Women’s Fashion Trends – 5 Models of Boots and Booties For The Season

If you already have more than three pairs of boots and booties for this season, or even more, maybe you should not read the rest of this article. Or maybe you should, just to see what’s in store for us shoeaholics this winter, because this year the fashion world seems to have exploded with new models, materials and brands. From Hollywood superstars to your office colleague, everybody’s showing off their new acquisitions so let’s see what we can try.


1.       Casual leather street boots
In this department, designers really invested their time and imagination turning this season into a real fashion show for footwear. We have to choose from knee-high black leather boots with just a little bit of high heel, long boots reviving the good old rock age, as they come with all sorts of straps, buckles, zippers and metallic adornments and even over the knee boots, either military style or casual.

2.       Casual suede and knit boots
No matter if you get a black and white suede and knit boots, or find a pair in autumn colors Reef boots style, these boots are highly in fashion this year, as they are comfortable, come with enhanced features such as anatomical arch support and can compliment a pair of skinny jeans just as much as they add value to one of the fashionable and trendy outfits of this season, including short skirts or denim combos.

3.       Over the knee hybrid pump boots
Glamour Magazine listed these boots among the ten must-haves of the year and indeed they look spectacular. Maybe not for going shopping for groceries or a hard day’s work at the office, but they will turn you into the star of every night – out cocktail, party or fancy dinner.

4.       Prints and textures
In this department, things are a little bit complicated, not that you don’t have many options to choose from, but on the contrary, you just have so many options, you really can’t decide. As you probably know by now, the famous animal print is back in town and it didn’t stop at invading our wardrobes, it also turned over completely our shoe racks too. You can have the leopard classic, the black-and-white choice, no matter if we are talking about pumps, booties, hybrids or high heeled over the knee boots and the colored choices for fun days.

Then it comes to snake skin. It sounds a little bit odd maybe, but here, everything is about texture and color. Givenchy’s new ideas of combining red and black python skin textures on midheel boots, either for a classy day at the office, or a glamorous party downtown made a riot this season.

5.       Pointy cap-toe booties
They look great, are comfortable and look beautiful with skirts and dresses, office suits and even jeans. Another must-have of the season, these booties come in all sorts of combinations, from maroon-white, blue and black, leather and textile and multi-colored combinations that make any woman look young, hot and perky.
As a bonus, we can also mention as a season must-have Isabel Marant’s sporty wedge bootie, or the refined ankle-high suede booties, Gwyneth Poltrow style. Browsing the fashion magazines and store windows seems to be harder and harder, as there are just too many decisions to make…

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