Women’s Fashion Advice – A Few Words On Evening Gowns, Bags

Most women have something about their figure that they simply don’t like. You might feel your figure is too curvy, or feel that you could stand to add a few pounds to a willowy frame. Regardless of how you feel about your body, you can still feel good in whatever you choose to dress it in. Those figure flaws you seem to think you have can be easily hidden with the right type of clothing and the right style for your body type. When you’re in need of a dress for any event, use the following guide to help you pick the perfect one for your body.

The Body That’s Too Thin


For those who feel they are too thin and would like to add the illusion of a few extra curves, knit or sweater dresses are the best option for getting the look you want. Try adding a few layers to your dresses like a fitted jacket, cardigan or scarf. These items will add bulk to a thinner frame, giving you the appearance of curves where you feel they are lacking. If you’re looking for more definition around your waist, you can also try adding a thick belt to your middle area.

Slimming Down a Thicker Figure

If you’re looking to obtain the illusion of being thinner than you are, avoid wearing bulky or baggy clothes. Many women shy away from tighter fitting items when they feel they are overweight without realizing that bigger clothing makes them look heavier. When you’re buying evening gowns or long cocktail dresses that touch the floor, choose a fabric that clings to your figure but still manages to drape your body in a way that is attractive. Wrap dresses are incredibly flattering for the woman with a fuller figure. It’s also important to remember that you should not avoid prints or colors. Many prints actually make your figure look slimmer in the right shape.

Balancing a Pear-Shaped Figure

Many women complain of feeling like they are pear shaped with fuller hips and thighs than they would like. If you are looking for a dress that slims down this area, avoid dresses that are too short. Buy dresses that are no shorter than an inch or two above your knees. A-line dresses are perfect for slimming down hips and thighs as long as the skirt is not too full.


Elongating the Waist

Still other women complain of being apple shaped with a waist that is thicker than they would like. For these women, the goal is to elongate the torso and pull attention away from the waist as much as possible. Try an empire or drop waist in order to better define your waistline. Better yet, try slinging a belt or chain around your hips rather than around your waist in order to avoid unnecessary attention to the area.

Confidence Comes When Clothes Fit

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Confidence doesn’t have to come from how much you weigh or how toned your arms and legs are. With the right clothing, every woman can be confident in how she looks regardless of her current number on the scale. Choose the right dress, accessorize with the right shoes and evening bags, hold your head high, and you’ll knock their socks off anywhere you go.

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  1. First of all, I want to thank you for writing this incredible post. A lot of women are too pre-occupied by looking extra special on their big day – nothing wrong with that, but sometimes, some of them take it way over board, totally forgetting that everything becomes great when you have the last part of this article – confidence. When you have confidence, everything just changes and becomes positive. Excellent post!