Men’s Fashion Advice – Ideal Fashionable Gifts for Men

Let’s face it; choosing gifts for the man in your life isn’t the easiest of tasks! There are only so many pairs of socks, power tools and cufflinks you can buy before he starts getting frustrated! The good news is, thanks to the never-ending reach of the Internet there are plenty of unique gifts you can invest in, and personalised presents can be found in the unlikeliest of places. If you’re stuck for inspiration then the ideas below will help.

Remember this is his ideal gift, not yours!
According to Psychology Today, we often find it hard to buy for others because we focus instead on our own ideals. You look for what you think he will like, rather than what he would think is an ideal gift. So the key to finding the perfect present is getting inside his head. Obviously this isn’t as easy as it sounds! To make it easier, there are a few general gifts that most men would be more than happy to receive. The list below will give you some good ideas of what to invest in.


1. All things gadget
If there’s one thing men love, it is gadgets! There are all kinds of weird and wonderful gadgets out there. Some are useful and some are just plain weird. If you’re looking for a useful gadget for the computer lover in your life then a customised USB from USB Makers could be the answer. You can opt to have your own logo on there, so make it personal to him. It may sound like a boring gift, but for the tech savvy guy it’s bound to put a huge smile on his face!

2. A personalised hamper
A personalised hamper can contain several of his favourite things. The great thing about this gift is, you can tailor it to suit your budget. If money is no object, include his favourite aftershave, DVDs, a game, sweets and clothes. If budget is an issue then stick to just a couple of those things. Putting together a little hamper is personal and shows how much you know your guy. He will totally appreciate it.

3. Experience days
Experience days have grown in popularity and it isn’t hard to see why. You can choose from a wide range of experiences, including race track days, flying lessons, bungee jumping, cruises and zoo keeper days. Whatever he’s into, there’s bound to be an experience day to suit his preferences.

4. A watch
Watches tend to be a popular gift because they are useful and stylish. You’ll find hundreds of different designs on the market so it helps to have some idea of what he’s into. Does he like the vintage style or is he a super modern geek? Do a little research to find the current top brands of watches on offer.


5. His favourite aftershave
If all else fails, his favourite aftershave will always make a fantastic gift. You can buy many brands in gift sets, which also include either a shower gel or a body lotion. Why not treat him to a gift set and watch his face light up?

These are just five of the top gifts you can buy the man in your life. Long gone are the days when men’s gifts were boring and predictable! If you’re looking for further inspiration, check out some of the top gifts for men as advised by the guys at Ask Men.

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