DIY Fashion – Trend That Can Save You Money

Halloween is usually that time of the year where we think to ourselves “I want to do something for Halloween but I don’t want to spend that much money on a costume”. That’s when one a little lamp lights up above your head saying “Let’s be creative and make some DIY costumes”. It’s interesting how we feel creative when it comes to creating our own costumes, but why should we restrict ourselves to only Halloween?

The holiday season can also be a good opportunity to exercise the right side of your brain by creating new clothes and accessories that will capture everybody’s attention. Usually during the holidays, many clothing retail stores hike up their prices in order to generate more sales during this period of the year where people spend the most. There is always a last minute gift for someone in the family to buy. But the truth is that although you feel as though you really need that new dress, is it really worth spending all your hard earned cash on it? Not only that, but sometimes we accumulate so many clothes in our closets that we have no idea that we actually have. So during this controversial time of the year, where some people claim to give more for the others and some others claim to have to buy more gifts, a good idea is to do some sort of recycling in your closet while revamping a few of you own looks.

white fabric

A good and classical example is the white dress that we would all like to wear for New Years Eve. You probably have no idea about how many white clothing items you might still have in your closet. You may have bought because it was a very good deal but you’ve only end up wearing once or twice. This is the perfect example of clothing that has great potential to become your brand new NYE look. With the help of some Pinterest images for inspiration and a few embellishments and craft supplies you can make a look that will rock the New Year’s party.

What about the ugly Christmas sweater? Most retail stores are transforming the classical ugly Christmas sweater in a trendier sweater by adding a few sequins to it. This little detail makes the whole difference and brings a more festive style to the original sweater.


Why not trying to do the same while saving some money?  If you master the art of sewing and quilting, this is the best time of the year to remember these skills that were perhaps forgotten in the past. You can easily find fashionable yarn that already comes with sequins so that you can have fun sewing your own DIY trendy Christmas sweater. What if you could do all that without leaving the comfort of your house during the holiday break? Isn’t it the perfect plan? You can easily shop and buy fabrics online and put your creativity to the test!

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Celebrity Fashion News – 2014 SAG Awards

If there is a “season” for award ceremonies, this is certainly it. Just as Thanksgiving flows into Christmas and New Years once the holidays start rolling, so is it that there is a run of red carpets as celebrities transition from one award ceremony to the next. As we move towards the “big daddy” of them all in five weeks, The Oscars, we have the opportunity to see both talent and fashion acknowledged at different events. This past weekend was the SAG Awards, which is particularly meaningful to actors and actresses because it is their peers, members of the Screen Actors Guild, who vote to acknowledge their excellence in film and television.


On the carpet this year at the SAG Awards, I found that the men had taken a backseat to the women when it came to fashion forwardness. They definitely leaned more toward classic and demure looks, rather than trendy. One example is Matt Damon and his wife Lucianna. Mat looks very ‘business-like” in his Dolce and Gabbana muted stripe, charcoal suit with the straight tie and lace-up black oxfords. He is definitely outshined by his wife’s silky, strapless ivory gown with the ruffled accents. What a gentleman he is for making sure that his lady is the center of the attention!

unusual blue tuxedo at sag awards

One tuxedo that did impress me was this navy blue one with the thin black lapel. The squared-off lapel bottom and frog-style button closure gives the suit an almost nehru look. The plain white dress shirt and black bow tie keep the focus on the front of the jacket, where it should be. Of course, the most noteworthy thing here is the blue color, which is something I’d expect more from a blazer from Stuarts London. It definitely works though!

sag awards strapless gowns

In the ladies line-up on the red carpet of the SAG Awards two things ruled: strapless and color! Some shining examples are: Sandra Bullock showing off some leg in her emerald green, shimmery Lanvin gown with the side bow; Jennifer Lawrence looking fantastically “party-like” in this sleek black Dior gown with iridescent sequins; and Lupita Nyong looking like a Caribbean dream in her form-fitting, blue Gucci gown with the delicate floral neckline.

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Women’s Fashion Trends – Embellishing Comfort Clothing

Despite being known as frumpy and shapeless, sweatshirts remain a staple in our wardrobe. Seriously, who can rock TFNC sequin party dresses or watn to every day? Great to keep you cozy and comfortable, we won’t ever ditch our athletic gear. But you can now rest easy as these dowdy pieces are getting a stylish makeover.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 3.34.17 PM

Embellished sweats can be found everywhere and for every budget from big department stores like Saks Fifth Ave to Old Navy. Designers are adding leather accents, sequins, beads, pearls, and even sheer sleeves to really change things up.

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