Women’s Fashion Trends – What’s With The Subscription Box Craze?

Subscription boxes are a popular service of late. For those of you who don’t know, subscription boxes typically send customers fun packages once a month with an array of sample sized products to test. Many of these services also offer discounts if you purchase full sized products through their websites.


As a beauty product junkie, it wasn’t too hard to convince me to jump on the bandwagon. But deciding which company to sign up with was a little harder. Out of three finalists, Birchbox ($10, www.birchbox.com), Ipsy ($10, www.ipsy.com), and Glossy Box ($20, www.glossybox.com), I ended up choosing Glossy Box, even though it’s the most expensive. Both Birchbox and Ipsy had waiting lists and nothing kills an impulse purchase faster than taking extra time to think things over.

… I kid! That wasn’t my only reason for going with Glossy Box. The real impetus was that I wanted to try new brands, and Glossy Box carries both brands that I already like and brands I’ve wanted to try. When the box arrived, I wasn’t disappointed. All the brands were new to me.


But let’s back up for a minute and talk about the packaging! This month’s box was a conceived in collaboration with fashion illustrator, Dallas Shaw. Each box is reusable, and this one felt extra special—the lid had an original drawing by Dallas Shaw, and a mini beauty magazine. Unwrapping the box one layer of tissue at a time felt like a luxurious adventure, and I will definitely be keeping the box itself to hid keepsakes and other treasures in.

Inside were two full sized products—vegan nail polish by SpaRitual, and a neutral colored lipstick by Tarte. The retail cost of these two products more than cover the monthly fee for the box! While I didn’t particularly care for the nail polish (strange consistency and unflattering color), the lipstick was great. I also received a silky drawstring pouch filled with perfume samples by Oscar de la Renta—lots of fun and perfect for travelling or tossing in my purse. The last two items were substantially sized, though not full sized: a conditioning crème rinse by Philip B. and a Honey Almond oil mist by C. Booth.


In summary: I was very please with Glossy Box and definitely felt like I got my money’s worth. I liked 4 out of the 5 items I got and will probably explore those brands further. While I don’t think I will order a subscription box every month (because that adds up to a lot of products, even for a beauty junkie), it is a really fun treat and a good way to explore new products. Luckily, Glossy Box has a couple of different subscription plans. The only argument I could come up with against subscription boxes is that you don’t know what the contents will be, and might feel that you’ve wasted your money if you don’t like what you get. But that outcome doesn’t seem particularly likely, given the popularity of subscription boxes.

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