Look Back at Men’s Fashion Week NYC 2015

On July 13-16 of this year, the Council of Fashion Designers of America debuted “Men’s Fashion Week NYC”, which was an entire fashion show of men’s clothing and accessories for the Spring/Summer of 2016. Usually menswear designers are included in runway events like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and other fashion weeks in cities like Milan and London, but this one was different in that it was exclusively men’s fashion that was showcased.

Todd Snyder 2016 For this CDFA debut at Skylight Clarkson Square in NYC, there was a mix of American inspired menswear designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Todd Snyder, and Michael Bastian, who unveiled their collections for the next Spring/Summer season. Todd Snyder’s 2016 collection took us, through fashion, to the Almalfi Coast and Island of Capri in Italy with his use of lightweight, neutral fabrics like in this loose gauge knit sweater and linen-look trousers, accented by a dark chocolate leather belt and strap sandals. This outfit by Todd Snyder could easily be imagined being worn while sipping wine at a hillside café or strolling the along the ocean edge. It is a great casual look for Spring/Summer 2016.


There were also designers like Asof Ganot at the CDFA New York Men’s Fashion Week, who added more of an urban spin on the Spring 2016 fashion with his use of the tailored elements of a suit and mixed it with the casualness of color-blocking and frayed edges. Asof has a unique take on what is usually a more formal type of dress.


One of the design labels that was formed by two British transplants is Rag and Bone. They started out designing because they could not find a decent pair of jeans. For the 2016 Spring/Summer season, Rag and Bone is inspired by movement and an active lifestyle, which is evident in their wind-breaker type fabrics, zippered utilitarian jackets, and lowered inseam pant that allow more freedom of movement. Rag and Bone’s use of details like side-striping of pants, multi-layered shirts, and monochromatic hues keep the look modern and interesting.

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70. Cardigans and you

INFEASIBLE: Striped cardigans

Rag & Bone Striped Cardigan
(From eLuxury)

Anything striped must look ironed or at the very least straightened. Lined shirts that are loose just come across as lazy or tired. So, naturally, a cardigan (the quinessential loose-fit and comfortable top type) was never meant to have bands on it. But hey, Rag & Bone knows what they’re doing, right? WRONG. Not having your buttons in the bottom half of the piece helps too, you know.

Feasible: Solid color cardigan

Generra mineral blue wool v-neck cardigan
(Brought to you by Bluefly)

Cardigans are best with either plain pastels or rich, vibrant hues. Very nice.

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