Women’s Fashion Advice – What To Want For An Engagement Ring

There is nothing a woman loves to do more than show off her engagement ring. It is the single most important piece of jewelry she owns, and it represents the excitement she feels in preparing for her wedding. The engagement ring is a source of pride and devotion she feels towards her groom. She is given a sense of belonging and the feeling of being loved.


The groom who knows his bride very well will have no problem picking out a ring that will perfectly suit her personality and be as lovely as she is. The wedding rings do not need to be expensive. When the groom is searching for affordable engagement rings, he can find many rings that fall into that category. An engagement ring does not necessarily need to be a solitaire diamond. The popularity of Moissanite as a diamond alternative is quite popular among women. The cut and clarity of the man-made stone is impressive. The internal brilliance of this gemstone can outshine the diamond in color and flash. It has a dispersion rate twice that of the diamond, which allows the Moissanite the ability to deliver twice the color.

The Moissanite is a result of an accidental discovery of bits and pieces of a meteor that scattered diamond-like material around in Arizona. This material was examined. It was then cut as a gemstone in the 1800s. Today, it is manufactured in North Carolina where it was successfully grown in a lab in 1998 and used in a variety of beautifully brilliant jewelry.

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