Celebrity Fashion Spotlight – Men’s Fashion At 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival has grown to become a launching pad for Hollywood and Canada to celebrate the greatest that the film industry has to offer. It is considered one of the most important film festivals in the world, next to the Cannes Film Festival.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal

This September, TIFF drew celebrities to the Red Carpet for viewing films such as, “Prisoners”, “Joe”, and “12 Years a Slave.” Just as films are critiqued, the Red Carpet has its share of “rate-able” fashion. First off, is Jake Gyllenhaal who is starring with Hugh Jackson in the film “Prisoners”, which is exactly what he would be if the fashion police happen by. His black velvet-like three piece looks like something that a mother might pick out for picture day when a child is young. It lacks definition and pizzazz, considering all the choices out there this year. The only thing that this suit will do for Jake is keep him warm.

'Rush' premiere during the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival

Now, on the complete opposite of the spectrum is Chris Hemsworth, who is at the Toronto International Film Festival partly to celebrate his latest film “Rush.” His grey window pane 3-piece suit is tailored perfectly to his stature and is accented by the white dress shirt, thin burgundy tie, and reddish-brown oxfords. Chris definitely looks like he could have stepped right out of the pages of GQ.

The Grand Seduction actor Taylor Kitsch

Lastly, is the Red Carpet arrival of Taylor Kitsch, who was at the TIFF in support of his latest film “The Grand Seduction,” which ironically is exactly the opposite feeling that emanates from his outfit. Taylor’s dove grey suit almost blends completely into the backdrop. The jacket is cut well, but the trousers don’t have any wiggle room… The only redeemable parts are the micro-pattern tie, crisp white dress shirt, and black leather belt that I could see with a more color-saturated suit.

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