Celebrity Fashion News – The Red Carpet at the CNN All-Star Tribute

The CNN All-Star Tribute is an event that honors individuals who make a difference in their communities. Their annual TV special acknowledges the people who make humanitarian aid a priority in their lives. For 2013, the celebrities came out to honor Chad Pregrucke, who is a man that has dedicated his life to cleaning up the rivers and waterways in the US.


This year, the red carpet had some familiar and not-so-familiar faces. First, is actor Jason Biggs. In his career, he has had roles in TV series, Broadway shows, movies, and even daytime soap operas. He arrived to the CNN Hero Tribute in one of the color of the season: Grey. His grey, pinstriped two-piece suit is accented with a black dress shirt, solid grey tie, and black leather shoes. Frankly, the outfit looks a little gangster-ish, especially with the black shirt. I suggest the quirky actor check out the Hugo Boss Black collection at Sage Clothing and pick out a lighter toned shirt for the next time he rocks that otherwise great suit.


Next is British TV icon Piers Morgan. He arrived to the red carpet in a basic black, nicely tailored suit, but livened it up with a crisp white button-down and the Pantone Color of the Year for 2014: Blue. He is usually a pretty conservative guy, but manages to step out of the box a little with this one.


Another arrival was Scottish actor Alan Cummings, whom you may know from Broadway or TV show “The Good Wife”. Alan is definitely not the type of guy who is afraid of being bold. His “head to toe” lipstick red suit with matching leather shoes shows off his personality. The white dress shirt and crimson striped tie is just enough to add some contrast to the look. The monochromatic look in this bright a tone may not work for some guys, but I think it works for Alan.

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