with the “grey” theme, Twilight Saga- famed Kristen Stewart arrived on the red carpet in a modern-looking short dress with a grey mesh turtleneck, flared white short skirt trimmed in that same grey, and a set of matching pumps. With the short cropped hair and complimentary toned make-up, Kristen takes on sort of a quasi-futuristic look.

steven tyler hfa

Lastly, is someone who has a flair for the dramatic: Steven Tyler.  His full length black and white pinstriped top-coat and matching designer slim shirt is in keeping with Steven’s dramatic fashion and is accented by his wide-leg black leather pants and red snake skin shoes. There is definitely no chance that he would be mistaken for anyone else!

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