Women’s Fashion Advice – How to Rock Black Pumps

Do you feel left out at public ballrooms? Did you notice a hot piece of meat at the Valentine’s Dance and you want to sweep him away with your charms? Do you wish to sway across the dance floor with your choreographer boyfriend but every time you ask him, he makes a quick excuse to deny your request? Don’t you worry! Women need not be the best dancers to attract sexy hunks. Nor you have to be the prettiest or the youngest. You can easily attract men by merely buying a pair of attractive pump shoes.

Pumps Are Important, Very Important!


From high-end malls to offices and the red carpet, pump shoes are present almost everywhere. They’re high-heel shoes that carry a classic, closed-toe appearance. If you catch up on Hollywood updates every now and then, you must’ve seen many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian wearing the hottest pumps.

Pumps are bold, classy and look perfectly feminine on all age groups. What’s more? They add a stroke of elegance to every outfit. Women love wearing pumps because it makes them feel feminine whereas, men love watching their favorite girls sashay across the room, clad in a pair of trendy, high-heel pumps.

How to Attract Your Dancer Boyfriend Using Pumps

Shoes are important accessories that instantly attract men who dance. Dancers avoid women who wear wrong shoes to the dance floor. Therefore, chuck away your strappy sandals, squeaky rubbers-sole running shoes or ultra-high heels that leave you teetering around the room. Instead, go for flat or medium-heeled pumps with fancy sparkles or colorful designs on them. It perfectly fits around your sole and makes you comfortable while dancing.

The Hottest Pick of this Season


Black is a seductive and mysterious shade. Its inherent versatility makes it much easier for stylists to design an appealing head-to-toe look. Put on any peep-toes in black and you’re all prepared to take the world by storm. Black pump shoes are classic footwear for all wardrobes. You may opt for pointed toes too. They add plenty of sexiness and playfulness to your wardrobe.

Pairing Your Bold, Black Pumps with the Right Dresses

  • The little black dress is a perfect partner for peep toe pumps because it creates an iconic monochromatic appearance. Wear it to your dates to impress your boyfriends.
  • If you’re planning to wear it to your office or a professional setting, you can match it up with white full-sleeve blouse and a black pencil skirt for an elegant work-appropriate appearance.
  • Pair it up with colorful cocktail dresses for a modest, young dancer-type appearance. If you want to groove to the beat of music at beachside parties, you can choose vibrant shades for dresses. Colors like bright yellow, blood red and cobalt blue go with black footwear.
  • If it’s a simple stroll across the park with your lover, just put on your best dark-wash jeans or skinny pants and cream colored shirt with your pumps.

Now that you’re prepared to face your boyfriends, you simply need to go around searching for the best pump shoes. Check out brands like Cole Haan, Clarks, Anne Klein, Stuart Weitzman and Hush Puppies. You’ll easily find comfy black shoes for all the budgets.

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