Men’s Fashion Advice: Winter jackets

There are a lot of men’s jackets out there, begging for you to buy them for the chilling winter. And a plethora of solid brands behind them: Blacks, Adidas, etc.But while many of them fit the bill functionally, not all of them work fashionably. Allow me to explain:

Check out this Adidas jacket for winter use. Now, I really like the Colorado Wind Jacket’s sturdy, high collar since snow tends to sneak in around my neck and that gets annoying. It also provides pretty solid protection from the cold and is lightweight. But it could use something else in the aesthetics department. Really now, repeating white Adidas logo patterns? Not exactly chic… I’m thinking that zipper will start looking dirty quickly too.

This Adidas Originals Trefoil Field Jacket, however, will protect you from the element while looking great too. The storm flap ensures comfort and warmth and the ribbed cuffs help prevent snow from getting into your sleeves. As for style, the solid-color checkers give the piece a nice texture and the tasteful logo and shiny clasps give it detail. And can you believe it’s 100% polyester?! Who said artificial could never be quality…

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