Women’s Fashion Advice – Forget the Nights, How About a Day on the Tiles

Having spent all week at work your mind inevitably drifts to the big night out at the end of the week that you’ve been praying will come sooner than later. You’ve grafted all week, hitting your deadlines and ensuring clients and customers are happy, now it’s time to reward yourself with a night on the tiles. The thing is, why can’t we have a day on the tiles instead; there are all kinds of things to do after all.


You can still get dressed up and have all your friends round throughout the day, donning your day dresses (like the day dresses featured at USTrendy.com)and hitting the town together. Sure, work is a major stumbling block in this respect, but we’re all entitled to a day off!

Get a few of your friends together and settle on a date. You tend to find that when you try and plan a big night out together, your friends have other commitments, such as looking after the children or going away for the weekend to see family or just for a weekend away. During the week, there’s a much greater chance of getting the group together and heading out for a nice lunch somewhere, a few drinks after and seeing where the events of the day take you.

When you head out, you want to look stylish. Sure, there are days where you think that because you’re going out for lunch or just in the afternoon that you’ll just throw on your comfortable hoody, a pair of jeans and maybe some Converse; but you don’t need an excuse to get glammed up!

Put on one of your favourite day dresses that you haven’t had the chance to wear out on the town yet, and experiment. You could choose to go to a fancy restaurant, maybe the theatre or a show or even a cocktail bar – wherever you choose to go, you can treat it like a night out, things don’t have to change just because you’re out in the daytime.

What’s more, you often find that bars and restaurants have special offers on throughout the day to entice you through the door. “Early bird specials” and “happy hours” are much more frequent during the day than they are at weekend evenings, so you can have just as much fun during the day, and spend less!

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