Glossy vs Matte Nail Polish

Nail art is all the rage these days which means if you’ve attempted to embellish your digits you probably snapped a pic or two. Nail “selfies” are all over Facebook and Instagram, as everyones excited to show of their handywork. Recently, however, many of my friends – as well as some fashion news and trends 2014 websites have been talking about matte polish.


If you follow the runway shows, you’d know matte nail polish isn’t new and has been very popular for the past few seasons. However, not everyone is ready to give up their glossy finish for a lackluster mani. So where do you fall on the great shine debate?

Either finish can look great but to really have a little fun try both at the same time. At Zang Toi’s runway show during last year’s New York Fashion Week, the nail artists at Zoya (yes they really are artists) painted the models nails black and used a matte finish top coat to draw a thick matte lines across the nail. This added some easy texture. Make it your own and add polk a dots, zig zags or matte tips for a little fun on your finger tips (subtle enough for the office!)

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