Women’s Fashion Trends – Spring Footwear

The finishing touch to any outfit is always the footwear you choose to wear. If the dress is perfect for that formal occasion and you’ve taken hours of effort to get your hair and makeup right and then worn flats instead of heels, you’ve wasted all your effort and ruined your look.

Your footwear should be the cherry on top of the cake and should not take away from your dress and ruin its essence. To know the right kind of shoes to wear, you also need to know what’s in style. Read on to find out more on the latest trends for spring in the world of footwear fashion.

1.  Boots – Western Style



Western style boots are pretty in this season, and they’re also available at horse equipment retailers like Western riding and work boots as well as a variety fashion outlets.

The boots work well with a pair of torn jeans and a peasant hippie dress, and the fine leather makes them look a class apart. Western Style boots can be worn on several occasions and also on events such as derbies.

2.  Flat Footwear – Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

Nothing can replace gladiator sandals from among the trend of spring and summer footwear. Designed as being comfortable, airy and stylish, these sandals go perfectly with any casual and semi-casual occasion.

Gladiator sandals also come in a variety of different styles such as the basic ones, which reach till only your ankles while others that reach up to knee length. Gladiator sandals are a great option for just about anyone for spring and summer both because they perfect for everyday wear as well as any casual hang out with friends or family.

3.  Pumps – Snake Print Pumps


Pumps are the most oft worn formal shoes and are available in the most styles that range from the entirely plain ones to some outrageous offerings. The snake print trend in pumps this summer is a mix of both plain and the outrageous.

Spring is considered a time when life in every form seems to be in bloom and so spring is associated with bright colors. The snake print trend is mixed with bright pops of colors along with neutrals ones to make unique pairs of shoes that go with all your clothes due to the neutral shades and yet stand out with the bright ones.

4.  Wedges – Sneaker Wedges


Sneaker wedges have been popular for a while, but not so much as they are expected to be this spring when color and innovation will bring about the most magnificent creations in this variety of wedges.

There seems to be, once again, a demand for a lot of bling and glitter which is also expected to hit meet with sneaker wedges.

The result will be glitzy sneaker wedges so try to get your hands on a pair of wedges that dazzles up not only your outfit, but everyone around.

5.  Booties – Laser Cut Booties

Laser Cut Booties

Booties are an easy way to sneak boots into a formal occasion. Designed in a similar fashion, but with more elegance and a heel that is sometimes missing in boots, booties are quite a chic form of footwear.

Laser cut booties take these regular booties to another level. They are not only a trend on their own, but also incorporate two other trends including floral patterns in which the laser cut is done and the metallic trend which are the colors in which these laser cut booties are mostly being made.

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