Women’s Fashion Trends – Six 2013 Trends in Designer Fashion

This year’s designer fashion options are exciting regardless of whether you are dressing up or dressing down. It does not matter whether you are a fashion newbie or a dyed-in-the-wool fashionista; there is something for everyone this season. Here is a brief look at six of the trends in designer fashion that have emerged in 2013.

Six 2013 Trends in Designer Fashion

Showing Skin is a Trend
Looking for something skin-baring to wear on a date? This year’s fashion trends offer plenty of options. For example, high slit skirts, daring shirt cutouts, peek-a-boo dresses, midriff-baring shirts and clothes made of sheer cloth are all in style this year. In the past, you might have had trouble purchasing these skin-baring items in some of the larger sizes; however, these days you can find these items in all sizes.

Beads Are In 
This year, delicate beading became important. Influences from Russia and various Middle Eastern countries could be seen particularly in the evening wear that made impact on fashion runways this season. Many up and coming designer jewelry brands like these are jumping on this bandwagon, but beads aren’t just for accessories! Beautiful long evening dresses with intricate beading are definitely in style this year. So, if you are searching for formal evening wear, you might want to forget about wearing short dresses. Long and beaded dresses are definitely in style this year.

The Short Suit 
If you are a fan of suits, you probably already noticed the short suits that were on all of the fashion runways this year. Short suits are popular because they combine opposing sensibilities in an exciting way. For example, wearing this year’s shorts suits lets you show off your legs; however, these suits also capture a certain business-like essence.

A-Line Style
This year, some designers have presented their own versions of the classic A-line skirt; however, that is not all. They have also designed A-line dresses for this season. If you are a fan of the A-line skirt, you will absolutely love this year’s sporty A-line dresses with their up-to-date shoulder-accentuating bodices. Also, if you are in the mood, you could pair a college sweatshirt or college jacket with your A-line dress to keep things from becoming monotonous.

Simple Black and White Makes the Grade
In previous seasons, designers have emphasized bright colors; however, this season basic black and basic white are making a comeback. There are, of course, advantages to wearing black or white. For example, white is associated with innocence and simplicity; it enhances the appearance of any clothing that you pair with it. Black, on the other hand, signifies seriousness and responsibility; so, if you are going to interview for a new job, wear black because black symbolizes the qualities that you must have in order to get the job. Black can also give your wardrobe a stylish edginess if, for example, you are wearing a black biker jacket or black high-heeled boots.

Leather Gets the Thumbs Up
If you love leather, this is your lucky year. Of note, the current trend includes wearing leather with simple hair styling, simple makeup and pared-down accessories; however, you need not adhere to that. One of the good things about leather is that it makes a timeless fashion statement that says that you are a fashionably unique individual. So, if you want to wear leather, dare to be bold. Wear your leather any way you want.

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