Women’s Fashion Advice – Evening Dresses for Elegant Evenings

Searching for an evening dress will never get old! What woman doesn’t enjoy shopping for a dress for an elegant night on the town? With classic styles and trendy new looks to choose from, you’re sure to obtain the glamorous look you’re after no matter what type of venue you’ll be attending. Once you consider shopping for a dress in accordance with your shape, you’ll be ready to hit the racks or your favorite online stores to put together your winning new look!

Dressing for Your Shape


Should you wear a long or short dress? Empire waist or A-line? Spaghetti straps or strapless? First, it’s good to know that certain dress styles can flatter particular shapes. For instance, a very skinny woman might choose a dress with ruffles and flounces to give her the illusion of curves.  Women with apple shapes might go with an empire waist that removes emphasis from her middle area. A petite woman does best to steer away from long gowns and capes that can overwhelm a slighter frame. If you happen to be pair-shaped, you might want to consider a bodice that calls attention to your upper frame–a form fitting top or one that shimmers with rhinestones. A-line dresses also look well on pear shapes. 

Classic Black Dresses for Multiple Occasions

That basic black dress doesn’t have to be basic at all. Your go-to black can be as glamorous as the event in question. A high neck dress in black lends a regal air to your style while an off-the shoulder dress is a bit more playful, yet still classic in the romantic sense. You might choose a sleek sheath dress for dinner at an upscale restaurant or a floor-length fitted gown for a formal affair. Black is a stand out and will also provide a great backdrop for your jewelry. For a glamorous even, choose a black strapless A-line gown with a matching wrap. Moreover, keep fabric in mind. A stiffer fabric will provide more structure for your appearance while an airy and light fabric will give you a softer look. 

Go Red

Red can be wild and fun, but it also has a sultry but elegant side. A crimson dress is perfect for a romantic night on the town. If you are after a more classic look, choose a dress with sleeves and a matching cape. To soften the look of an edgy red strapless dress, go with shoes that have ankle straps or add a matching shawl for a more classically romantic style. 

Metallic Style


Metallic dresses are glamorous. You can find on with a vintage look that will make you feel like you just walked off a Hollywood stage during the Golden Era of film. When wearing a silver, bronze, or gold dress, it can actually help to show a lot of skin as a contrast to the bright material. Moreover, because of all the shimmer, you’ll want to keep jewelry to a minimum–a single gorgeous ring that can hold its own against the metallic fabric or a bangle that matches your gown. You can wear a metallic dress to a formal event or dinner or even to a wedding reception.


A patterned dress can be tricky. Patterns come and go in and out of style like paisley for instance. While an animal print is always popular, it isn’t always the right choice for every type of event; it’s a bit over-the-top for a benefit, but certainly appropriate for a VIP seats at a concert venue. Stripes, polka dots, and chevron patterns are timeless, but it will depend on the venue and the overall style of the event to determine whether they’re the right choice for you. A floral pattern is often a lovely choice when you’re going for a classic look; for a glamorous floral look, choose a dress in satin to ramp up its drama! 

Whether you opt for a slit up the back or a plunging neckline is entirely up to you and your style. Often the venue or event will dictate the type of dress you choose to wear. In any case, be sure to choose one you’re comfortable with and you’ll be sure to enjoy whatever glamorous event you attend!

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