Why Do Ladies Love Mehndi Designs So Much?

Mehndi designs are taking the world by storm, yet many people in the West (specifically the male part of the population) have no idea what is meant when they see the term in print or hear it from the lips of their excited female friends. Yet it seems that this classic traditional fashion from the Far East is catching on in every corner of the globe, even the social media obsessed West. It’s a hot new design, yet it’s centuries old in origin. So what is Mehndi design, and what is it all about?


Why Are Women Going Crazy For Traditional Mehndi Designs?

Henna mehndi designs (Sometimes spelled Mehendi design)  are cropping up on online stores and fashion outlets thousands of miles removed from their origins in the Far East. This may surprise you at first, until you take a look outside your window. You may just notice quite a few women wearing bright, colorful symmetrical designs on their skirts, tops, and dresses.

Mehndi fashions have managed to penetrate the mainstream culture in ways that are sure to captivate and delight your eyes. For example, you might see women using cell phones that feature Mehndi designs on their covers, or wearing brooches, bracelets, and earrings that incorporate these classic designs. One thing is for sure: If you look for them, you will certainly find them!

What Is The Secret Of Mehndi Fashion Appeal?

Many people are asking themselves just what the secret of the appeal of Mehndi fashion is. As it turns out, there are a number of answers that could be given in response to this question. Perhaps the biggest part of the appeal of Mehndi fashion is its versatility, its long history of tradition, and its ability to look good on nearly anything and anyone.

Mehndi Designs Are Sweeping All Across The Western World

Mehndi designs are sweeping all across the Western world at an astonishing rate of speed. This is one so called “fashion buzz” that is beginning to look like anything but a fashion trend that will be here today and gone tomorrow. Companies all across the world, such as Craftsvilla and many others, are doing their best to crank out Mehndi design themed items for women to snap up. This is a trend that shows every sign of remaining in fashion even after the initial hype and buzz has long worn off.

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Review of Egyptian Angles Rings from 7 Charming Sisters

Recently, we had the pleasure of receiving some fine items from a very cute and growing jewelry shop called 7 Charming Sisters.


Apparently formed by seven enterprising ladies, the company aspires to sell amazing (yet afforadable) jewelry designed for women from all classes, creeds, and affects who “aren’t afraid to showcase their style”. Today, we focus on the Egyptian Angles Rings, which consists of a set of 3 stackable golden rings and a wonderful buy for the price.

egyptian-ring-2 Here are the basic facts: Each ring of the Egyptian Angles Rings is made of 10k gold plated metal alloy and hit at ¾” diameter for a size 7. No closure on these and the retail price for the set is $16.99. Now, on to the fashion and fit: I really liked these three-in-one rings! They’re definitely trendy what with accessorization still being hot to trot, and these are especially fun to mix and match. Each ring is the same size, so they are best worn on the ring and middle fingers. The fit runs on the slightly larger side of nearly true to size, which is makes it easy to mix and match.


Now, about the looks: The gold color is as displayed and works beautifully with a casual weekend outfit or dressed up. The bar ring is the outlier- the two triangles nest perfectly together in true stackable fashion, and work equally as well individually. The bar is fine worn individually but all three rings together MIGHT be a bit much. Your mileage may vary though!

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Infographic: The Kurti Trend

Our friends over at Jabongworld, who specialize in Southeastern Asian garb, assembled an infographic for us about the Kurti, a women’s clothing option that is popular in the East but less-than-well-known in the West. Click on the thumbnail image below to open a bigger version and learn something new about modern Eastern fashion for women!

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CONTEST: Win a Steel Rose Gold Bracelet From Maria Shireen!!

Happy 2016 everyone! Time for the first contest of the year at cefashion.net! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’re giving away a piece of women’s jewelry valued at $45!

Maria Shireen prides itself in producing high quality jewelry, and the items from the Bittersweet Collection are no different. Check out their shop for some examples, especially the rose gold ionized plated finish bracelet that we are giving away!


Now, there’s a few ways to enter for a chance to win. One way is to fill out the form below. Another way is to follow Maria Shireen on Instagram and then fill out the below form, making sure to enter the name/ handle(s) you used to follow MS on social media in the third text field. You can get an additional entry for following on Instagram and giving your email!

Contest is open to US and Canadian residents, 18+ years. One entry per person please. End date is January 26, 2016 at 11:59pm. Email-supplied entries may be added to the Maria Shireen newsletter subscription list upon entry. Good luck, everyone!

Contest partners:

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Super Cute Winter Outfit Ideas for Women

Winters add a lot of fun to the whole fashion statement. You get to choose from so many garment options.

So get the best look this winter with these simple and cute winter outfit ideas.

6 winter office outfits

1.    The Shopping Look

A day out shopping is definitely one of the best days and so you would want to have the best look on before you step out of the door. So here it goes. A personal favorite; denim mini skirt is the first choice. Choose a plaid shirt but don’t go for a worn-out one. You need to look fresh and super cute. Complete the look with fringe, knee length boots. For a purse, you can go with a shoulder strap bag. By the time you’re done, you’ll definitely look ravishing.

2.    The Playful Look

Planning a day out with some kids? Then you’ll need something comfortable yet cute at the same time. Go for overalls; denim ones will do perfectly well. A soft color tee shirt, with some cute pictures or phrase would add fun to the whole garment. Lastly, some matching sneakers will get you all ready for a playful day out with the kids.

3.    The Classy Look

A tweed skirt will always make a woman stand out and although it might be a bit cold, it will make you look fantastic. Next, a long sleeve crop top; not the same color let it compliment your skirt. Add a low lying necklace that goes with the whole combination and also a matching bag. Go classy with this one, going for subtle colors. Just add high heels and your look is complete.

4.    The Tomboy Look

Remember the good old days when you used to kick the ball around with other kids on the street? Well, bring back the memories with this simple look. Plain jeans will go perfectly well with a graphic tee shirt. A funny phrase tee would be perfect. Tie a plaid cardigan around your waist and add a matching set of sneakers. For accessories, just add a band watch or a cap and you’re done.

5.    The Cowgirl Look

Let’s first start with a Fringe Jacket that is sure to catch everyone’s eye as you walk down the street. Add a hat to match and Metallic Booties to go along with your metallic shirt. You can go for a pair of jeans that compliments your overall outfit. The overall combination will give the perfect cowgirl look. Don’t forget to add a handkerchief around your neck and you’ll be ready to step on the set of Back to the Future III. You can also try these other winter outfit ideas.

6.    The Workout Look

Of course you couldn’t just hit the gym with your summer gym clothes. For your gym tee, opt for a long sleeve workout tee that is cozy and warm. You can add a full zipper hoodie over it. This might be the right time to add leg warmers under your sweatpants.

Want to know more about winter workout clothes? Check out Kate Hudson’s workout clothing line and be inspired by the latest fashion trends.

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A NYE Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Even with the more traditional holidays over, who would turn down another little present or two? Here’s a really handy New Years Eve – or late X-Mas! – gift guide for the ladies in your life.

Gifts For Her:

  • The Beauty Conscious:

clinique clean skin system

CLINIQUE Clean Skin, Great Skin Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush- Sephora

Women of all ages love to pamper themselves with cosmetics and skin care products and why shouldn’t they? This would be the perfect gift for the one who loves to keep her skin looking flawless.

Poppy picnic limited-edition Amazonian clay eye & cheek palette – Tarte cosmetics

Thankfully, even with the holiday season almost over, you can still get a variety of gift sets at a comparatively reasonable price. Same is the case with cosmetics and what better gift for a woman who loves to makeup then a set of all the essentials?

  • For The One Who Loves Fashion:

Sophie and Trey dress

All that Shimmers Dress In Black – Sophie and Trey

Nothing can make her as happy as a beautiful dress, so why not make her the happiest? You can get some gorgeous dresses at a price still that wouldn’t break your bank. This way, you’d be gifting her something she can productively and fashionably utilize.

asos clutch bag

Clutch Bag with Suede Fringing — ASOS

There is so much you can give to a woman who just loves to dress and accessorize well, like: a scarf, a bag, shoes, watch and what not; the choices are endless. But, a bag is something she can never say no to, so you know what she could always use!

  • The Tech Geek:


Rotibox Washable Slouchy Bluetooth

Rotibox Washable Slouchy Bluetooth Beanie Hat Cap w/ Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Headset

Good for you that technology too comes in all shapes, sizes and prices so you can get your hands on a number of things or two. Baby, it’s so cold outside and there’s nothing better than a beanie as a holiday present. But wait, where is the tech twist in it? There is more to this seemingly normal beanie you can listen to music without plugging in any headphones because the beanie has a pair built in within it. So if she loves to go out for a walk or run then this beanie has something in it to musically enjoy this time.


  • The Comic Nerd:


star wars ewok scarf

Star Wars Ewok Knit Hooded Scarf – Think Geek

If she is a star wars fan then there is something for everyone. She might be into everything star wars – yes, even the Ewoks!  If that is the case then she might love some Ewok scarf warmth as a present for a cold ball-drop countdown.

  • She Loves To Cook:

oil infuser

Press & Measure Herb Oil Infuser – Handpicked Collection

If there’s one thing a master chef woman wants it must be something that keeps her close to the kitchen and even closer to the oven. Let’s gift her something she can’t have enough of.

copper stand mixer

Copper Stand Mixer – Williams Sonoma

And if she loves to bake then you should definitely gift her something for the cakes. The mixer is looks great and work its mixing magic effortlessly.

Well, there you have a gift for every woman in your life. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

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