Women’s Fashion Advice – Five Tips To Find The Best Fitting Bra For You

Bras are often considered a sexy and beautiful garment to wear under clothing, but few people know their correct size or the amount of support they really need. With approximately 85 percent of women wearing the wrong size of bra, there are several rules to follow to ensure that there is proper support and comfort offered for a great fit.
Five Tips To Find The Best Fitting Bra For You

1. Use a Tape Measure

One of the most traditional and common ways of measuring your bra size is with a tape measure, which can be done at home. First, wear a comfortable, non-padded bra while measuring. Place the tape measure above the bust underneath the arms to learn your band size. For the bust size, measure the fullest part and round up. Subtract the band measurement from the cup measurement to learn your cup size, as each inch represents a cup.

2. Prevent Sagging

When staring at the front of your bra in the mirror while wearing the garment, it can be difficult to see if your bust is sagging or properly support. It’s important to stand sideways to the mirror and tighten the bra straps until your breasts are halfway between your elbow and shoulder. This will offer a natural, but supported appearance. The straps should also not be so tight that they are digging into the skin.

3. Find the Right Cup Size

After trying on different cup sizes, it’s important to try different movements to ensure that it fits comfortably and doesn’t feel too tight. Your bust should not be spilling out of the bra or revealing the top of the nipples. Your breasts should also not have folds near the underarms. For some, their cup size can be too large. Signs of this include wrinkles in the cup, slipping straps, or a gap in the cup between the bra and breast.

4. Watch Your Back

One sign that a bra does not fit or is too tight is that it rides up the back and does not make a straight line when fastened. Examine the bra in the mirror and make sure that the back of the bra does not ride up higher than the underwire in the front. If it does, opt for a larger band size.

5. Choose Between Seamed and Contour Bras

Each bust is different and needs its own type of bra depending on the texture of the breasts’ tissue. For breasts that are naturally perky and do not tend to sag, either a contour or seamed bra can be used for a natural and comfortable fit. Most women have breasts that are softer and sag, especially with age, making a seamed bra more practical to mold around the bust instead of making them sit low in a molded cup.

There is much more that goes into finding the right fit for your bra than many women assume, but by following the general rules it will work to offer proper support without discomfort. The bust will also appear natural for a comfortable fit that won’t dig into the skin or lead to the straps slipping. Similarly, it’s important to get a new bra fitting every six months to a year as weight often fluctuates with age, pregnancy, and weight loss.

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