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Four Top Tools in eCommerce

There are many factors responsible for a business’ success. It is when all of these factors are combined in the right mix that the odds of success are so high. All businesses require the use of certain tools which help streamline their efforts, improve speed and enhance performance. The absence of these tools will considerably slow business operations down or even cripple the business’ growth.

In the ecommerce industry, the presence or absence of such tools can make or break your store. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the best eCommerce tools you can integrate into your operations.

top 4 tools ecommerce

Autoresponder and Email Marketing Tools

After you’re done setting up your ecommerce store, the first thing you want to do is set up a means of capturing email on your store. This is important because email can make all the difference in the success of your marketing campaigns.

Collecting your visitors’ and customers emails means that you can and will be able to reach them with special offers, deals of the day and so on. Some of the top email marketing and autoresponder tools you can use include Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, ConstantContact and InfusionSoft. They each have their pros and cons.

But if you’re really low on cash, you should try Aweber which costs $1 for the first month or so and $19 for subsequent months. Mailchimp is also a good choice if you’re on a budget, as it charges you nothing for the first 2,000 subscribers and allows you send up to 12,000 emails per month for free.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

There’s no successful ecommerce store without excellent customer relationship management tools. These tools help you manage your customers, fulfill their requests, streamline your business and puts you on a fast track to speedy growth.

They are excellent for lead generation, opportunity management, and customer service. Some examples of excellent CRM software include Zen Desk, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and Insightly. These tools are extremely important and necessary for your success in eCommerce.

Payment Processing and Order Fulfillment Tools

All ecommerce stores must have a means of taking orders, fulfilling them, and accepting payment. In the past, this used to be a difficult thing to do. You had to have separate teams attending to that or separate software to handle each of these.

Nowadays, you can use just one platform to take care of all these. While there are many, one of the best services that provides these tools isFastSpring. FastSpring’s tools are known to do this seamlessly and can be accessed from just one dashboard.

With over 2,200 clients and counting, FastSpring’s order fulfillment, subscription service handling and payment processing tools are the best option for this part of your business. This, combined with their highly effective customer service — speedy and helpful service that always goes above-board — make them the perfect payment processing service for all ecommerce stores.

Conversion Optimization Tools

Let’s be clear about one thing: you ecommerce store is not complete without conversion optimization. You store should be designed with one purpose in mind: maximize your conversion rates.

So, from your user interface to your shopping cart and everything else in between should be designed to do just that. Luckily, you don’t have to do this by yourself. With an array of tools such as FastSpring’s shopping cart optimization and conversion tools, you can easily tweak your ecommerce store to get the highest conversion rate possible.

Now that you know what tools can fast-track your ecommerce store’s success, go get them and improve your chances of being successful.

Oscar King is a small business operator and freelance writer who contributes articles and advice on topics affecting todays digital marketplace.

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Best advice for shopping online for jewelry

The internet has made conducting business transactions easier than anyone could have thought to be humanly possible. It is now possible to browse for various goods and services, ranging from the small biro pen to a building and buy them (or make orders or bids for them) without having to leave the safety and comfort of your own home. This is big accomplishment that has also made inroads in the business of buying and selling jewelry. There are hundreds of thousands of websites currently operating on the internet and dealing in the business of jewelry supply free shipping

Since there are very many options for you to pick from, it is advisable that you have a checklist to use so that you can separate the wheat from the chaff. It is no secret that there are many unscrupulous business men and women who are only interested in fleecing you of your hard earned money. Having a checklist that will let you identify authentic and professional jewelry websites will go a long way in preventing you from falling into the hands of people who do not wish you well at all.

The following are some of the tips and suggestions that you can use to search for jewelry supply free shipping online:

1) Check the reputation of the websiteAuthentic jewelry websites are highly reputable sites that have great design and receive a lot of traffic each and every hour. It would be highly suspicious to send your credit card information to a shady website with landing pages that are full of grammatical errors and surrounded by poor design. These are clear red flags that you should be looking out for when searching for an online site to buy jewelry from. A reputable site will also be popular and you will find a few of your friends and coworkers mentioning it to you.

2) A website with a money back guaranteeGenuine websites dealing in genuine jewelry know that there is nothing to worry with buying their precious gems and jewels. This is why they have a money back guarantee, where you are assured of getting your money back if you find that the jewelry you have bought is defective or if you suddenly develop buyer’s remorse. The money back guarantee inspires confidence and allows you to test the ring or necklace that you buy before returning it to the store that you bought it from.

3) Wide jewelry collection to choose from It is also important to note that you only deal with sites that have a wide array of jewelry to choose from. This will allow you to be flexible enough so that you can choose the best pieces that have caught your eye. Sites with limited collections should be avoided as they will severely limit your chances of finding a good piece to buy and take home.

4) Other incentivesThe best jewelry sites online have incentives like free shipping that reduces your expenses and motivates you to buy more from them. It would be wise to take advantage of such features.

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Women’s Fashion Advice – Why to Buy Shoes Online

From retail stores to catalogs, boutiques and online shops, there are many ways to shop for the perfect pair of shoes these days. While some people prefer trying on shoes at retail stores to ensure comfort and fit, many consumers are now primarily shopping for shoes online.

peltz - sandal

Online shops offer many benefits that brick-and-mortar stores simply cannot offer. Traditional stores have limited shelf space; they are often unable to carry extended sizes and a wide variety of colors in the same style of shoe. Online boutiques primarily work out of warehouses, so they can offer consumers a significantly larger range of sizes, styles and colors. When you shop online for shoes, you can pick up styles for the whole family in one fell swoop without having to visit multiple shoe boutiques in town. Most stores offer discounted or free shipping offers, and many online stores allow free returns also. You can try on brand new shoes in the comfort and convenience of your own home; you never know how many people have tried on those shoes before you at a brick-and-mortar shoe boutique.


Shopping at a one-stop-shop online store like Peltz Shoes makes the buying process a breeze. They offer a wide variety of well-known shoe brands in a variety of sizes and colors, and they carry everything from work shoes to hiking boots and athletic footwear for the whole family. They have been in business since 1957, and they are committed to providing top-notch customer satisfaction and sales service.

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Fashion Shopping Advice – Make It Easier with Smart Cart

For luggage.

Think about the number of ways in which life has changes. The first thing that you’ll be probably be reminded of is how the advent of technology and the internet have changed the way you study, read a book and even shop. Online shopping, for one, is a rage since the day that it was conceived. However, do you purchase everything online?
Probably not! There are still a few things that you need to check before you buy. For example, oversized people rarely buy clothes online until they are extremely sure of their size. Similarly, many people do not purchase shoes online.

smart cart shopping

Though everything is easily available online, those who belong to a certain age group are still in the habit of going to the mall or the market and getting things. For the aged, carrying things is not an easy task and they need help for it. They however insist on carrying their own load all by themselves. To make life a little simple for them, how about gifting them a smart cart? Using this lug, they can shop around easily without having to worry about carrying kilos of things around. They can simply keep things in the Portable Cart and drag it around.

Now, if you are thinking that smart carts are just for the aged or the old, think again. How many times does it happen that when you are out shopping, you drop the idea of buying something just because it will take you an extra bag to carry the stuff? In case, you want to shop free of worry, a smart cart is the thing for you. With it, you can shop to your heart’s content. And that too without feeling exhausted because of the amount of bags that you otherwise carry in your hand.

There is another wonderful way in shopping carts help you complete your shopping. This is the way in which they keep the things that you have shopped for packed and safe. In case you are in no mood to arrange these things in the shelves or drawers, you can for the time being, keep them lying in the lug.

This way you can keep your rooms or home free of clutter, for, you do not need to take these things out of the haul as soon as you come back home from shopping. Is there any other advantage of using a shopping cart? Yes, there is. And you will definitely be able to understand that benefit in case you are a parent of little kids. It is almost impossible to shop with your cute devils around. They are attention demanding. But more than that, they are very demanding.

If you take them to nearby mall or the local market, they will scream for anything that they like or want. They might also ask you to give them your credit card or walk away with it to the shopkeeper. Kids pick up things very quickly. So, how do you manage? One of the ways is to make them stay home. However, that is not possible every time. You therefore ought to take them along shopping, you must have a quick cart that you can keep your stuff, or the baby in. Simple isn’t it? Now, you can concentrate on the shopping while your toddler quietly sleeps inside the shopping cart.

There are innumerable other ways in which a lug can be of help. Read as much as you can about the various types of hauls available in the market to keep updated about them as well as their uses.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – 5 Common Mistakes Buying Jewelry for Gifting

Men have a reputation for being stubborn and never admitting it when they don’t know something. If they are indeed this way, it tends to surface in two important areas – a reluctance to ask for directions and shopping for gifts for a special someone. It can be risky buying a gift without really knowing what you’re doing, though – especially if it’s something like jewelry where it can be hard for the uninitiated to know what exactly makes one piece of jewelry desirable over another. You need to go in with the right idea about what to pick. Whatever you do, you need to try not to make these mistakes.


Not reading up

Most men don’t appreciate that fashion is a deep subject. There’s at least as much to learn there as there is in shopping for sporting goods or tools. Just as one would never make a purchase in these areas without some learning, it would be a mistake to go in to shop for jewelry without reading a few books and articles. You need to learn about the different metals, stones and designs that make sense to the modern woman. Only then should you step into a shop.

Not paying attention

If the woman that the gift is for often wears jewelry with a little stones rather than large ones, that’s an important preference to keep in mind. If she likes to wear matching jewelry rather than a particular color all the time, that’s another point to know. Paying attention can only tell you so much, though. If you can manage it, spending a little time going through her current collection at home can be a good way to familiarize yourself with what the general trend is.

Buying something your very first time at a store

It’s important to first cruise jewelry selections on display on every interesting jewelry store page online to really take in what the jewelry on offer today looks like. You should make a few selections, consider buying them and then leave to come back the next day to take a second look. It takes time to really get jewelry. You can only be a good shopper when you understand what you’re buying.

Choosing the wrong store

There is another reason to not buy your very first time at a jewelry store – you can choose the wrong store. Shopping around is important not only to because it gives you a look at all the prices and products available, you also come by better salespeople and more trustworthy stores as you look around. Jewelry is expensive – you can’t just buy from any store. You need to get find a place that both offers reasonably priced merchandise and also appears reputable.

Thinking that jewelry is the wrong choice of gift because “it’s just too expensive”

In an old 70s Blondie comic strip, Dagwood shows up at a jewelry store and asks the salesperson what he can show him for $20. “Nothing but my complete contempt,” retorts the salesman. Many men fear something exactly along these lines – they don’t want to consider jewelry for fear of embarrassing themselves. Jewelry doesn’t have to cost £1,000, though – great jewelry can start for as little as £50. You just need to go out and look.

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Men’s Fashion Advice – Shop Designer Consignment Shops

When you are on the hunt for designer clothing, you can wait for a sale at the department stores, browse the “brick and mortar” boutiques, or check out the other option of consignment shops. Over the last few years, designer consignment shops have become an increasingly popular option for women and men alike. These stores have popped up in neighborhoods, cities, and online. At these shops, you can find designer clothing, accessories, and shoes at prices that are well below their competitors. Sometimes the merchandise appears hung like with wholesale clothing racks while in other instances expect to see a plate of glass between you and the goods. Typically, the items that you find will usually be gently used, but could even be new with tags.

hugo boss men's wool blazer size 38 reg $188 or best offer


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