Women’s Fashion Advice – Sweet Accessories

Satisfy your sweet tooth without consuming a single calorie with Charlotte Olympia’s newest lines of candy inspired accessories. These whimsical shoes and bags are the perfect compliment to this season’s best trends. So ditch your work bag and favorite shoes in favor of Olympia’s newest line.

ice cream pumps

These ice cream cone heels are sure to have a few people licking their lips as you strut by. The pastel colors on the Ice Cream Cone-Heel d’Orsay Pump make a great accent to a little white dress and are so much fun.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 5.52.49 PM

Charlotte’s Gummi Bear Acrylic Clutch Bag is sure to be your newest candy crush. Reminiscent of those teddy bear back packs popular amongst pre-teens in the 90’s, this confectionery inspired counterpart is made for the kid in each of us.

A candy bracelet was the ultimate accessory for all girls ages 5-12. The Sweet Dolly Pump with Candy Anklet plays homage to the classic sweet accessory of your youth in a sassy pink heel.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 5.53.10 PM

Arm Candy “For Keeps” Acrylic Clutch Bag is shaped like a conversation heart. While the candy is usually associated with Valentine’s Day, the pastel colors and round shape are prefect for spring.

For those who aren’t into pastels, Charlotte’s Candy Licorice Platform Sandal looks like little coils of black licorice. Even if you’re not a fan of the flavor, these platform sandals are sure to appeal to everyone.

These candy coated accessories will keep your waist line thin and trim, but it might also thin out your wallet. While cute and quirky, Charlotte Olympia’s collection might set you back a pretty penny.

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