Women’s Wedding Fashion Advice – Keep The Bridesmaids’ Dresses Long!

A bride should have a say on every single decision made on her wedding day. Aside from her own attire for the special day, a bride must also select just the right outfits for her bridesmaids. Her decision will affect how each woman feels the day of the wedding, how her bridal party will look to the guests, and how pictures will turn out. Aside from her choice of wedding dress, the venue, and the cake, this could be one of the most important decisions a woman will make for her big day.


Long bridesmaid dresses, like what designer Tadashi Shoji specializes in, offer several advantages when compared with other, shorter styles that are currently gracing the wedding aisles. Here are three reasons that brides often choose longer dresses for their wedding party.

        Cooler Weather – If the temperatures outside are dropping, so should the bridesmaids’ hemlines. While the material often used for bridesmaid dresses isn’t necessarily warm, the longer length of the dress will at least provide some extra coverage and keep their legs warm.


        Formal Event – Weddings today can be casual or formal, depending on the preference of the bride and groom. Etiquette suggests that formal events require longer dresses. While it is completely up to the bride and her personal preference, most choose to have the bridesmaids match up to the formality of the event.
        Time of Day – The later the hour for the wedding, the longer the length of the dress. Again, this is something that may or may not affect the bride’s decision when it comes to the length of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

As you can see, long dresses trump the short ones for weddings. Believe me, you party will appreciate the thought/ thank you!

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