Women’s Fashion Advice – “Ugly” Flat Sandals

We’re always looking for a pair of sexy stilettos, sophisticated pumps, and simply gorgeous sandals but the new trend in “ugly” foot ware has got us stumped. While some people are ready to jump right on, others of us aren’t quite ready to embrace the ugly trend.

If you’re ready to give these ugly (but granted a lot more comfortable) shoes a try you’re in luck as there are plenty of options. From Top Shop to Jeffery Campbell everyone is making shoes that are well… ugly.


Isabel Marant’s Holden sandal with lambskin leather and cushioned rib-stitched criss-cross straps remind us a little of shower shoes. While we aren’t exactly excited about these, we can’t deny that they look great on the girls walking past us sporting shorts, a thin jacket and a wide brimmed hat.


Top Shop’s Birkenstock inspired shoes have a flat base but a little extra height. Probably not the best bet for hiking through the woods at summer camp, but with its high flatform and iridescent fabrics it’s great for walking around the city or heading out to a picnic.

Jeffery Campbell’s design of “ugly” shoes features a platform and a multicolored trio of ankle straps. While the clunky design makes these less than sleek, they are the prettiest ugly shoes in our opinion.

Marant has another “ugly” flatform sandal, the Hayley. With a criss-cross design, wrap around ankle strap, and rubber sole these are a big change from the shoes currently in our closet. However just like Marant’s other shoes even these have a way of somehow looking cool.

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