Women’s Beauty Spotlight – The MYA Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition that results in spots forming on the skin, often on the face or back. Acne can range in severity from mild to severe, and may cause scarring. Many people turn to creams, oils and make-up in order to cover up acne and scarring; however, in some cases these measures just aren’t enough to restore self confidence. For those who feel uncomfortable showing their natural skin because of acne scars, there are treatments available that can drastically reduce the appearance of acne scars and restore confidence.

MYA - non-surgical woman

How to manage acne

Keeping the skin clean and dry is important to help stop new spots from developing. Use a mild soap or cleanser to clean any affected areas twice a day (no more), but don’t scrub the skin as this will cause irritation. It is also advisable to wear as little foundation and powder as possible, as this will further clog pores.

Acne can’t be cured, but it can be controlled with treatment. Pharmacies have a number of gels, creams and lotions to treat spots. If you are concerned about your acne, speak to a pharmacist for advice on your treatment options. If your acne becomes severe and occurs your back and chest, you may need to treat it with stronger creams or antibiotics that are available on prescription from your GP.

Non-surgical procedures to help with scarring

If you suffer from acne scarring, you have no doubt tried a number of home and over the counter remedies to combat the effects. Acne sufferers often have low self-esteem as a result of the condition, but there are now a range of ways to improve skin that has been damaged by acne scarring.

CHC at MYA use the latest advances in skin therapy to improve the appearance of skin on the face and body. Their highly-skilled professionals can perform treatments such as Dermaroller, Omnilux Blue Light Therapy Pixel Laser Resurfacing and Skin Peels.

Dermaroller has proved particularly effective at battling acne scars. It is an advanced micro-medical skin-needling treatment, which encourages skin to regenerate and promotes the production of collagen. No layers of skin are removed, and the procedure is suitable for all skin types.

Thanks to new treatments such as this, the future is looking brighter for acne sufferers who want to regain their self-confidence and show off their natural, beautiful skin.

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