The Most Stylish Celebrity Kids!

Celebrity kids grow up in the limelight, which means that they need to look great every time they step out of their homes. They never know when a photographer might be right around the corner with his or her camera ready. While some parents go to great lengths to keep the paparazzi away from their children, others embrace those photographers and keep their kids red carpet worthy every hour of the day. After looking at some of the most stylish celebrity kids, you might find that you feel a little jealous of their looks.


Kingston Rossdale

Though rocker Gwen Stefani and her former husband Gavin Rossdale split up in the past, their sons are still the apples of the public eye. Though Zuma is still a little young and prone to wearing outfits that are more basic in nature, Kingston is a trend setter just like his parents. Even when he wears something basic like a pair of khakis and a polo shirt or MLB baby clothes to match his younger brother, he knows that accessories make the man. You’ll often spot young Kingston wearing a funky leather necklace, a studded bracelet or a pair of bold and colorful shoes.

Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise, the daughter of actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise, is also on the forefront of the fashion world. Occasionally spotted sitting from and center next to her celebrity mom at red carpet runway shoes, she seldom steps out of the house without the perfect outfit. Cruise is a little more traditional than other celebrity kids. She favors classic trench coats, tasteful yet elegant jewelry and A-line skirts and dresses. The accessories that she wears really adds to her outfits. She often rocks a pair of age-appropriate wedge heels or a colorful headband.

North West

Though still just a toddler, North West has more style than trend setters 10 times her age. The daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, North often makes appearances on her mother’s Instagram account. Kardashian frequently dresses her little bundle of joy in monochromatic looks that draw attention to her dark skin and hair. North occasionally rocks looks that are more appropriate for kids older than her like fur coats and diamond jewelry, but she manages to pull off all those styles and look great. Draw inspiration for yourself or your kids from some of the most stylish celebrity kids.

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Fashion at The 2016 Academy of Country Music Awards

As the 51st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards rolled into the MGM Grand Las Vegas on Sunday April 3, country music’s celebrated artists and those who supported them walked up the red carpet. This fashion parade before the awards brings out elegant, opulent, and unique looks in both the men and women who attend.

nicole-kidman-keith urban

In the elegant category, is actress Nicole Kidman and singer/husband Keith Urban. Keith was presented with the Mae Boren Axton Award for 2016, which honors an individual in the country music industry who has been dedicated in service to the ACM. Nicole was there to celebrate in a stunning Alexander McQueen gown with colorful graphic images, shimmering sequins, and sheer mesh that was strategically placed to not show too much. She stood proudly and lovingly by her husband Keith, who looked the part of the “Country Music Artist” in his black suit jacket, baggy black t-shirt, and distressed black jeans. The monochromatic look seems to be a popular one at this ceremony.

todd-chrisley-and savannah

For the opulent fashion category, take in entrepreneur/reality show producer Todd Chrisley and his daughter Savannah. Todd, who was the red carpet correspondent for Access Hollywood, looks a little too much like a Liberace in his black sequined tuxedo jacket. Even with the black column dressing and casually buttoned dress shirt, it is not enough to tone down this outfit. Todd’s daughter Savannah, however, looked like a Greek goddess in her sheer, flesh-tone gown with the feather-like swirls to camouflage essential figure areas, and her genuinely happy smile.

jeremy scott and katy perry acm red carpet

As far as the unique fashion category goes, the winner has to be singer Katy Perry and fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Katy arrived on the red carpet of the 51st Annual Academy of Country Music Awards in a one-of-a kind, Jeremy Scott Couture creation that took baby blue metallic and cowgirl-wear to a new level in this cropped jacket, fringed skirt outfit that was completed with stiletto-heeled, pink cowboy boots. Katy’s designer and date for the evening Jeremy Scott was strutting his “fashion poetic license” by mixing colors, patterns, and styles. For me, Jeremy had more of a “yard sale nightmare” feel, than a designer of Couture.

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Celebrity Fashion Spotlight – Lady Gaga: True Fashion Victim

Fashion is about personal interpretation and the need to make a statement through the use of clothes and accessories. Celebrities are becoming far more outlandish in terms of the clothes they wear and the way in which they present themselves. There is strong competition, particularly within the music industry and the need to be prominent is overwhelming as it is the very basis of a music career. Artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé are known for having their very own sense of style, which incorporates high fashion with their own take on what style is.

However, in recent years there has been a new breed of pop star created, one that is truly unique and that uses superb marketing ploys to build a legion of fans to maintain a longer shelf life. Lady Gaga is the perfect example of this, she stormed the charts overnight and has since become the perfect modern pop star leading to a barrage of copy cats that try to emulate her success with their edgy pop music and shocking fashion choices that not only secure their place in the media but in the hearts of their fans.

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Men’s & Women’s Fashion Trends – 2013 San Diego Comic-Con

Comic-Con, which began as a comic book convention in 1970 and was founded by a group of men from San Diego, has blossomed into a four day event that includes Sci-Fi film/television, horror, video games, and fantasy novels, as well as printed/digital comic books.  It is a place where exhibitors, celebrities, and the general public can step into their favorite fantasy role.  Aside from the sea of intricate and outrageous costumes that you will see at Comic-Con San Diego, there is also some interesting Red Carpet fashion.


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Celebrity Fashion Trends – Wows and Woes at the CMA Awards

The Country Music Association Awards that took place during the first week of June from Nashville Tennessee, had music performers and celebrities coming out to take part in the recognition of Country Music’s finest. As in all Red Carpet events, the CMA’s had its share of fashion “wows and woes”.

music-cmt-music-awards-2013-ceremony-15 lenny kravitz and miranda lambert

The first pair who are definitely not in the “wow” category is Lenny Kravitz and Miranda Lambert. Lenny’s choice in suit jackets makes him look like he collided with a cow! The black and white design maybe was meant to just look abstract, but all it makes me think is “Poor Bessy!” I like the retro theme of Miranda Lambert’s dress and even the colors, but the cut of the top and tightness throughout the bodice does absolutely nothing for her figure.

music-cmt-music-awards-2013-red-carpet-7 Kevin bacon and michael bacon

This next photo is of Kevin and Michael Bacon. Kevin always has his fashion sense about him and it shows with this simple ensemble of a white dress shirt, skinny black tie, and black leather jacket that is completed by a pair of fashionable specs. His counterpart, however, may be expressing his love of all things nautical with the blue, red, and white combination, but the track shoes and the bright trousers are a little too much for me. Also, they definitely look unnecessarily lamer with their eyeglasses choices. They would have fared better with pairs of Ray Ban Wayfarers or Oakley Holbrook; FYI, both are available at great prices at Red Hot Sunglasses.

scotty-mcreery-cmt-music-awards-2013-02 the dawgs

The third photo from the CMA Awards is of the singer Scott McCreery in a “Dog” sandwich. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” has an interesting British tan leather jacket that is detailed with studs and texture that is paired with a simple white button-down shirt and khaki trousers. “Mrs. Dog” actually has a terrific style, deep periwinkle dress that has gathers to flatter her curvy shape and more than ample bust. Scott looks a little intimidated by her shape as he leans into the “Dog” for protection. However, it is time for The Dogs” to hunt down a new hair stylist and get rid of the bleach blonde, brittle look!

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