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Women’s Bucket Bags For Fall 2015

There are certain qualities that have to be present for a good handbag to be a great handbag. The first quality is style. Women want a bag that looks good and this handbag is constructed of a synthetic pebbled leather that gives it the texture hat is so hot in fashion today. Also, faux leather has come a long way since it was first developed and with the newest version is almost impossible to tell the difference between faux and real leather, making it a more animal-friendly choice.

bucket bag

Another quality of a great handbag is the function. This particular Metaphor bag that can be found at, is a cross-body bag that makes it easier to go about your daily activities hands-free. It also has a footed, flat base that will keep your bag from tipping over and a nice drawstring/magnetic cinching system that will keep all of your important items secured. These are very important factors because I think that just about every woman has experienced the handbag “roll-over”, where all your personal items have been strewn all over the floor. The drawstring adds a fashionable interest to the body of the handbag by creating more texture with the ripples of faux leather that it creates.

bucket bags 2

The last quality that makes a great handbag is roominess and organization. With the Metaphor’s bucket shape, it gives you ample room to store all the important items that you need to have with you every day and enough pockets/sections within the interior to keep you organized. In the handbag world, the Metaphor Woman’s Drawn To Your Bucket Bag, as well as Canyon River Blues Women’s Spruce version, are fashionable, versatile choices for a great medium-sized bag. Additionally, at Sears these bags come in a variety of colors, with the color-blocked selections of blue/black, orange/black, and egret/black combinations being available!

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Earrings Rule the Red Carpet at 67th Emmy Awards

When it comes to the award ceremonies each year, the red carpet is where you will see what is trending in both fashion and jewelry.  At this year’s 67th Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on September 20th, it was definitely the “statement earring” that ruled the red carpet.  There was so much emphasis placed on the earring that a lot of celebrity necklines remained bare, in order to let the earrings steal the show.

9-23 blog emmys 2015 julia louis-dreyfus-min One example is Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who was stunning in a one-shoulder black gown.  Not only was Julia a winner in the category of “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series”, but she also brought on the sparkle with her 28.78 carat white and colored diamond earrings by Chopard. They were like wearing an entire solar system of shining stars on your ears.

9-23 blog emmys 2015 sofia vergara with spiral diamond earings-min

A similarly stunning look was worn by Sophia Vegara from Modern Family.  To accessorize her curve loving, strapless metallic dress, she chose a large spiral pair of champagne diamond earrings, set in platinum, by a popular celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz.  The spiral shape brought much interest up to her jaw-line and golden color of the diamonds was the perfect accompaniment to her shimmering golden gown.

gemstone earrings modern family star-min

Aside from the splash of all diamonds, there were also some great gemstone and vintage looking earrings on this year’s Emmy Awards red carpet.  Julie Bowen, also a starring actress from the hit comedy show Modern family, had a pair of deep green, organically shaped drop earrings that dangled from a sparkly diamond hoop.  These and Julie’s matching ring really infused some color to her fantastic mermaid style gown.

maggie gyllenhaal vintage earings emmys-min

There were also several vintage- looking statement earrings that were worn at the 2015 Emmy red carpet.  Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal had on this gorgeous pair of diamond and gold lacy medallion drop earrings that were not overpowering, but still made a statement.

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The Lowdown on Button Down Skirts

If walking into a store today reminds you of Clueless, we couldn’t agree more. The 90’s trends of fake tattoo necklaces, mini skirts, crop tops (once called belly shirts) and 70’s come 90’s inspired flares are back! If you’re not ready to relive your jr high school days just yet, might we suggest easing into the look with a front button skirt.

Lucy Paris Scalloped A-Line Mini Skirt

Paired with tall boots or flats, these skirts really come together. However you can make the skirt look a little more modern with short booties or wedges for a new take on an old trend. Another way to dress up the look is by playing with luxe fabrics and fun hems. When it gets a little colder add some Cher approved knee highs or colorful tights to take the mini skirt into the winter months.

handm denim skirt

Check out some of our favorites, such as the Lucy Paris Scalloped A-Line Mini Skirt. The rich cognac color, scalloped detailing and faux suede material give this Boho-style skirt some extra pizzaz. For a more streamlined simple look, try Aqua’s Faux Suede Snap-Front Skirt. This mini packs a big dose of “downtown cool.” Looking for something a little longer? H&M’s Denim Skirt with buttons down the front and side pockets is the perfect compromise, all of the look and a little more length, for those times you don’t want to show too much leg.

Embrace a buttoned skirt from your childhood; just leave your butterfly clips and Tamagotchis at home!

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Healthy Hair Equals a Great Hair Day, Every Day!

Everyone is always looking for that “quick fix” for a great hair day, but actually there are many factors that contribute to beautiful hair. First of all, you have to start with “healthy” hair. One of the major keys to having healthy hair is proper nutrition. There are certain vitamins that are essential for hair growth like Vitamin C and the B Vitamin grouping, which includes Vitamin B7, B3, and Vitamin H, also commonly known as Biotin and Niacin. You can find Vitamin C in fruits and some vegetables, along with the B Vitamins in brown rice, meat, egg yolks, poultry, yogurt, and some soy products. Without these nutrients in your diet, either from food or through supplements, you hair does not have the ability to maintain its growth and shine. Of course, you can never forget the importance that drinking water plays in maintaining balance and function in your body, so get plenty of that too.


Next, you have to use products on your hair that are also good for keeping the hair shaft supple and hydrated. There are all kinds of treatment out there for your type of hair, whether it be dry, oily, thin, or coarse. Some of the shampoos and products have ingredients in them that dry the hair out, instead of plumping it with moisture and essential oils. One of my favorite products in this category is WEN. After you can get away from the fact that it is not a shampoo in the traditional sense, but instead a “cleansing conditioner” that is able to clean your hair without stripping it of its external nutrients, then you can enjoy the results of soft, healthy hair. Just make sure that you follow the directions for the best results.

Lastly, for different types of hair there is an individual need when it comes to drying your hair. At, they have reviewed the best in hair dryers and broken down the mystery of what type of dryer you need for your specific type of hair. By implementing the newest in technology with materials like tourmaline, titanium, ceramic, and ionic into hair dryers, you can find out what type of material in your styling tool will give you exactly the hair results that you are looking for. Why spend endless amounts of money buying styling tools that will not work on your hair, when you can check out this site to know exactly which hair dryer will give you the results that you need for your “great hair day”, every day.

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For Fall 2015, It’s All About Flares!

This season, skinny pants are out! Ok, maybe not fully expendable, but the style pendulum is swinging back towards the boot cut jeans of your youth. While you may be tempted to dig out a pair from the back of your close – ask yourself honestly, do they still fit? – today’s flares have a bit more of a modern feel.


What’s different about the new flares? First off, the leg is tapered on the thigh and down past the knee before gradually extending into a boot cut for that slim skinny look we all grew to love. Think of it as a combination, as if you’re skinnies and old boot cut jeans had a baby. The look is not only sleeker and sophisticated, but also makes for a great elongating silhouette.

Afraid you won’t be able to pull off denim that’s not clinging to your calves? No matter your dress size or body type, a flared leg will actually lengthen your legs, which will in turn improve the appearance of your thighs. This means if your short, you’ll actually look taller! If you’re plus-sized, you’ll look balanced and lean. Even a boyish figure will be enhanced due to a little extra fabric by your feet!


So jump on board this new flared trend! If you’re not ready to go all in, might we suggest incorporating just a pair or two into your wardrobe to change it up. No one says you need to give up your skinnies completely, but when you see how good you look in your new jeans, you might just want to!

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Infographic: Recent Trends of In-Flight Fashion


Check out this nifty infographic care of It details the uniforms worn by flight attendants and pilots at several of the well-known airlines, AirFrance to Virgin Atlantic.  (more…)

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