Men’s Fashion Advice – How To Look Like A Celebrity

Guys with little to no fashion sense can learn a lot from the following five dudes. These 5 guys are 2013’s most fashionable male celebrities. They’ve got the swagger, the sharp ties and an ability to make it appear effortless – even in a three-piece suit. Ladies swoon over these dudes, so maybe infusing a little of their style into your wardrobe will offer you the chance to be with someone like Cameron Diaz or Jessica Biel.

Justin Timberlake


A lot of men were quick to dismiss Timberlake back in the days when he was known by 15 year old girls as J.T., a member of the boy band, N*SYNC. But, some time after leaving N*SYNC and breaking up with Britney Spears, J.T. got fashionable and admittedly cool. He’s the man who brought sexy back with body-hugging fits, suit and tie combos and pleated-front toppers.

It’s best not to copy Timberlake’s entire style, but rather settle on one of his many looks. He’s one classy dude and if you’re looking to marry someone like Jessica Biel, you may want to take note of his style. That may mean cutting your hair and shining your shoes once in a while.

Barney Stinson

Admittedly, Barney Stinson isn’t a real person, but rather a character portrayed by the less-stylish Neil Patrick Harris. In real life, Harris is known for some decent fashion choices, but his character Barney Stinson knows that the only fashion mistake a man can make is not wearing a suit. Stinson takes the number 2 place, not because his labels are the nicest, but rather because he’s consistent, stylish and he wears his clothes with purpose and that purpose is to woo the ladies.

Stinson is a legendary ladies man, but if you want to score the babes in real life, don’t be afraid to hit up a tailor. Ask for the Stinson and he’ll pair you with a three-piece suit and a legen… wait for it…dary wingman.

David Beckham


Beckham makes two full-sleeves of tattoos look chic. His hair is as high fashion as his wardrobe. The dude has sported everything from a bald head to a wafting pompadour. Because of his impeccable style, he’s graced the covers of the world’s top fashion magazines, including GQ, who named him among the most stylish athletes in the world. They also dedicated an entire series of photos to Beckham’s stylish moments.

If you’re hoping to look posh, and perhaps date a woman who looks like David’s wife Posh Spice, you should copy David’s signature looks. David is known for his scruffy face, quaffed hair and tailored suits.

Adam Levine

Levine hasn’t been in the fashion scene for too long, but with a girlfriend like Bahati Prinsloo, who is a Victoria Secret’s fashion model, it’s not surprising he’s picked a few things off the runway. Levine’s style isn’t all sharp suits and shiny shoes. It’s more leather jackets, custom t-shirts and studded belts.

Women flock to good-looking Levine, so if you’re single, take a page from Levine’s book, and keep it original. Do something original, like designing your own apparel at a custom t shirt printing shop. Then, when they stop to compliment you on your shirt, you can tell the ladies you designed it yourself. To recreate Levine’s swagger in your own bedroom, you’ll need to think for yourself and create a hip look that’s all your own, but also features timeless rocker classics like ripped jeans and Doc Martins. Merge these two worlds and you may just get invited to the next VS after party.

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