Maternity Fashion Advice – 5 Tips For Shopping Smart & Looking Chic!

If you want to look good from week 1 to week 40 of your pregnancy, just stick with a few simple rules and you’ll feel a million bucks!


Shop smart and save

With all the changes to our body during pregnancy, combined with not always feeling crash hot, dressing well can help us feel feminine and good about ourselves. Get yourself along to a maternity sale or even better, let your fingers do the walking instead and check out discount online retailers such as

Be yourself

If certain cuts, colours and styles don’t suit you when you’re not pregnant, then use these as your governing principles for buying maternity wear. You’ll be spoiled for choice once you start looking around, so stick to your guns on what works for you.

Get the basics sorted

You simply can’t go past wardrobe basics like pants, tops and dresses. See how long you can get out of existing clothes before committing to new purchases, especially by using pants extenders. Aim for solid colours rather than loud, unflattering prints. To add your sense of style or dress things up a bit, simply add accessories.

Get the right fit

Shoes: Pregnancy waddle on heels or tight closed-in shoes combined with swollen ankles (aka ‘cankles’), no thanks. Being kind to your back and feet doesn’t mean going for the nanna look. Sandals and ballet pumps have become wardrobe essential these days and they’re a great options throughout pregnancy. You can buy casual or smart versions of both to partner up with your summer and winter pregnancy clothes. Aim for cushioned and anti-slip soles for maximum comfort and safety.

Bras: While underwire bras generally give the best and most flattering shape, it’s best to retire them and invest in a good fitting maternity bra early on. Changes in the breasts can start as early as week six and although there is no definitive evidence to argue against underwire, discomfort and possible damage to developing milk ducts just ain’t worth the risk.

Sizing: Apart from being extremely uncomfortable, tight clothes really don’t leave much to the imagination. Sure you can show off your newfound curves and bump, but there’s a big difference between a form-fitting, flattering outfit to a super-revealing one that looks two sizes too small.

Buy bigger sizes

With some items of clothing, for example, shirts (sleeveless, tees, long-sleeve), you may be able to get away with simply buying bigger sizes, rather than maternity specific designs. By doing so, you’ll have a much wider range of clothing choices and get a better chance to stick with your usual tastes and look.

Even though your back is aching, your feet are swollen and you could sleep for Australia, stick with these five fashion tips and let the compliments roll on in.

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