Women’s Fashion Advice – Look Good to Feel Good

Clothing is the most immediate form of expressing ourselves to others and with a little knowledge and bravery anyone can find their own unique style. A simple change of clothes can work wonders on a person’s confidence and outlook, and it’s easy to do.


So let us tell you how to maximize the gifts nature gave you with the most luscious styles around. It can be intimidating to be swamped by choice upon entering a clothes store, but with the right eye you can find that perfect winter coat or that sexy dress to help you dress to impress during the party season.

One thing you have to keep in mind when building your ideal wardrobe is you. Being able to perfectly compliment your body type will make you a fashion pro while feeling great about who you are. Do you have an hourglass body? Then don’t hide it with baggy clothes; throw on some jeans or a dress with a waist-fitting belt to make the most of your shape! If you’re a more rounded “apple” body type then longer-length tops will bring out the beauty in your shape. If in doubt about any of this, remember that lines are very important in fashion: the human eye follows them, so draw them upwards with low-neck tops and bring them down with tight clothing that follows your own contours.

Now let’s discuss some timeless looks that never go out of fashion – pieces that you can wear and not worry about ‘this season’s must-haves’. Leather is a fashion rock, and a coat made from it never fails to look cool, giving any outfit an injection of youth and freedom. You can pair it up with another fashion mainstay – jeans. A good pair of jeans will last years and all good during the whole time, so to maximize the joy you’ll get from them make sure you choose a pair carefully. Of course, how can anyone make a list of the classics without mentioning the little black dress, the ultimate in go-to clothing. Something that’s impossible to look bad in and can be accessorized in so many ways, it can be your ticket to sexiness if all else fails.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of fashion, then we’ve got you covered. This winter tartan is making a comeback, blending traditional patterns and modern designs to create a bold look. Things are also taking a slightly masculine route, as blazers are blazing a trail – along with cropped trousers and brogues – to create an edgy, sexy style that may surprise you. Speaking of surprises, the grandmother’s shoe of choice, the low heel, is making waves this season, giving you the comfort of flat shoes while keeping some of the glamour of higher heels. Who knows, maybe some of the hits from this season may leave an impression on you – even if you’re not a follower of fashion – and find its way into your permanent style?

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